16 April 1971


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 8 A Summer Prayer for Peace  – Archies
2 4 6 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
3 5 9 Home  – Dave Mills
4 3 5 Silver Moon  – Michael Nesmith
5 2 13 Knock Three Times  – Dawn
6 8 7 My Sweet Lord  – George Harrison
7 9 4 She’s a Lady  – Tom Jones
8 6 11 Rose Garden  – Lynn Anderson
9 10 7 Pushbike Song  – Mixtures
10 7 9 Do It  – Neil Diamond
11 13 3 What is Life  – George Harrison
12 17 3 Vicki  – Lance James
13 11 8 Immigrant Song  – Led Zeppelin
14 14 7 Understanding  – Peanutbutter Conspiracy
15 12 6 You and the Looking Glass  – Joe Dolan
16 18 2 Amazing Grace  – Judy Collins
17 20 3 Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep  – Lally Stott
18 New 1 The Song of My Life  – Petula Clark
19 New 1 Las Vegas  – Tony Christie
20 New 1 Another Day  – Paul McCartney

The Archies’ ‘A Summer Prayer For Peace’ clocked up its 3rd week at number 1 and moved the group’s total weeks at 1 on to 6. To date 16 acts had spent 6 or more weeks at the top of the charts. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain?’ had been bouncing around the top 5 for a bit now having gone from 4 to 3 then back to 4 but now launched a serious attack on the top spot by climbing up to 2.

Lance James’ ‘Vicki’ was the climber of the week as it moved up 5 places from 17 to 12. This was the 5th Afrikaans song to be the biggest climber with only Des Lindberg’s ‘Die Gezoem Van Die Bye’ managing 2 biggest climbs (the most to date for an Afrikaans song). No other song managed to climb 4 or more places making James’ effort the only star rater this week.

For the second week running it only took a 3 place fall to be the biggest faller and there were 3 songs that managed that this week. They were Dawn’s ‘Knock Three Times’ (down to 5), Neil Diamond’s ‘Do It’ (down to 10) and Joe Dolan’s ‘You And The Looking Glass’ (down to 15 and completing a pattern of biggest fallers landing at the multiples of 5 i.e. 5-10-15).

Dawn’s ‘Knock Three Times’ was following a ‘3’ theme this week as it had ‘3’ in its title, it was 1 of ‘3’ biggest fallers that fell ‘3’ places and this week it enjoyed week number ‘3’ as the oldest in the chart. Even its total weeks had a ‘3’ in it as that amounted to 13.

Mungo Jerry’s ‘Baby Jump’ was the first of 3 (there’s that number again) songs to leave the chart. It had been with us for…wait for it…3 weeks and peaked at number 18 (which just happens to be 3x3x2). This was nowhere near as good a showing in our charts as their only other hit to date, the chart topping ‘In The Summertime’. This would not be the last we would see of the band in our charts.

Beat Unit’s ‘Carnival Candyman’ also left the charts after, you guessed it, 3 weeks. It managed to go 2 places higher than the Mungo Jerry hit mentioned above, but that peak of 16 would be the highest we would see Beat Unit in our charts as ‘Carnival Candyman’ would be their only SA chart hit. They did, have the distinction of being the only band to chart whose name shared the same first 4 letters as the Beatles.

Last to go was ‘The Raver’ by The Troggs. Strangely it did not spend 3 weeks on the charts, but rather managed 4. Its peak of 15 (which was 5 x ‘3’) was the tied lowest for the band of their 9 (which is ‘3’ squared) hits to date and along with ‘Little Girl’ which also peaked at 15 was only their second SA chart hit not to go top 10. They still had 1 more hit to come.

Petula Clark’s 11th chart hit was the first of our new entries this week. ‘The Song Of My Life’ arrived at 18 this week and boosted the solo female count up to 3 (there it is again), a level that we had not seen for 16 weeks. Petula sat tied 4th on the hits count list, sharing the spot with Herman’s Hermits and Percy Sledge. She was the leading lady though and was now 5 hits clear of nearest rivals Nancy Sinatra and Virginia Lee who were on 6. The song would give Petula her 26th UK hit which, to date, has been her second last to chart there and it made it to number 32. It was her 8th hit not to make the top 30 of the UK charts. Elsewhere it made it to 23 in The Netherlands and 11 in Belgium.

Tony Christie made his first appearance on our charts as his hit ‘Las Vegas’ was the second new entry this week. Christie was born Anthony Fitzgerald on 25 April 1943 and ‘Las Vegas’ would be his first UK chart hit where it went to number 21. It wouldn’t really garner much interest in Europe except in Belgium where it went all the way to number 2. The song was writen by Peter Callendar and Mitch Murray giving the former his 6th hit on our charts as a song writer and the latter his 4th. Callendar had previously seen his songs chart for Cliff Richard (2 of them), The Tremeloes, Sandie Shaw and Vanity Fare while Murray had co-writer credits on all where Callendar was credited except for 1 of the 2 Cliff hits and the Sandie Shaw one. Joe Dolan, who sat at 15 on our charts this week, has recorded a cover version of this song.

Paul McCartney became the second of the Beatles to score a solo hit as his first post Beatles single, ‘Another Day’ was the last of our new entries this week. McCartney wrote the song along with his wife Linda and he became the 12th person to chart first as a song writer, then as a solo artist. It had been 305 weeks since he first charted in song writer capacity and charting now as an artist. This was a new record gap for doing this, beating the previous record of 226 weeks which Neil Diamond had seen between charting as a song writer and then as an artist. ‘Another Day’ was well received by the record buying public and the song went to number 2 in the UK and 5 in the US as well as going top 10 in Austria (#10), Belgium (#10), Germany (#6), The Netherlands (#3), Norway (#3) and Switzerland (#7).

With the departure of Beat Unit from the chart and no new local songs joining us, the local hit count dropped to 3 (not again). This was the first time since 18 Sept 1970 that the local hit count was this low.

Creedence Clearwater Revival celebrated reaching the 80 weeks in the chart mark and this moved them into tied 12th place on the weeks count list, a position they shared with Tommy Roe. Petula Clark and The Archies moved on to 72 weeks but were unmoved in tied 17th place. It did mean that The Tremeloes who shared the position with them last week, dropped to 19th. There was no movement on the local list, but Dave Mills in 3rd place was now just 10 behind 2nd placed Four Jacks & A Jill.

Apart from hitting the 80 weeks mark, Creedence Clearwater Revival also joined the 1,000 club when it came to points. They were the 9th act to reach this total but only the 3rd US act to do so with the other 6 acts who had managed this all being from The UK.

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