26 January 1973


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 I’d Love You to Want Me  – Lobo
2 2 21 I Can See Clearly Now  – Johnny Nash
3 3 10 I Need Your Love  – Letta Mbulu
4 4 7 Woman (Beautiful Woman)  – Don Gibson
5 5 15 Run to Me  – Bee Gees
6 10 8 Clair  – Gilbert O’ Sullivan
7 6 11 Garden Party  – Rick Nelson
8 8 9 Today’s a Tomorrow  – Giorgio
9 12 3 Dreams are Ten a Penny  – Kincade
10 7 13 Mouldy Old Dough  – Lieutenant Pigeon
11 13 8 Wake Up Wake Up  – Jessica Jones
12 16 2 I Don’t Wanna Play House  – Barbara Ray
13 15 4 Home Isn’t Home Anymore  – Alan Garrity
14 11 22 It’s too Late Now  – Lauren Copley
15 RE 3 Locomotive Breath  – Rabbitt
16 9 33 I Need Someone  – Alan Garrity
17 18 2 Crocodile Rock  – Elton John
18 17 6 Ben  – Michael Jackson
19 14 19 A Shoulder to Cry On  – Denise Freeman
20 RE 3 Annabelle  – Daniel Boone

‘I’d Love You to Want Me’ moved on to 3 weeks at 1 and in doing so clocked up 150 weeks at the top of the charts for songs by American acts. They still lagged behind the Brits in this one as the latter had seen 162 weeks to date. The Americans had, however, dominated of late as this was the 23rd straight week with a Yank at 1.

Gilbert O’Sullivan’s ‘Clair’ picked up its 3rd biggest climber award with a 4 place jump from 10 to 6. It shared the award with Barbara Ray’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Play House’ which climbed into 12th place from 16 and gave Ray her 5th biggest climber to date. She joined Billy Forrest and The Staccatos at the top of the list for number of biggest climbers by a local act. These were the only 2 star raters this week.

Alan Garrity’s ‘I Need Someone’ took faller of the week for a second time with a 7 place drop from 9 to 16. It was still the oldest in the top 20 sitting on 33 weeks and. This was the 12th week the song was the oldest and it was now tied second for most weeks as the oldest, equalling Tommy Roe’s ‘Sweet Pea’ and sitting second to The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me’ which managed 19.

We said goodbye to Sharon Tandy & Billy Forrest’s ‘Hello-A’ which had enjoyed a run of 13 weeks and seen a peak of 5. To date this was the best weeks and peak figures for a local duet/collaboration unless one regards Barbara Ray & 5th Association’s co-credit for ‘Like I Do’ which only beat ‘Hello-A’ on peak, making it to 4 during a 13 week stay.

Shuki & Aviva’s ‘Signorina Concertina’ lasted just 1 week at number 19. It was the 20th song to date to have a run of just 1 week at 19 with 2 of the previous 19 seeing the 1 week run when they re-entered the charts.

And talking of re-entries, both the songs that replaced the leavers this week were having a second stab at a chart run. Rabbitt’s ‘Locomotive Breath’ was the 33rd song to re-enter the chart while Daniel Boone’s ‘Annabelle’ was the 34rd. This week was the 4th time we had seen 2 re-entries in the same week and we would only see this happen 1 more time. Rabbitt’s re-entry was the 6th by a local song and returning to the charts at number 15 was the highest re-entry position we had seen a local song manage so far and this would be an all-time record that would be equalled once but never beaten.

Solo male artists once more accounted for 50% of the charts. This was the 3rd week in the last 4 where they had 10 songs in the charts.

We still had more songs by local acts than by any other nation in our top 20 and 8 were lekker local hits while the Brits and Yanks contributed 5 each and Ireland and Italy with 1 each made up the numbers. This was the 38th time the locals had the lion share of the charts.

Alan Garrity reached a half century of weeks in the charts and was the 35th act to clock up 50 weeks. He sat 5th on the local weeks count list, shaking off The Peanut Butter Conspiracy whom he shared the spot with last week. The latter dropped to 6th. Another local act also celebrated a weeks landmark and that was Jessica Jones who had now been in the charts with at least 1 hit for 30 consecutive weeks. She was way out in front for a consecutive week run by a woman with the next best being Vicky Leandros’ 23 weeks in a row on the charts.

Barbara Ray, Jessica Jones and Lauren Copley all moved into tied 12th spot on the local weeks count list, their 34 to date putting them level with Groep Twee.

Lauren Copley’s ‘It’s Too Late Now’ became the 15th song to reach the 300 points mark as its total moved on to 300 exactly. She was the 6th local act and second local woman after Jessica Jones to see a song accumulate this many points.

Terry Dempsey reached a landmark of weeks in the charts as a songwriter as his total moved on to 200 and was the first song writer to manage this. He was now 32 ahead of his nearest rival, Les Reed.

The average number of weeks the top 20 songs had been with us crept over 10 for the 8th time since the charts started. It sat on 10.3 this week.

As the top 3 songs were unchanged we experienced the 4th time that the top 3 all started with the same letter (ignoring ‘The’, ‘A’’ and the Afrikaans ‘Die’).

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