10 March 1972


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 6 Brand New Key  – Melanie
2 8 4 Softly Whispering I Love You  – Congregation
3 4 10 I Will Return  – Springwater
4 1 8 Mother  – Barbra Streisand
5 5 5 Mother  – John Lennon
6 3 14 Soley Soley  – Middle of the Road
7 7 5 I Just Can’t Help Believing  – Elvis Presley
8 6 12 (Is This the Way to) Amarillo  – Tony Christie
9 11 6 Banks of the Ohio  – Olivia Newton-John
10 9 17 Cousin Norman  – Marmalade
11 10 3 I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)  – New Seekers
12 12 6 Dancing in the Sun  – Michael Holm
13 15 3 Sailor’s Lament  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
14 New 1 Without You  – Nilsson
15 14 3 Ek is Verlief op Jou  – André
16 19 2 Mother of Mine  – Neil Reid
17 New 1 Son of My Father  – Chicory Tip
18 New 1 Joy  – Apollo 100
19 New 1 Mother and Child Reunion  – Paul Simon
20 New 1 In the Park  – Idiots

Last week Barbra Streisand’s ‘Mother’ gave us the 3rd time we saw a woman knock another woman off the top spot and this week we witnessed the 4th time as Melanie’s ‘Brand New Key’, which had been toppled from the top spot last week, regained pole position, knocking ‘Mother’ down to number 4. ‘Brand New Key’ was the 13th song to regain the top spot with 2 of those who had done it previously having managed it twice, thus making this the 15th time we had seen it.

The Congregation’s ‘Softly Whispering I Love You’ was the climber of the week as it moved up 6 from 8 to 2. It was the song’s second time with the award and was the only song this week to make a star rater climb.

A drop of 3 places was enough to be the faller of the week and both of the songs doing this were ex-Number 1s. Middle Of The Road’s ‘Soley Soley’ fell to 6 from 3 while the aforementioned fall from 1 to 4 by Barbra Streisand gave us the 5th time we saw a song take biggest faller as it dropped from the top spot.

‘Cousin Norman’ was Marmalade’s 4th SA chart hit but was their first to become the oldest in the top 20 as it ticked over to 17 weeks. It took over from The Peanut Butter Conspiracy’s ‘Amen’ which was one of 5 songs to depart the chart this week. It had been with us for 17 weeks and peaked at 2. It was the 4th song so far to debut in the top 20 at position 10 or higher but not go on to take the top spot and its departure heralded the end of the band’s SA chart career. They had seen 3 hits make the top 20. ‘Amen’ and ‘Understanding’ had both made number 2 where they both spent a total 3 weeks and both spent a total of 17 weeks in the charts. ‘Amen’ did outdo ‘Understanding’ for points as it accumulated 248 to ‘Understanding’s 199 Their other hit, ‘Hold On (To What You Got)’ made number 4 in a 14 week run giving the band a total of 48 in the charts, the 32nd highest weeks count to date and the 4th best by a local act so far.

The Rising Sons’ ‘How Do You Do’ spent just 1 week in the charts at number 18. Both their previous hits had managed 5 weeks.

The Miracles’ ‘Sweet City Woman’ lasted 9 weeks and peaked at 11. It would be the band’s only SA chart hit and along with the other 2 leavers mentioned so far, made up the 6th time we had seen 3 local songs leave the chart in the same week.

Les Crane’s ‘Desiderata’ was the first of the non-local tracks to leave the top 20. It had spent 15 weeks in the top 20 and peaked at 4. It would be Crane’s only SA chart hit.

Last to go was John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ which brought to an end his 4 week run with 2 hits in the charts. ‘Imagine’ had lasted 12 weeks in the top 20 and spent 2 of those at number 1. The 12 weeks in the charts equalled the best to date for an ex-Beatle which George Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’ and Ringo Starr’s ‘It Don’t Come Easy’ had also managed. Where it did beat all the other ex-Beatles songs to chart so far was that its final position in the top 20 of 13 was the highest to date for a last week position for a song by one of the Fab Four.

