17 November 1972


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 11 I Can See Clearly Now  – Johnny Nash
2 4 12 It’s too Late Now  – Lauren Copley
3 3 23 I Need Someone  – Alan Garrity
4 5 9 A Shoulder to Cry On  – Denise Freeman
5 9 20 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday  – Jessica Jones
6 12 4 Hello-A  – Sharon Tandy & Billy Forrest
7 2 19 Sylvia’s Mother  – Dr. Hook
8 7 9 Burning Love  – Elvis Presley
9 16 3 Mouldy Old Dough  – Lieutenant Pigeon
10 8 11 Sunshine Lover  – Daniel Boone
11 13 5 Run to Me  – Bee Gees
12 6 21 Nice to be with You  – Gallery
13 11 6 Wig-Wam Bam  – Sweet
14 15 14 Every Day Every Night  – John Edmond
15 14 5 Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from “The Godfather”)  – Andy Williams
16 10 15 Mama, Papa (Nana, Nana)  – Cyan
17 New 1 Bottoms Up  – Middle of the Road
18 New 1 Garden Party  – Rick Nelson
19 20 2 You Wear it Well  – Rod Stewart
20 New 1 Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan My  – Groep Twee

It was now 6 weeks at 1 for Johnny Nash’s ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ as it beat off last week’s challenge from a resurgent ‘Sylvia’s Mother’ by Dr Hook which moved back up to 2 last week. However, this week ‘Sylvia’s Mother’ fell to 7 and Lauren Copley’s ‘It’s Too Late Now’ climbed back up to number 2. ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ did clock up the 140th week at number 1 for US acts and they were 22 behind the British who sat on 162.

Lieutenant Pigeon’s ‘Mouldy Old Dough’ was on the rise, climbing more places than any other song as it moved up 7 from 16 to 9. Two local acts were the other star raters with Billy Forrest & Sharon Tandy’s ‘Hello-A’ climbing 6 from 12 to 6 while Jessica Jones’ ‘Sunday, Monday, Tuesday’ moved up 4 from 9 to 5.

Faller of the week was shared by Gallery’s ‘Nice To Be With You’ and Cyan’s ‘Mama, Papa (Nana, Nana)’ which both fell 6 places to land at 12 and 16 respectively.

Alan Garrity’s ‘I Need Someone’ moved on to 23 weeks in the charts and this was its second week as the oldest in the charts. This was the 6th song so far to reach this many weeks and of those 6, only 3 had gone on to have more.

Jody Wayne’s ‘Louanne’ lasted just 1 week in the charts and spent that week at number 19. This was his second hit in a row that only spent 1 week in the chart, however, the peak of 19 that ‘Louanne’ managed was 1 place higher than his previous 1 weeker, ‘Everything Is Beautiful’. We still had a few more hits to come from Wayne.

Cliff Richard’s ‘Living In Harmony’ also left the top 20. It managed 2 weeks and a peak of 18. It was his second hit in a row that only managed 2 weeks, the previous being ‘Sunny Honey Girl’ which only peaked at 20. So far Cliff had seen 5 songs spend 2 weeks in the chart. ‘Living In Harmony’ would not be his last top 20 hit.

Last of the leavers was Looking Glass’ ‘Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)’ which spent 7 weeks on the charts and peaked at 14. Unlike Jody Wayne and Cliff Richard whose departing hits spent the same number of weeks in the chart as their previous hits, this would be Looking Glass’ only SA chart hit.

Middle Of The Road saw their 6th hit to date chart and it was the first of theirs not to start with either the letter “S” or “T”. Despite being written by their usual writing team of Giosy Capuano, Lally Stott and Mario Capuano, ‘Bottom’s Up’ was the first of their 6 hits to date not to make the UK charts, but did manage to get to 2 in Germany, 5 in Holland and 8 in Norway.

