22 December 1972


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 16 I Can See Clearly Now  – Johnny Nash
2 2 8 Mouldy Old Dough  – Lieutenant Pigeon
3 7 10 Run to Me  – Bee Gees
4 9 5 I Need Your Love  – Letta Mbulu
5 4 28 I Need Someone  – Alan Garrity
6 6 17 It’s too Late Now  – Lauren Copley
7 3 14 A Shoulder to Cry On  – Denise Freeman
8 5 9 Hello-A  – Sharon Tandy & Billy Forrest
9 11 6 Garden Party  – Rick Nelson
10 8 14 Burning Love  – Elvis Presley
11 10 11 Wig-Wam Bam  – Sweet
12 12 26 Nice to be with You  – Gallery
13 13 25 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday  – Jessica Jones
14 19 3 Clair  – Gilbert O’ Sullivan
15 16 3 Wake Up Wake Up  – Jessica Jones
16 20 2 Woman (Beautiful Woman)  – Don Gibson
17 New 1 Ben  – Michael Jackson
18 18 2 I’d Love You to Want Me  – Lobo
19 15 24 Sylvia’s Mother  – Dr. Hook
20 17 6 Bottoms Up  – Middle of the Road

Charisma’s record weeks at 1 with ‘Mammy Blue’ was under threat as Johnny Nash’s ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ moved on to 11 weeks in the top spot and was just 1 behind Charisma’s record of 12. Lieutenant Pigeon’s ‘Mouldy Old Dough’ spent a 4th straight week at 2. It was the 7th song to manage an unbroken run of 4 weeks at 2 with only Danyel Gerrard’s ‘Butterfly’ managing to get to 5.

Letta Mbulu’s ‘I Need Your Love’ was the climber of the week for a second week running with a 5 place climb from 9 to 4. It shared the award with Gilbert O’Sullivan’s ‘Clair’ which moved up 5 from 19 to 14.

The Bee Gees’ ‘Run To Me’ and Don Gibson’s ‘Woman (Beautiful Woman)’ were the other star raters this week with both songs climbing 4 place to land 3 and 16 respectively.

The fallers of the week were Denise Freeman’s ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’ and Dr. Hook’s ‘Sylvia’s Mother’ which dropped 4 places to 7 and 19 respectively. With Letta Mbulu being one of the climbers and Denise Freeman being one of the fallers, this was the 20th time that we had a local climber and faller in the same week and the first time local solo females had been climber and faller in the same week.

‘I Need Someone’ by Alan Garrity was the oldest on the chart for a 7th week and its total weeks count of 28 moved ahead of Peter Maffay’s ‘You’ to take second spot on its own for weeks count by a song, but also was now the record holder for longest consecutive week run in the charts as The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me’ which held the overall record for weeks in the chart had taken 2 runs to manage this and the best consecutive week run it managed was 26 weeks.

The only song to leave the chart was Giorgio’s ‘Today’s A Tomorrow’ which had lasted 4 weeks in the top 20 and peaked at 14.

The new entry was ‘Ben’ by a 14 year old Michael Jackson. This would be his 4th solo hit in the US and the UK where he had already had success as part of The Jackson 5. ‘Ben’ was written for a horror film also called ‘Ben’ and topped the US charts and made number 7 in the UK. In the film, Lee Montgomery who played the lead role sang the song to Ben, a telepathic rat. The song was nominated for the Best Original Song Oscar, but lost out to Maureen McGovern’s ‘The Morning After’ from The Poseidon Adventure’. In Holland it made number 2, 7 in Belgium, 81 in France and topped the Australian charts. It became the 5th song to chart in SA with only 3 letters in the title. The previous ones being ‘She’ by Glen Yarbrough, ‘You’ by Peter Maffay, ‘Hey’ by Hedgehoppers Anonymous and ‘Joy’ by Apollo 100. This was the shortest song title to date, but there was a two letter title to come.

The Americans took over totally for the most number of hits in the top 20 after having tied with the local acts last week. There were 8 songs by Americans in the chart this week and only 7 from the South African acts. The Americans also took the lead again for overall number of hits, their 330 to date eased them 1 ahead of the British acts who were on 329.

The Bee Gees ticked over to 118 weeks in the charts and this moved them tied 3rd overall sitting alongside Creedence Clearwater Revival on that total. On the local front Alan Garrity moved into tied 8th place with Jody Wayne with both acts on 41. Jessica Jones’ 28 weeks put her tied 19th with Tidal Wave and meant that The Rising Sons dropped off the top 20 of the local weeks count list. Lauren Copley, who had been tied with Tidal Wave in 18th place last week, added 1 to her total so sat on 29 and was in 18th place on her own.

‘I Need Someone’ by Alan Garrity became the second song to go past the 400 points mark as its total climbed to 401. The only other song so far to reach this milestone was The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me’.

The average number of weeks that the songs in the chart had been with us hit a new high as this moved on to 11.5, beating the previous record set 2 weeks previously by 0.25.

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