16 March 1973


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 9 I Don’t Wanna Play House  – Barbara Ray
2 3 6 We Believe in Tomorrow  – Freddy Breck
3 2 14 Woman (Beautiful Woman)  – Don Gibson
4 4 5 You’re so Vain  – Carly Simon
5 12 3 The Love in Your Eyes  – Vicky Leandros
6 5 14 I’d Love You to Want Me  – Lobo
7 10 5 Blockbuster!  – Sweet
8 11 4 There are More Questions Than Answers  – Johnny Nash
9 8 11 Home Isn’t Home Anymore  – Alan Garrity
10 6 10 Dreams are Ten a Penny  – Kincade
11 20 6 I’m on Fire  – Maria
12 7 9 Crocodile Rock  – Elton John
13 16 2 Daddy’s Home  – Jermaine Jackson
14 13 10 Locomotive Breath  – Rabbitt
15 RE 3 Candlelight  – Richard Jon Smith
16 14 7 You’ll Always be a Friend  – Hot Chocolate
17 9 17 I Need Your Love  – Letta Mbulu
18 15 28 I Can See Clearly Now  – Johnny Nash
19 17 3 Two of Us  – Dealians
20 18 15 Clair  – Gilbert O’ Sullivan

Barbara Ray’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Play House’ became the 5th local song to spend 5 or more weeks at 1 as it held on to the top spot this week. It also brought the total of weeks at 1 by local solo female artists up to the 20 week milestone. Don Gibson’s ‘Woman (Beautiful Woman)’ seemed to be losing in its bid to eventually make the top spot as it dropped to 3 while Freddy Breck’s ‘We Believe In Tomorrow’ climbed up 1 place into second spot.

For a 3rd week running we saw a song by a solo female artist take the biggest climber award as Maria’s ‘I’m On Fire’ jumped up 9 places to take the award. This was the 3rd time we had seen a woman as biggest climber 3 weeks in a row and this was 1 week less than the record run to date of 4. By the time the charts finished in 1989 we would have seen 5 occasions when a song by a local woman jumped up 9 or more places and Maria’s effort this week was the 4th such time with Hilary’s 10 place jump with ‘Sunglasses’ back in 1968 being the all time record. Overall this was the 7th time a local song had made a jump of at least this size and the 9th time a song by any solo female had managed it.

The only other star rater was also by a solo woman and that was Vicky Leandros’ ‘The Love In Your Eyes’ which moved up 7 from 12 to 5.

Faller of the week was Letta Mbulu’s ‘I Need Your Love’ which fell 8 from 9 to 17. This was the 22nd time we had seen a local climber and faller in the same week and only the second time the local climber and faller had both been solo female artists. The previous time this happened, Letta Mbulu’s ‘I Need Someone’ was the climber while it was Denise Freeman’s ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’ that was the faller. The 8 places that ‘I Need Your Love’ fell was the biggest drop to date that we had seen by a song by a local female artist. There would only be 2 more occasions where a local woman would see a fall of this magnitude and only 1 of those would be greater than 8 places.

Sitting on 28 weeks in the charts, Johnny Nash’s ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ had seen the 3rd best run in the charts to date by a song, sitting behind Alan Garrity’s ‘I Need Someone’ which managed 33 and The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me’ which managed 38. It was the 6th week that ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ had been the oldest in the charts.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Ben’ was the only song to depart the chart this week. It had lasted 12 weeks and peaked at 14. This would be the lowest peak for a song spending 12 weeks in the charts in the top 20 era. Jackson would of course go on to have bigger and better hits on our charts.

There were no new entries this week, but there was a re-entry and that was Richard Jon Smith’s ‘Candlelight’ which returned to the charts after just 1 week’s absence. This was the 42nd time a song had re-entered the charts with 4 of the previous occasions being where a song re-entered the charts for a second time. In terms of local songs, this was the 8th to be a re-entry.

With 7 local songs in the charts, this was the 40th week where the locals had more hits in the top 20 than any other nation with the Americans having 6, the Brits 4 while Germany, Greece and Ireland supplied 1 hit each.

Alan Garrity reached the 40 consecutive weeks in the charts milestone and was only the second act to manage this with Middle Of The Road being the previous ones to do so. They went on to spend 44 consecutive weeks in the charts. Overall Garrity’s week count moved on to 57 which put him tied 4th on the local weeks count list, sharing the spot with Billy Forrest.

Barbara Ray joined Jody Wayne on 41 weeks and they sat 9th for local weeks count. The Dealians moved on to 35 weeks and shared 14th place on that list with Lauren Copley.

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