Rick Nelson returned to the charts after an absence of almost 152 weeks as ‘Garden Party’ became his 2nd hit in SA. This was the tied 14th biggest gap between hits to date and the 37th time we had seen a gap of 100 weeks or more. Nelson joined Judy Page and Johnny Rivers as being the only acts so far to manage gaps of 100 weeks or more twice. Nelson’s first gap of more than 100 weeks was that between the first and second chartings of his hit ‘I Need You’. ‘Garden Party’ was about a concert of his which was held on 15 October 1971 where he was booed off the stage apparently because he was playing new, more serious material and not his older, teeny bop stuff. John Lennon, Yoko Ono and George Harrison were in the audience at the concert and they get named checked in the song, although John is referred to as Yoko’s Walrus and George is called Mr. Hughes. This gave Nelson a number 6 hit in the US and would be his 2nd last one to chart there. In the UK it went to number 41, in Holland it made number 8 and in Belgium it went to 21.

Groep Twee’s ‘Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan My’ became the 15th Afrikaans song to chart and the 11th one that was pure Afrikaans with 3 being a mix of English and Afrikaans and 1 being an instrumental with an Afrikaans title. Groep Twee joined Al Debbo for most Afrikaans songs to date as this was their 3rd. They outdid Debbo as all 3 of theirs had been ‘pure’ Afrikaans songs while 2 of Debbo’s had been a mix. ‘Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan My’ was an Afrikaans version of a German song called ‘Denkst du immer noch an ihn’ which was written by Hein Toerien (who presumably supplied the Afrikaans lyrics), Rudolph-Gunter Loose and Drafi Deutscher. Drafi’s version of it made number 42 in Germany. Toerien had also had a hand in writing Groep Twee’s second hit ‘Daar’s Niks Soos Ware Liefde’. ‘Dink Jy…’ was covered by local boy band Eden. There is also a Spanish cover of the song called ‘Si Es Que Aun Piensas En Mi’ by Marta Gomez.

There were 3 acts who saw milestone weeks count this week with Jessica Jones reaching 20, The Sweet managing 60 and Middle Of The Road hitting 70. Jones now held the record for consecutive weeks in the chart by a local female artists as her 20 had been consecutive.

Elvis Presley moved 1 week ahead of The Rolling Stones for weeks count. His 94 to date leaving him in 9th place while The Stones dropped to 10th. On the local weeks count list Billy Forrest moved 1 week ahead of The Bats as his total ticked over to 46. The Bats dropped to 6th while Forrest enjoyed being 5th on his own. Alan Garrity’s 36 weeks to date put him tied 10th with Virginia Lee while Groep Twee’s 34 weeks meant that they now held 12th place on their own as Murray Campbell on 33 dropped to 13th.

Last week 2 songs moved past the 300 points mark (‘Sylvia’s Mother’ and ‘I Need Someone’) and this week Gallery’s ‘Nice To Be With You’ also joined the 300 club. It was the 13th song to manage this. Garrity meanwhile became the 38th act to go past the 500 points mark. He was the 5th local act to do this.

This week would be the only time 4 of the top 5 songs would be by local acts. We would never see the South Africans dominate the top 5 to this extent again.

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2 thoughts on “17 November 1972

  1. Ek hoop nou nie ek mak ‘n fout nie, maar in verband met die inligting omtrent Groep Twee se liedjie, “Dink jy darem nog aan my”, wil ek net noem dat ek wel kon vind dat Drafi Deutcher die lied geskryf het en self opgeneem as “Denkst du immer noch an ihn”, en dit reeds in 1971.

    Sou die Spaanse weergawe wel die oorspronklike wees, sou ek graag wou weet of jy dalk vir my sou kon uitvind wie die kunstenaar was wat die liedjie gesing het. Ek maak die oorspronklike weergawes van Afrikaans vertaalde liedjies bymekaar, maar ook enige ander anderstalige weergawe daarvan.

    En dan wil ek ook net noem dat ek hierdie terugblikke na die vroeer jare se Top 20 baie geniet.


    Mike Howell


    • Dankie vir die inligting Mike. Ek dink dat ek dit verkeerd gekry en die Drafi opname van die lied is die oorspronklike een. Die Spaanse een was ‘n ‘cover’ (verskoon my Afrikaans)

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