16 June 1972


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 12 Beautiful Sunday  – Daniel Boone
2 2 7 Amazing Grace  – Pipes and Drums And The Military Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
3 6 5 Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress  – Hollies
4 3 15 Mother and Child Reunion  – Paul Simon
5 5 15 Son of My Father  – Chicory Tip
6 13 3 Samson and Delilah  – Middle of the Road
7 4 14 Sacramento  – Middle of the Road
8 7 4 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face  – Roberta Flack
9 11 5 Too Beautiful to Last  – Engelbert Humperdinck
10 16 3 Come What May (aka Aprés Toi)  – Vicky Leandros
11 8 15 How Do You Do  – Rising Sons
12 18 3 Puppy Love  – Donny Osmond
13 9 9 Day After Day  – Badfinger
14 15 7 The Rangers Waltz  – Mom and Dads
15 19 2 Radancer  – Marmalade
16 12 8 Beg, Steal or Borrow  – New Seekers
17 10 15 Without You  – Nilsson
18 14 12 Heart of Gold  – Neil Young
19 New 1 Pretty Maid  – Tony Marshall
20 New 1 I Need Someone  – Alan Garrity

‘Beautiful Sunday’ joined The Sweet’s ‘Co-Co’ for having spent 8 weeks at number 1. Only Charisma’s ‘Mammy Blue’ had spent more weeks than that as it managed 12. The difference between The Sweet’s chart topper and Daniel Boone’s current one was that the latter had seen its run at the number 1 spot be broken for 1 week while ‘Co-Co’s run had been continuous.

Middle Of The Road’s ‘Samson And Deilah’ picked up a second climber of the week award to add to the one it managed the previous week. It moved up 7 places from 13 to 6 to take the award this week. So far Middle Of The Road had a 100% record of their songs being the biggest climber at some point in its chart career. This was their 4th song to date and of these, ‘Soley Soley’ and ‘Samson And Delilah’ were the only ones to see more than 1 biggest climber with the former picking up 3 while the latter had 2 to its name. These 2 hits also held the all time record of 7 places for a climb by a Middle Of The Road song.

Donny Osmond’s ‘Puppy Love’ and Vicky Leandros’ ‘Come What May (Aprés Toi)’ both managed a 6 place star rater climb with the former moving up to 12 and the latter to 10. Marmalade’s ‘Radancer’ was the only other star rater this week as it moved up 4 from 19 to 15. This was their 10th star rater climb and they were the 21st act to reach this milestone.

Nilsson’s ‘Without You’ was the faller of the week, dropping 7 from 10 to 17 to give him his second such award. Both his SA chart hits to date now had picked up a faller of the week award.

There were 2 songs that left the charts this week, the first of which was Robert John’s ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)’ which had been with us for 7 weeks and peaked at 15. Along with Tom Jones’ ‘A Minute Of Your Time’ and The Troggs’ ‘Little Girl’ this was the record lowest peak for a song lasting 7 weeks in the charts. Despite its local connection, this would be the only version of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ that would make out charts. It would also be Robert John’s only SA chart hit.

Also going was the oldest song on last week’s chart, Neil Reid’s ‘Mother Of Mine’. The song lasted 15 weeks in the top 20 and peaked at 7. This was by far the lowest peak so far for a song lasting 15 weeks on the chart as the next lowest peak for a ‘15 weeker’ was 4.

With ‘Mother Of Mine’s departure, we had 4 songs take over as the oldest on the charts and this was the most oldest on the charts songs we had seen in a week since all but the last 4 songs on the very first chart had left. The new oldest were The Rising Sons’ ‘How Do You Do’, Paul Simon’s ‘Mother And Child Reunion’, Chicory Tips’ ‘Son Of My Father’ and Nilsson’s ‘Without You’ which were all on 15 weeks. Of the 4 songs to recently chart that had ‘Mother’ in the title, it was only John Lennon’s ‘Mother’ that never made it to be the oldest in the top 20. Barbra Streisand’s version of ‘Mother’ was the other one that did get to become the oldest.

First of the newcomers was Tony Marshall (real name Herbert Anton Bloeth) with ‘Pretty Maid’. This was the 11th song by a German artist to chart in SA. The song was originally recorded in German as ‘Schöne Maid’. It topped the Austrian charts and made number 3 in his native Germany. It was written by Jack White and Pete Bellotte. The latter songwriter had also had a hand in Chicory Tip’s ‘Son Of My Father’. Germany stayed 5th on the list of number of hits from a nation. Their 11 to date was 7 behind 4th placed Canada’s 18, but put Germany 1 ahead of the Australians who fell to 6.

The other new entry was Alan Garrity’s ‘I Need Someone’ which was his 2nd hit to chart and the first that he had written. The song would go on to win the SARIE Best Song Of The Year Award. It would go to number 13 in what was then Rhodesian and knock Neil Young’s ‘Heart Of Gold’ off the top spot on the LM Radio charts before spending 3 weeks at 1 there. It was eventually dethroned by Vicky Leandros’ ‘Come What May (Aprés Toi)’, the number 10 song this week on this chart.

Badfinger and Nilsson both celebrated reaching the 20 weeks in the chart mark and if one assumes that Badfinger managed it before Nilsson as they were sitting higher in the charts this week, then it would Nilsson who would be credited as the 100th artist to reach this milestone.

Engelbert Humperdinck joined Manfred Mann in 14th place on the weeks count list as his total matched the 81 that Manfred Mann had managed.

On the local list it was The Rising Sons who were, well, rising up the list as their 25 weeks to date put them one ahead of Al Debbo who fell to 20th place while The Rising Sons sat tied 18th with Ken J. Larkin.

On the points front there were 3 acts reaching milestones. Middle Of The Road past the 600 points mark, Englebert Humperdinck became the 11th act to go past the 1,000 points mark as his total ticked over to 1,001 and The Hollies moved past the 1,200 mark as they moved on to 1,209 and sat 6th on the overall points list.

Middle Of The Road became the 14th act to see 2 of their songs sit side by side in the charts as ‘Samson And Delilah’ was at 6 and ‘Sacramento’ was at 7. Of the previous 13 to manage this, only Donovan and Four Jacks & A Jill had managed it twice. Middle Of The Road were enjoying the 3rd week of this run with 2 in the charts and added to the previous time they had managed this, their overall total sat at 5 weeks.

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