This was the 10th week we had seen 5 songs leave the charts and only once had we seen more than 5 go in a week when 6 songs departed on 22 April 1966.

Harry Nilsson was back in the charts this week after last being there in October 1970. His new hit ‘Without You’ entered at 14. The song was a massive worldwide hit, reaching the top of the charts in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland. In 1994 Mariah Carey would top the UK charts and get to number 3 in the US with a cover version of the song. It was written by Badfinger’s Tom Evens and Peter Ham.

Chicory Tip’s ‘Son Of My Father’, which entered the charts at 17 this week, was a cover of a Giorgio Moroder song and was the second song written by Moroder to chart in SA. Moroder’s version made it to 43 in the US where Chicory Tip (as Chicory) only managed to get to 91. However in the UK, Chicory Tip’s version topped the charts for 3 weeks. They were ousted from the UK top spot this week by Nilsson’ ‘Without You’. Moroder’s version didn’t make the UK charts.

New entry 3 was the 29th instrumental hit to chart. Apollo 100’s ‘Joy’ was based on Johan Sebastian Bach’s ‘Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring’. It made number 6 in the US and 18 in Holland. Apollo 100’s version was a very similar arrangement of the piece that UK band Jigsaw had recorded in 1970 (Youtube it and see what I mean).

Paul Simon’s ‘Mother And Child Reunion’, the 4th new entry this week, was his first post Simon & Garfunkel hit in SA and this would beat Art by almost 2 years. Simon was the 15th artist so far to chart as a song writer before charting as a solo artist having seen is Simon & Garfunkel compositions as well as John E Sharpe & The Squires’ cover of ‘I Am A Rock’ and Cyrkle’s ‘Red Rubber Ball’ which he co-wrote, chart. The title of ‘Mother And Child Reunion’ apparently came from an egg and chicken dish that went by that name on a menu in a Chinese restaurant that Simon saw. The song made number 4 in the US, 5 in the UK, 6 in Holland, 20 in Belgium, 3 in Norway and would top the charts in neighbouring Zimbabwe (it was Rhodesia back then). With this song’s arrival we had 4 songs in the chart featuring ‘Mother’ in the title, the 2 versions of John Lennon’s song mentioned above (sitting next to each other at 4 and 5), this Paul Simon one and ‘Mother Of Mine’ by Neil Reid at 16. Chicory Tip were the only ones flying the flag for the dads.

The last new entry was the only one by a local band. The Idiots cleverly landed themselves a number 20 hit with ‘In The Park’. The band had written the song and recorded it at Tully McCully’s Spaced Out Studio in Cape Town. The Idiots became the 4th act staring with the letter “I” to make the top 20. Only 1 of the previous ones had been by a non-SA act – Ivy League – with the other 2 being The Invaders and Ian And Ritchie.

The local hit count dropped to 2 with André’s ‘Ek Is Verlief Op Jou’ and The Idiots’ ‘In the Park’ being the only ones flying the flag for South African music. The last time the local hit count had been this low was 3 July 1970, 88 weeks previous.

Marmalade celebrated their 40th week in the charts and were the 41st act to reach this milestone. Elvis Presley drew level with Manfred Mann in 13th place on the weeks count list. He had clocked up 81 weeks so far.

The ‘Mother’s on the chart this week (by John Lennon and Barbra Streisand) had clocked up 13 weeks between them and this put the song tied 20th overall for weeks by a song charting in more than 1 version. It shared the spot with ‘I’ll Step Aside’ (Tony Wells and Ronnie Wilson) and ‘Green Tambourine’ (Lemon Pipers and Sun Dragon).

The average weeks the songs in the top 20 had been with has had been steadily dropping since its record to date peak of 10.2 six weeks previously. This week it took a nosedive from 7.15 to 5.45, a drop of 1.7 weeks which was the 3rd highest drop in the average week on week to date.

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