18 February 1972


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 11 Soley Soley  – Middle of the Road
2 3 5 Mother  – Barbra Streisand
3 5 10 Imagine  – John Lennon
4 2 7 I Will Return  – Springwater
5 4 13 Desiderata  – Les Crane
6 9 3 Brand New Key  – Melanie
7 15 2 Mother  – John Lennon
8 7 9 (Is This the Way to) Amarillo  – Tony Christie
9 6 14 Cousin Norman  – Marmalade
10 12 17 Get Me Some Help  – Neville Whitmill
11 16 3 Banks of the Ohio  – Olivia Newton-John
12 10 15 Amen  – Peanutbutter Conspiracy
13 19 2 I Just Can’t Help Believing  – Elvis Presley
14 8 19 Mammy Blue  – Charisma
15 20 3 Dancing in the Sun  – Michael Holm
16 New 1 Softly Whispering I Love You  – Congregation
17 11 7 Sweet City Woman  – Miracles
18 New 1 Sailor’s Lament  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
19 13 9 Tokoloshe Man  – John Kongos
20 New 1 Something Tells Me (Somethings Gonna Happen Tonight)  – Cilla Black

‘Soley Soley’ by Middle Of The Road moved on to 2 weeks at 1 with this run and 4 weeks overall at the top spot. Barbara Streisand’s version of John Lennon’s composition, ‘Mother’ was at 2 and the man himself was at 3 with ‘Imagine’. This was the 16th time a song writer had been involved in 2 of the top 3 hits.

While Streisand’s version of ‘Mother’ was enjoying second spot, Lennon’s own version was the climber of the week as it moved up 8 from 15 to 7. This was the biggest jump to date that an ex-Beatle had seen and was even better than anything The Beatles themselves saw. It beat the previous best by an ex-Beatle, the 7 places that George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’ managed and outstripped the 6 places that The Beatles’ best climbers, ‘Help’ (twice) and ‘We Can Work It Out’ had managed. This effort by Lennon would be equalled twice by other ex-Beatles and beaten twice.

There were 3 other star raters this week in the form of Elvis Presley’s ‘I Just Can’t Help Believing’ which moved up 6 to 13, Michael Holm’s ‘Dancing In The Sun’ which climbed 5 from 20 to 15 and Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Banks Of The Ohio’ which climbed 5 from 16 to 11. This would be the only week where we would see Elvis and an ex-Beatle have star raters. Elvis had never had a star rater in same week as the Beatles had managed one. It was Elvis’ 11th star rater climb and he was the 15th act to accumulate this many.

There were 3 songs that shared the biggest faller award and they were John Kongos’ ‘Tokoloshe Man’, The Miracles’ ‘Sweet City Woman’ and Charisma’s ‘Mammy Blue’ which all fell 6 and landed at 19, 17 and 14 respectively. This was the first of 4 occasions where we would see 3 local songs take faller of the week and of those 4 times, this was the biggest fall the songs would see.

‘Mammy Blue’ on 19 weeks was the new oldest song on the charts and this came about from the departure of Danyel Gerard’s ‘Butterfly’ which exited the charts this week. ‘Butterfly’ had fallen just short of the 20 weeks mark as it managed 19 and peaked at 2 during its chart run.

The Dealians’ ‘All Of The Time Girl’ managed to peak at 13 during its 6 week run on the chart while Tom Jones’s ‘Till’ became only the 3rd of his 17 hits to date to not make the top 10. It peaked at 12 during its 10 week run.

Of the 3 acts leaving the charts this week, only Danyel Gerard would not return. ‘Butterfly’ would be his only SA chart hit.

The Congregation (sometimes referred to as The English Congregation) entered the charts this week with ‘Softly Whispering I Love You’, a cover of a 1967 song by David & Jonathan. The Congregation were formed by the song writing team of Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway and fronted by Brian Keith. The song was a number 4 hit in the UK and made 29 in the US. It topped the charts in New Zealand and made number 4 in Switzerland. In 1990 Paul Young took a version of it to number 21 in the UK.

Creedence Clearwater Revival clocked up their 10th SA top 20 hit to date as ‘Sailor’s Lament’ entered at number 18. They were the 8th act to reach double figures for hits count. The song did not seem to chart anywhere else in the world, except neighbouring Zimbabwe where it reached number 14. Creedence had now spent at least 1 week on the charts in every year from 1969 to 1972, a total of 4 consecutive years.

Cilla Black enjoyed her 2nd hit in SA with ‘Something Tells Me (Something’s Gonna Happen Tonight)’. We had last seen her with ‘Conversations’ back in September of 1969, 119 weeks previously. This was the 34th time we had seen a gap of 100 weeks or more between hits for an artist and was the 3rd highest to date for a female artist with Jackie Trent and Nancy Sinatra being above her on the list with gaps of 152 and 207 to their names. At least 1 of the 2 songs on either side of the gap for both of those above Cilla had been where the female artist was part of a duet whereas Cilla’s were both as a solo artist. ‘Something Tells Me’ was written by Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway who also penned the new entry by The Congregation mentioned above. These 2 hits propelled them to tied 7th on the list of hits by songwriters, as they now had 12 hits to their name. ‘Something Tells Me (Something’s Gonna Happen Tonight)’ made it to number 3 in the UK and was used as the music for an advert for Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

This week the American acts hit the 2,500 weeks in the charts mark and if one counted the weeks earned from the top of the charts down, it was Barbra Streisand’s ‘Mother’ that brought up the 2,500 total and the ones below that brought their overall total to 2,504, 54 weeks behind acts from the UK who had managed 2,559 to date.

The SA acts saw the number of hits they had in the top 20 drop down to 5 this week. It was the first time in 21 weeks that it had been this low.

John Kongos celebrated reaching the 20 weeks in the chart mark. He managed this with 11 weeks by his previous hit ‘He’s Gonna Step On You Again’ and 9 weeks from his current hit, ‘Tokoloshe Man’. He sat tied 22nd for number of weeks by a local act.

Elvis Presley moved into tied 15th place with The Archies on the weeks count list. He had 78 to his name. On the local list, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy moved 1 ahead of The Bats to make position 4 their own. They sat on 46. They were also celebrating passing the 600 points mark and also sat 4th on the local points list.

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