23 April 1971


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 9 A Summer Prayer for Peace  – Archies
2 3 10 Home  – Dave Mills
3 2 7 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
4 5 14 Knock Three Times  – Dawn
5 11 4 What is Life  – George Harrison
6 4 6 Silver Moon  – Michael Nesmith
7 7 5 She’s a Lady  – Tom Jones
8 6 8 My Sweet Lord  – George Harrison
9 14 8 Understanding  – Peanutbutter Conspiracy
10 9 8 Pushbike Song  – Mixtures
11 8 12 Rose Garden  – Lynn Anderson
12 17 4 Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep  – Lally Stott
13 12 4 Vicki  – Lance James
14 20 2 Another Day  – Paul McCartney
15 16 3 Amazing Grace  – Judy Collins
16 10 10 Do It  – Neil Diamond
17 18 2 The Song of My Life  – Petula Clark
18 19 2 Las Vegas  – Tony Christie
19 New 1 Put Your Hand in the Hand  – Alan Garrity
20 New 1 Theme from Love Story  – Francis Lai Orchestra

The Archies’ ‘A Summer Prayer For Peace’ overtook their previous chart topper, ‘Sugar, Sugar’ for weeks spent at 1 as the former enjoyed its 4th week at the top of the pile. With the 3 weeks that ‘Sugar, Sugar’ had managed, the band had now spent a total of 7 weeks at 1 which was the tied 8th highest for any act. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain?’ continued to bounce around the top 5, dropping 1 place to 3 after having climbed the previous week, dropped the week before that and climbed the week preceding that. The new number 2 was Dave Mills’ ‘Home’.

Two ex-Beatles took the climber of the week award with George Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’ moving up 6 places to 5 and Paul McCartney’s ‘Another Day’ also climbing 6 places and landing at 14. This would be the only time we would see 2 hits by either The Beatles, or any of their ex-members be the biggest climber in the same week.

There were 2 other songs that made star rater climbs and these were Lally Stott’s’ Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’ which moved up 5 to 12 and Peanut Butter Conspiracy’s ‘Understanding’, up 5 to 9. This was a second star rater for the Peanut Butter Conspiracy’s hit and also for the band.

Having recently got to 30 weeks in the charts before seeing a biggest fall, Neil Diamond now picked up his 3rd in the space of 10 weeks as ‘Do It’  dropped 6 places from 10 to 16 to collect the award for a second week running.

Last week there was a ‘3’ theme to the charts, this week it looked like 2 was trying to get in on the act as we had 2 biggest climbers and 2 other star raters. We also saw 2 songs leave the chart and 2 new entries.

The first of the leavers was Joe Dolan’s ‘You And The Looking Glass’. The song lasted 6 weeks in the charts and peaked at 12 (meaning its peak was ‘2’ times its weeks count). This was not as good a showing as his only other hit to date, ‘Make Me An Island’ which had peaked at 2 (there it is again). Dolan could take heart from the fact that he still had loads more to come on our charts.

We also bid farewell to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ which lasted 8 weeks in the top 20 and peaked at 7. This would bring to an end the Zep’s SA chart career. They had enjoyed (you guessed it) 2 hits on the top 20, spent a total of 15 weeks in the charts and their best peak was 6 which ‘Whole Lotta Love’ managed.

Alan Garrity made his SA chart debut with ‘Put You Hand In The Hand’ which entered the top 20 at 19 this week. Garrity was born in England but eventually settled in South Africa where he was discovered by Peter Lotis who produced ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand’. The song was written by a guy called Gene Maclellan and originally recorded by Helen Reddy, but was a big hit for a Canadian outfit called Ocean who took their version of it to number 2 in the US for 1 week, kept off the top spot by Three Dog Night’s ‘Joy To The World’. Garrity’s version would top the charts for 5 weeks in what was then Rhodesia.

The second new entry was The Francis Lai Orchestra’s ‘Theme From Love Story’ and, as the title suggest, this was the theme from a film called ‘Love Story’. The film starred Ali MacGraw and a 29 year old Ryan O’Neal. Lai won the Oscar for Best Original Score for the film. ‘Theme From Love Story’ was the 25th instrumental song to make our charts and the 6th hit by a French act. France moved into tied 7th place with Germany and Ireland on the number of hits by a nation list. Lai had scored a hit previously as a co-song writer on the duet between Nicole Croisille & Pierre Barouh, ‘A Man And A Woman’ and was the 13th person to chart first as song writer, then as artist. The gap between charting as song writer and this week was 194 weeks which was the 3rd biggest gap to date between charting in those 2 capacities. Paul McCartney’s 305 week gap which we saw last week was the biggest to date and Neil Diamond’s 226 week gap was second.

Dawn’s ‘Knock Three Times’ continued on as the oldest on the charts. It was now on 14 weeks and had been the oldest for 4 of them.

Tom Jones continued to storm ahead on the weeks count front and hit the 170 mark this week. He was 65 weeks ahead of nearest rival, The Troggs. Including The Toggs and Jones himself, only 22 acts (of the 385 that had charted so far) had managed to get to 65 weeks or more, just showing how far ahead of the game Jones was.

Moving up the top 20 of the weeks count list was Creedence Clearwater Revival as their 81 to date put them tied 11th with Manfred Mann.

On the points front, The Archies joined the 900 club as they ticked over to 901 points. They were the 16th act to reach this level of points.

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