12 March 1971


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 8 Knock Three Times  – Dawn
2 2 6 Rose Garden  – Lynn Anderson
3 3 8 No Matter What  – Badfinger
4 11 2 My Sweet Lord  – George Harrison
5 4 13 I Hear You Knockin’  – Dave Edmunds
6 16 3 A Summer Prayer for Peace  – Archies
7 6 4 Do It  – Neil Diamond
8 15 3 Immigrant Song  – Led Zeppelin
9 5 14 Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow  – Dealians
10 8 6 Mendocino  – Michael Holm
11 14 4 Give Me More  – Mick Jade
12 13 4 Apeman  – Kinks
13 18 2 Understanding  – Peanutbutter Conspiracy
14 12 4 Home  – Dave Mills
15 9 5 Sailing  – Fuzz
16 New 1 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
17 10 10 Gypsy Woman  – Brian Hyland
18 7 12 See Me, Feel Me  – Who
19 20 2 Pushbike Song  – Mixtures
20 New 1 You and the Looking Glass  – Joe Dolan

Having regained the top spot last week, Dawn’s ‘Knock Three Times’ held on to it for a second week which moved its total weeks at 1 up to 4. Lynn Anderson’s ‘Rose Garden’ spent a second week at 2, hoping to become the nation’s favourite.

The Archies’ ‘A Summer Prayer For Peace’ became the 37th song to move up 10 or more places in a week as it jumped 10 from 16 to 6. It was the biggest climber this week and was, rather surprisingly, only the 3rd time The Archies had taken the biggest climber award.

There were 2 songs that climbed 7 places this week and they were George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’ and Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ which moved up to 4 and 8 respectively. The final star rater this week was The Peanut Butter Conspiracy’s ‘Understanding’ which moved up 5 from 18 to 13.

The Who picked up a second biggest faller as ‘See Me, Feel Me’ dropped 11 places from 7 to 18 this week. Not only was it the biggest faller, but it set a new record for number of places dropped in a week. We had previously seen 7 songs fall 10 places, but this was the first to go beyond 10 places. Before the charts finished in 1989 we would see bigger falls than this.

Dolly Parton’s ‘Just Because I’m A Woman’ was 1 of 2 songs to depart the chart this week. It had been a new entry last week and spent that at number 19. Dolly may have been right as the women count on the chart dropped back to 1 with her departure with just Lynn Anderson left flying the female flag. However we would see further hits for Dolly on our chart (all performing better than this) so it may not have been just because she was a woman.

The Partridge Family’s ‘I Think I Love You’ also left the top 20 after a run of 13 weeks and a peak of 4. The song had been co-oldest on the chart last week and this left The Dealians’ ‘Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow’ as the sole oldest. It was on 14 weeks. The Partridge Family would see further SA chart action.

Creedence Clearwater Revival saw their 8th SA chart hit make the top 20 this week. Their new one was ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain’ and, as with all their previous hits, was written by John Fogerty. It would go to the top of the Canadian charts and the (then) Rhodesain charts as well as reaching number 8 in the US and 36 in the UK. Bonnie Tyler would see a cover version of it chart in a number of European countries. According to an interview with Fogerty, the song was about how, despite the band’s success they were still unhappy, citing the line “Have you ever seen the rain, coming down on a sunny day.”

Joe Dolan became the second Irish act to manage 2 chart hits as ‘You And The Looking Glass’ was our other new entry this week. The only other Irish act so far to manage more than 1 hit was The Real McCoy who had also had 2. The gap between Dolan’s first hit (‘Make Me An Island’) leaving the chart and this new entry was 71 weeks which thrashed the previous record gap between hits by an Irish act which was the 6 weeks between The Real McCoy’s 2 hits. This is a pretty meaningless stat really as only 2 acts had managed 2 so far, so to put it in perspective, Dolan’s gap between hits was the 31st largest we had seen overall. ‘You And The Looking Glass’ was written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood and was the 4th by that song writing duo to chart. Hammond himself was yet to chart as an artist. Ireland now joined Germany in having brought us 6 hits so far and this total placed the 2 nations tied 7th for number of hits.

While The Who were licking their wounds following their record breaking fall this week, they could take some solace in the fact that their week count had now reached the 30 weeks mark. They were the 48th act so far to attain this level of weeks.

For a second week running the overall weeks count list and the local weeks count list were unchanged in terms of the positions of the acts. Creedence Clearwater Revival and Dave Mills were the only 2 acts on the top 20 who were in the top 20 weeks count lists with Creedence 16th in the overall list and Mills 3rd on the local list, but Creedence were still 1 week behind the next highest act while Mills had to make up 15 weeks to catch the next one up. The Archies were knocking on the door of the overall list, their 67 weeks to date placing them 21st.

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