19 March 1971


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 9 Knock Three Times  – Dawn
2 2 7 Rose Garden  – Lynn Anderson
3 4 3 My Sweet Lord  – George Harrison
4 3 9 No Matter What  – Badfinger
5 6 4 A Summer Prayer for Peace  – Archies
6 7 5 Do It  – Neil Diamond
7 8 4 Immigrant Song  – Led Zeppelin
8 16 2 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
9 5 14 I Hear You Knockin’  – Dave Edmunds
10 13 3 Understanding  – Peanutbutter Conspiracy
11 11 5 Give Me More  – Mick Jade
12 14 5 Home  – Dave Mills
13 19 3 Pushbike Song  – Mixtures
14 20 2 You and the Looking Glass  – Joe Dolan
15 10 7 Mendocino  – Michael Holm
16 9 15 Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow  – Dealians
17 15 6 Sailing  – Fuzz
18 New 1 The Raver  – Troggs
19 New 1 Silver Moon  – Michael Nesmith
20 New 1 We’re All Playing in the Same Band  – Quentin E. Klopjaeger

In its first run at the top of the charts, Dawn’s ‘Knock Three Times’ only managed 2 weeks there, but in this, its second run it now went 1 better as it entered its 3rd consecutive week at 1, bringing its total time at the top to 5 weeks. Lynn Anderson’s ‘Rose Garden’ became the 12th song to spend 3 straight weeks at number 2 as it was unmoved this week. Of the previous 11 to do this, 5 had done so after dropping from the top spot, 2 had managed it before eventually climbing to number 1 and 4 had never made that final step up to the top.

Creedence Clearwater Revival became the 22nd act to reach 5 biggest climbers as ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain?’ moved up 8 places to take the honours this week. An 8 place climb was the second best we had seen from a Creedence song to date with only ‘Bad Moon Rising’ having seen better when it climbed 9 in a week. There was still 1 more climb from Creedence to come which would out do both the aforementioned 8 and 9 place jumps.

Joe Dolan’s previous hit, ‘Make Me An Island’ had given him 3 star rater climbers and this week his new one, ‘You And The Looking Glass’ was off and running on the star rater front as it moved up 6 from 20 to 14. The Mixtures’ ‘Pushbike Song’ was the only other star rater this week and it was the 10th time we had seen an Aussie act have a star rater, however, all of the previous 9 occasions had been when The Seekers managed this, making the Mixtures only the second Aussie act to have a star rater.

The Dealians’ ‘Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow’ was the faller of the week, dropping 7 from 9 to 16. They were the 35th local act to have a biggest faller with 3 of the previous 34 only having done so as part of a duet/collaboration. The good news for The Dealians was that their song was the oldest on the chart for a 3rd week, sitting on 15 weeks to date.

Three songs left the charts this week, the first of which was The Who’s ‘See Me, Feel Me’ which had been with us for 12 weeks and peaked at 7. This brought to an end the band’s SA chart adventure. They had seen 4 songs chart, spent a total of 30 weeks with us and seen a best peak of 6 which both ‘Substitute’ and ‘Pinball Wizard’ managed.

Brian Hyland’s ‘Gypsy Woman’ was the second of the departers. It had managed 10 weeks in the charts and peaked at 4. This would be Hyland’s only song to make our charts.

Last to go was The Kinks’ ‘Apeman’ which had enjoyed a run of 4 weeks and a peak of 12. As with the 2 other acts leaving the chart this week, this also heralded the end of The Kinks’ time in our charts. They had fared better than the other 2 acts with 7 hits to their name, 4 of which went top 10 and one of those, ‘Lola’, was a chart topper for 2 weeks. The band had accumulated a total of 39 weeks in the charts and sat tied 38th on the weeks count list.

The Troggs brought us the 24th time where an act had seen a gap of 100 weeks or more between hits. Their last one had left the charts 107 weeks before the first of this week’s new entries, ‘The Raver’, arrived and this was the tied 19th biggest gap to date. ‘The Raver’ would not make the UK or the US charts, nor would it feature on the main European charts. It would get to number 14 in what was then Rhodesia. It would be The Troggs’ 9th SA chart hit to date and the 7th written by their lead singer, Reg Presley and would give him his 80th week in the chart as a song writer.

Michael Nesmith became the 32nd act to chart as a solo artist after having first charted as a song writer. The Monkees’ band member had had writing credits on their hit ‘Listen To The Band’, but now charted with a solo effort (although it is generally credited to Michael Nesmith & The First National Band) called ‘Silver Moon’. This Monkee-less hit would go to number 42 in the US and, while failing to chart in the UK would have a decent showing in Europe, charting in Belgium (#6), The Netherlands (#7) and Germany (#34). It would outshine fellow new entry ‘The Raver’ in what was then Rhodesia as it went to number 7 there.

Quentin E. Klopjaeger (better known these days as Billy Forrest) saw his 4th hit enter the charts this week in the shape of ‘We’re All Playing In The Same Band’. The song had been a recent hit in the US for Bert Sommer who also wrote the track. His version made it to number 48 there. The song was written by Sommer when attending and performing at Woodstock and is about the festival. Klopjaeger’s version was the 53rd song by a local solo male artist to make the charts and boosted the local hit count in this week’s top 20 to 6.

Neil Diamond celebrated his 40th week in the charts this week and was the 37th act so far to achieve this milestone. Also getting to a milestone was Michael Holm who hit the 20 week mark. 78 acts so far had managed this.

The Troggs moved back into 2nd place on the weeks count list with their 102 weeks to date putting them level with Percy Sledge. They were 63 behind leader Tom Jones. Further down the list Creedence Clearwater Revival moved into tied 14th place with Elvis Presley and Engelbert Humperdinck as they moved on to 76 weeks.

On the points front, The Archies became the 18th act to pass the 800 points mark as they moved on to 803 points to date.

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