13 April 1973


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 10 We Believe in Tomorrow  – Freddy Breck
2 2 7 The Love in Your Eyes  – Vicky Leandros
3 4 13 I Don’t Wanna Play House  – Barbara Ray
4 3 18 Woman (Beautiful Woman)  – Don Gibson
5 5 10 I’m on Fire  – Maria
6 6 9 You’re so Vain  – Carly Simon
7 10 4 Can’t Keep it In  – Cat Stevens
8 9 9 Blockbuster!  – Sweet
9 14 4 The Morning After  – Maureen McGovern
10 7 18 I’d Love You to Want Me  – Lobo
11 12 7 Candlelight  – Richard Jon Smith
12 11 6 Daddy’s Home  – Jermaine Jackson
13 16 4 Killing Me Softly with His Song  – Roberta Flack
14 8 15 Home Isn’t Home Anymore  – Alan Garrity
15 13 8 There are More Questions Than Answers  – Johnny Nash
16 15 4 Don’t Expect Me to be Your Friend  – Lobo
17 18 14 Locomotive Breath  – Rabbitt
18 17 2 It’s You (I Want to Live With)  – Peter Maffay
19 New 1 Toy Train  – John Edmond
20 New 1 Heart of Stone  – Kenny

It was now 3 weeks in a row at 1 for Freddy Breck’s ‘We Believe In Tomorrow’ and this was a new record for weeks at 1 by a song by a German act, passing the 2 weeks that Peter Maffay’s ‘You’ (the only other German chart topper so far) had managed. Vicky Leandros’ ‘The Love In Your Eyes’ was unmoved at 2 giving us the second week we had seen where the top 2 songs were not by acts from the US, the UK or SA.

Apart from the UK, US and SA, there had been songs by acts from 6 other nations that had topped the charts and the total of 5 weeks that we had seen a German chart topper moved the nation into second place for weeks at 1 by a non-big 3 nation. They went 1 ahead of the Greeks and the Italians who were both on 4 and sat 2 behind the Dutch who were on 7.

Maureen McGovern didn’t seem to be suffering any effects of ‘The Morning After’ as her hit was the climber of the week, moving up 5 from 14 to 9. This was the second week running that it had taken the award. It was the only star rater this week.

Alan Garrity became the 2nd local act to see 6 biggest fallers as ‘Home Isn’t Home Anymore’ took the award this week with a 6 place plunge from 8 to 14. His 6 biggest fallers equalled that of The Staccatos and the 2 acts sat tied top of the list for local acts.

Lobo’s ‘I’d Love You To Want Me’ and Don Gibson’s ‘Woman (Beautiful Woman)’ were still the oldest songs in the top 20 as their weeks count moved on to 18. This was their 4th week as the oupa’s of the chart.

There were 2 leavers this week, the first of which was Hot Chocolate’s ‘You’ll Always be a Friend’ which had enjoyed a run of 10 weeks and peaked at 8. This fell 1 week short of their only other hit to date, ‘I Believe (in Love)’, but peaked 2 places higher than the 10 that their previous hit managed. There was more to come from them.

Also going was Kincade’s ‘Dreams Are Ten A Penny’ which spent 13 weeks in the top 20 and peaked at 4. This would be their only SA chart hit.

John Edmond returned to the charts with his 6th hit ‘Toy Train’. This placed him tied 3rd for number of hits by a local act, 1 behind For Jacks & A Jill and Jody Wayne who were on 7 and 2 behind leader, Billy Forrest on 8. ‘Toy Train’ was written by Dewayne Blackwell and was recorded by Lefty Frizzell and David Frizzell (David is Lefty’s younger brother and separate solo recordings by them seem to exist) as well as the Statler Brothers, however none of these US Country acts managed to chart in the US with their versions. Edmonds had now seen chart action (i.e. at least 1 week with 1 hit in the chart) every year now since 1970, that is 4 straight years. So far, only Edmond and The Dealians had seen chart action in every year from 1970 to 1973. In total we would see 5 acts have this 4 year run, with only 1 going back further than 1970. Of the 5 acts that would manage this, 3 would be local.

The second new entry was ‘Heart Of Stone’ by Kenny who were a group and not a person, although they were named after Tony Kenny, an Irishman who had recorded the song (written by Phil Coulter and Bill Martin – their 3rd SA chart hit). It was producer Mickie Most (who had spent some time living in South Africa) who renamed the band Kenny. They had been going under the name Chuff. They recorded ‘Heart of Stone’ and took it to number 11 in the UK. Including Kenny’s song, there have been 7 times where a song called ‘Heart Of Stone’ has charted in the US and UK combined. Of these, only the hits by Bucks Fizz and Cher, were the same song, all the others were completely different songs. The other artists who charted with a song of that title were The Rolling Stones, Taylor Dayne, David A. Stewart and Suzi Quatro. Kenny were an Irish band and this moved the number of hits by Irish acts on to 8. The Irish sat 8th on the list of number of hits by acts from a nation and were unmoved on that list, but it did mean that the French who were on 7, dropped into 9th place. Ireland was now 1 behind 7th placed Jamaica.

This week’s chart featured only 2 songs by acts from the UK and this was the lowest hit count in a top 20 that we had seen from them so far. In fact it halved the previous lowest as they had never been as low as 3 before.

Vicky Leandros and Lobo both celebrated reaching the 30 weeks in the charts milestone. They were the 71st and 72nd acts to manage this. Lobo had the added distinction of managing his 30 weeks without ever seeing a biggest faller in the week. 11 acts so far had managed this with 3 of them going on past the 40 week milestone and 1 of those, The Seekers, led the way with over 50 weeks without a biggest faller.

The Sweet moved into tied 18th place on the weeks count list as their total of 76 equalled that of Neil Diamond. On the local weeks count list, Barbara Ray moved on to 45 weeks and sat tied 8th with The Bats while John Edmond who had shared 7th place with The Bats last week, moved on to 46 weeks so sat 7th on his own.

Alan Garrity equalled the record to date for featuring in consecutive week’s charts as we had seen him in the top 20 for 44 straight weeks now which equalled the record set by Middle Of The Road. Garrity’s run had come with 29 weeks with ‘I Need Someone’ in the top 20, followed by 4 weeks where ‘Home Isn’t Home Anymore’ joined ‘I Need Someone’ and then 11 weeks so far with just ‘Home Isn’t Home Anymore’.

Lobo became the 27th act to see 2 or more in the charts for at least 4 weeks as ‘I’d Love You To Want Me’ and ‘Don’t Expect Me To be Your Friend’ shared space in the top 20. The record to date for multiple hits in the top 20 was 14 weeks which Four Jacks & A Jill managed.

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