31 December 1971


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 12 Mammy Blue  – Charisma
2 3 8 Amen  – Peanutbutter Conspiracy
3 2 10 Get Me Some Help  – Neville Whitmill
4 4 13 Butterfly  – Danyel Gerard
5 5 7 Cousin Norman  – Marmalade
6 7 6 Desiderata  – Les Crane
7 6 22 You  – Peter Maffay
8 9 4 Soley Soley  – Middle of the Road
9 12 3 Imagine  – John Lennon
10 8 17 Never Ending Song of Love  – New Seekers
11 10 7 Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast  – Daniel Boone
12 15 10 Stagger Lee  – Tommy Roe
13 11 9 Papa’s Gonna Kiss it Better  – William E.
14 14 4 Till  – Tom Jones
15 16 7 I Believe (in Love)  – Hot Chocolate
16 20 9 What are You Doing Sunday  – Dawn
17 New 1 I Will Return  – Springwater
18 13 16 Silver Threads and Golden Needles  – Barbara Ray
19 17 2 Tokoloshe Man  – John Kongos
20 New 1 It’s Summertime Again  – Gentle People

‘Mammy Blue’ entered its 11th week at number 1. It was 1 of only 6 songs that would spend 11 or more weeks at the top of the charts in the nearly a quarter of a century of singles charts we had in SA. The Peanut Butter Conspiracy’s ‘Amen’ moved back into second place and this was a new record 4th consecutive week that we had seen local acts in the top 2 spots. But wait, there’s more. Neville Whitmill’s ‘Get Me Some Help’, which was at 2 last week, dropped to 3 giving us the 3rd week we would see the top 3 songs being by local acts.

Dawn saw their 3rd biggest climber as ‘What Are You Doing Sunday’ moved up 4 places to take the honours this week. This was only the second time we had seen a song take a biggest climber award after re-entering the charts. The previous one to do this was Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich’s ‘Zabadak’. In total 21 songs would manage this. ‘What Are You Doing Sunday’ had picked up a biggest faller award during its previous chart run and now became the 10th song to manage a biggest climber after having been the faller of the week. There were no other star raters this week.

Barbara Ray’s ‘Silver Threads And Golden Needles’ picked up another biggest faller award as it dropped 4 from 14 to 18. It was 6 weeks previously that the song picked up its first biggest faller award and this was the biggest gap between getting fallers that a female act had seen to date and the equal 3rd biggest gap between fallers for a local act with The Staccato’s ‘Spicks And Specks’ equalling this while Four Jacks & A Jill’s ‘Master Jack’ saw a 7 week gap between fallers and The Peanut Butter Conspiracy’s ‘Understanding’ 8 weeks was not only the best by a local act, but tied with Tom Jones’ ‘I’m Coming Home’ for the overall record to date.

Peter Maffay’s ‘You’ enjoyed its 22nd week in the charts and its 5th as the oldest in the top 20. It was now 3rd in the list of weeks in the chart by a song with Tommy Roe’s 1966/67 hit ‘Sweet Pea’ on 24 and The Staccato’s 1969/70 hit ‘Cry To Me’ way out in front on 38.

Tony Christie’s ‘(Is This the Way to) Amarillo’ dropped off the charts. It had managed 2 runs in the chart that both lasted just 1 week, the first being spent at 20 and then at 19 for its second run. This, however, was not the last we would see of Tony Christie in our charts.

Groep Twee’s ‘Daar’s Niks Soos Ware Liefde’ also left the top 20 after a run of 18 weeks and a peak of 3. Groep Twee now had the top 2 songs for weeks in the chart by an Afrikaans song with their ‘Die Ou Kraal Liedjie’ on 15 weeks being the second best to date while the 18 weeks ‘Daar’s Niks Soos Ware Liefde’ managed would be the all time best for a vocal Afrikaans song. This record would eventually be beaten by an instrumental with an Afrikaans title.

And talking of instrumentals, Springwater’s ‘I Will Return’ became the 28th vocal-less song to make the charts. Springwater was a name used for British musician Phil Cordell (born 17 July 1947, died 31 March 2007). The song made its way to number 5 in the UK and topped the charts in Switzerland, made 4 in Holland and 12 in Belgium. Cordell would also record under the name Dan The Banjo Man.

The second new entry kept the local hit count in the top 20 at 7 as Gentle People’s ‘It’s Summertime Again’ arrived at 20. This was their second hit to make our charts with the number 3 hit, ‘Rain, Rain, Rain’ being their first. The song was produced by Chris Kritzinger and lists a certain Julian Laxton as one of the two engineers on the track (Geoff Tucker was the other).

Tommy Roe celebrated reaching 90 weeks in the charts as ‘Stagger Lee’ at 12 added to his tally. He sat at 10 on the weeks count list, but was still 2 behind The Rolling Stones on 92 who sat 9th. Marmalade enjoyed their 30th week in total in the charts and were the 56th act to date to reach this total.

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy moved into tied 6th place on the local weeks count list, joining Gene Rockwell and Jody Wayne there with 39 weeks. Barbara Ray was unmoved at 12 on that list, but she no longer shared the spot with Des Lindberg, her 32 weeks putting her 1 ahead of the latter.

On the points front, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy became the 34th act to accumulate 500 or more points as their total ticked on to 511. This was the 4th highest to date for a local act. Meanwhile Tommy Roe became the 10th act to join the 1,000 points club as he ticked over to a total of 1,008.

This was the final chart of the year and 1971 was the first year we had seen where none of the acts on the first chart of the year featured on the last one as well.

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