19 May 1972


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 8 Beautiful Sunday  – Daniel Boone
2 3 3 Amazing Grace  – Pipes and Drums And The Military Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
3 2 11 Mother and Child Reunion  – Paul Simon
4 5 11 Without You  – Nilsson
5 6 10 Sacramento  – Middle of the Road
6 4 11 Son of My Father  – Chicory Tip
7 7 11 How Do You Do  – Rising Sons
8 8 8 Heart of Gold  – Neil Young
9 9 12 Mother of Mine  – Neil Reid
10 11 4 Beg, Steal or Borrow  – New Seekers
11 10 8 Rock And Roll Lullaby  – Waterloo
12 14 8 A Horse with No Name  – America
13 19 3 The Rangers Waltz  – Mom and Dads
14 New 1 Too Beautiful to Last  – Engelbert Humperdinck
15 17 4 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)  – Robert John
16 12 5 Day After Day  – Badfinger
17 15 3 If You Go  – James Lloyd
18 18 3 Pasadena  – John Edmond
19 New 1 Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress  – Hollies
20 13 14 Softly Whispering I Love You  – Congregation

‘Beautiful Sunday’ clocked up a 5th week at 1 for Daniel Boone as it held off the challenge from Pipes and Drums And The Military Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards’ ‘Amazing Grace’ which moved up 1 place into second spot.

The Mom & Dad’s ‘The Rangers Waltz’ was the climber of the week as it moved up 6 from 19 to 13 to take the award. It was the only song this week to make a star rater 4 or more place climb.

The Congregations’ ‘Softly Whispering I Love You’ was the one falling down the charts at the greatest rate this week as it dropped 7 places from 13 to 20. It did, however, hold the title of oldest song in the top 20 as it moved onto its 14th week with us.

‘Poppa Joe’ was the least successful of The Sweet’s 3 hits to date, but when their first 2 hits both went to number 1 and spent 16 and 18 weeks in the charts respectively, ‘Poppa Joe’ had a very hard act to follow. It spent 9 weeks in the top 20 and peaked at 12 which was too bad a showing. The good news for The Sweet was that we were only a third of the way through the hits by them that would make our charts.

John Lennon’s reappearance on the charts with ‘Mother’ lasted just 1 week as the re-entry from last week fell off the charts this week. Its second run in the top 20 was spent at 16. The song, which had now completed its SA chart run, spent a total of 13 weeks with us and peaked at 5. There was more to come from Lennon as a solo artist.

‘Too Beautiful To Last’ was Engelbert Humperdinck’s 9th song to chart in SA and he was the 14th act to see this many hits make the chart. It followed up ‘The Way I Used To Be’ which had been in our charts in the February to April of 1969 and this was the 35th occasion we had seen a gap of 100 or more weeks between hits by an artist with Johnny Rivers and Judy Page being the only 2 in those 35 that featured twice. ‘Too Beautiful To Last’ was written by Paul Francis Webster and Richard Bennett and would be the 2nd song to chart that the former had a hand in writing (he had had writing credits on The Ray Conniff Singers’ ‘Somewhere My Love). This was Bennett’s first but he would score one more hit as a songwriter. ‘Too Beautiful to Last’ scraped a peak of 86 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and got to a respectable number 14 in the UK. Of the 13 UK hits Engelbert had had up to this one evetering the charts, only 5 had not made the top 10 there.

The Hollies ‘Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress’ was the other new entry this week and they just missed out on joining the 100 club for weeks between hits as it was 96 weeks since they had last featured on the top 20. It was their 13th song to chart in SA and they moved 1 clear of Percy Sledge to hold 3rd place on the number of hits list on their own. Cliff Richard on 14 and Tom Jones on 17 were the only 2 acts with more hits. For song writers Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway it was their 14th hit and they moved into tied 6th place for number of hits by a song writer. On ‘Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress’ Cook and Greenaway had the help of Hollies’ band member Allan Clarke who left the band shortly after this song was recorded, but re-joined after the song made it to number 2 in the US and topped the Canadian charts. It also went to number 32 in the UK, 21 in Holland and 9 in Zimbabwe.

We entered the 3rd week with no woman in the chart while the Brits managed a second week with 10 in the charts.

With both the new entries being by British acts, the Brits once more took the lead for the most number of hits to chart as we had now seen 312 songs by British acts in the charts and 311 by Americans. The last time the Brits led the way on this list was on 25 July 1969, 147 weeks back.

Daniel Boone celebrated 20 weeks in the chart made up of 12 weeks with his previous hit, ‘Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast’ and now 8 weeks with our current number 1 , ‘Beautiful Sunday’.

John Edmond eased ahead of Ken J. Larkin for weeks count as his total moved on to 26 compared to Larkin’s 25. This meant Edmond was unmoved in 17th place on the local weeks count list while Larkin dropped to 18.

‘Amazing Grace’ moved on to 13 weeks in total in the charts when adding together the Judy Collins and Pipes And Drums etc etc etc etc versions. This put the song tied 22nd for weeks in the chart by a song charting in more than 1 version.

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