8 June 1973


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 6 Never Never Never  – Shirley Bassey
2 1 12 Can’t Keep it In  – Cat Stevens
3 3 18 We Believe in Tomorrow  – Freddy Breck
4 7 5 Get Down  – Gilbert O’ Sullivan
5 4 12 The Morning After  – Maureen McGovern
6 5 15 The Love in Your Eyes  – Vicky Leandros
7 6 9 Toy Train  – John Edmond
8 8 8 Daniel  – Elton John
9 12 3 Kentucky Blues  – Lauren Copley
10 14 7 Long Haired Lover from Liverpool  – Little Jimmy Osmond
11 10 5 Stuck in the Middle with You  – Stealers Wheel
12 13 2 Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree  – Dawn & Tony Orlando
13 9 18 I’m on Fire  – Maria
14 11 12 Killing Me Softly with His Song  – Roberta Flack
15 16 21 I Don’t Wanna Play House  – Barbara Ray
16 15 10 It’s You (I Want to Live With)  – Peter Maffay
17 18 26 Woman (Beautiful Woman)  – Don Gibson
18 19 12 Don’t Expect Me to be Your Friend  – Lobo
19 New 1 That’s Why I Love You  – Richard Jon Smith
20 20 2 I’ll Never be the Same  – Letta Mbulu

Shirley Bassey’s ‘Never, Never, Never’ became the 140th song to top our charts as it took over the top spot from Cat Stevens’ ‘Can’t keep It In’. The latter had been at the number 1 spot for 5 weeks and it dropped into second place.

Little Jimmy Osmond’s ‘Long Haired Lover from Liverpool’ took the climber of the week honours with a 4 place jump from 14 to 10. This was the only star rater climb we saw this week. This was Little Jimmy’s second time with a star rater which matched the achievement of his brother Donny. Donny, however, never managed a biggest climber.

Maria’s ‘I’m On Fire’ was the faller of the week as it dropped 4 from 9 to 13 to take the award. 12 different local women had now seen a biggest faller with 3 of them managing it as one half of a duet.  We had seen 1 week where there had been 2 songs by local women take the faller award, but this was the second occasion where we had seen consecutive weeks with a solo local woman being the biggest faller and in both cases it was different songs that took the award as the previous week it had been Barbara Ray’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Play House’ that was the faller.

Don Gibson’s ‘Woman (Beautiful Woman)’ drew level with Tommy Roe’s ‘Sweet Pea’ and Alan Garrity’s ‘I Need Someone’ for number of weeks as the oldest in the chart (excluding the songs on the very first chart) as it ticked over to 26 weeks with us and enjoyed its 12th as the oldest. Only The Staccato’s ‘Cry To Me’ spent more weeks as the oldest.

Middle Of The Road’s SA chart career came to an end as ‘Yellow Boomerang’ dropped off the charts this week (and no, despite the song title, it would never come back onto the charts). The song spent 6 weeks in the top 20 and peaked at 13, sharing the lowest weeks count for a hit by the band with ‘Bottoms Up, their previous hit, but peaking 3 places higher. In total Middle Of The Road managed 7 hits which spent a combined total of 81 weeks in the chart and had 1 chart topper in the form of ‘Soley Soley’ which spent 4 weeks at 1 in 2 runs of 2 weeks. In total there would be 12 acts who would see exactly 7 hits make the charts by the time they finished in 1989, of which only 2 would see a higher weeks count than Middle Of The Road, however, if one excludes the weeks those 2 accumulated from positions 21 to 30 once the charts were extended, then Middle Of The Road would be the top 7 hit act in terms of weeks.

Richard Jon Smith returned to the charts with ‘That’s Why I Love You’, his 2nd SA Chart hit. Smith penned the song himself and he saw it go to the top of the LM Radio charts for 2 weeks and make it to number 6 in what was then Rhodesia. It was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange and was the 4th song to make the charts where Lange was named as the producer (note, not all singles list the producer’s name). Lange had already had SA Chart success with songs he produced for Jessica Jones (2 hits) and Gries Heimer (aka David Gresham). This was the 190th local song to chart.

Ireland pulled ahead of Jamaica for weeks on the charts as Gilbert O’Sullivan gave them their 62nd week. Ireland sat 8th overall for weeks while Jamaica dropped into 9th spot. O’Sullivan himself was enjoying his 20th week in the charts and was the 115th act to reach this milestone.

Lauren Copley moved ahead of Jessica Jones for weeks in the charts and she now sat 12th on the local weeks count list on her own while Jones dropped to 13th. Copley was also now in outright second place for local woman.

Freddy Breck’s ‘We Believe In Tomorrow’ became the 19th song to reach the 300 points mark as it ticked over to 309 and sat 14th overall for points. This was the 3rd song by a non SA, UK or US act to get to this milestone.

For the 9th time in the top 20 era we saw the average number of weeks that the top 20 songs had been with us creep over the 10 mark as it moved on to 10.2

This week also saw the second of only 2 occasions where there would only be 1 group on the chart. There were 10 solo males, 8 solo females and 1 duet. Last time this happened it was The Sweet who were the only group, this week it was Stealers Wheels who flew the flag for bands.

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