22 June 1973


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 8 Never Never Never  – Shirley Bassey
2 4 5 Kentucky Blues  – Lauren Copley
3 2 14 Can’t Keep it In  – Cat Stevens
4 7 4 Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree  – Dawn & Tony Orlando
5 3 7 Get Down  – Gilbert O’ Sullivan
6 6 14 The Morning After  – Maureen McGovern
7 10 7 Stuck in the Middle with You  – Stealers Wheel
8 5 20 We Believe in Tomorrow  – Freddy Breck
9 8 11 Toy Train  – John Edmond
10 9 9 Long Haired Lover from Liverpool  – Little Jimmy Osmond
11 12 10 Daniel  – Elton John
12 11 17 The Love in Your Eyes  – Vicky Leandros
13 14 3 That’s Why I Love You  – Richard Jon Smith
14 13 20 I’m on Fire  – Maria
15 19 4 I’ll Never be the Same  – Letta Mbulu
16 20 2 Papa was a Rollin’ Stone  – Temptations
17 RE 2 Maori Love Song  – Double Vision
18 15 12 It’s You (I Want to Live With)  – Peter Maffay
19 New 1 And I Love You So  – Perry Como
20 New 1 Sunday Girl  – Peter Lotis

‘Shirley Bassey’s ‘Never, Never, Never’ had been at number 1 for as many weeks as there were ‘Never’s in the song title. Lauren Copley’s ‘Kentucky Blues’ moved into second place from 4 and made it the 8th time that we saw the top 2 spots being occupied by solo female artists. Bassey was also responsible for clocking up the 170th week that a UK acts was at the top of the charts. The Brits were 18 ahead of the Americans who had spent 150 weeks at 1 so far.

Letta Mbulu’s ‘I’ll Never be The Same’ and The Temptations’ ‘Papa Was a Rolling Stone’ were the climbers of the week as the former moved up 4 from 19 to 15 and the latter climb 4 from 20 to 16. It was Mbulu’s 3rd time with the award and The Temptations’ first. These were the only star raters this week.

Both the songs by German acts in the chart this week were the fallers as they dropped 3 places with Freddy Breck’s ‘We Believe In Tomorrow’ falling from 5 to 8 and Peter Maffay’s ‘It’s You (I Want To Live With)’ dropping from 15 to 18. This was the first time we had seen more than 1 song from any nation other than the big 3 (UK, US and SA) take the faller of the week award. There would be a total of 18 times that this would happen with 3 and even 4 songs by rest of the world acts taking the biggest faller in the same week, but there would only be 3 occasions when 2 acts from the same non-big 3 nations would be the faller in the same week. And taking this one step further, the other 2 occasion would see the same act taking the honours, making this the only time where 2 different acts from the same non-big 3 nations took the biggest faller award.

Roberta Flack’s ‘Killing Me Softly with His Song’ ended its chart run after 13 weeks and a peak of 8. This was 1 week better than her only other hit to date, ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’, but its peak was 6 places lower than her previous hit.

We also big farewell to the song that had been the granddaddy of last week’s chart, Don Gibson’s ‘Woman (Beautiful Woman)’ which ended up spending a total of 27 weeks on the chart, but failed to top the charts, spending a total of 5 weeks at number 2 in a run of 2 weeks and then 3 weeks. This would be Gibson’s only SA chart entry.

The final song to go was Barbara Ray’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Play House’ which had lasted 22 weeks in the charts and spent 6 of those at number 1. This ended our run of at least 4 songs by solo local woman in the charts. The run had started 3 weeks back when we actually had 5 such hits, then the next 2 weeks we saw 4. This would be the last time we would see this many hits by solo local woman in the charts. Even when the chart was extended to a top 30 we would still not reach this level. It also meant that the number of solo woman in the charts dropped below its record to date level of 8.

Double Vision’s ‘Maori Love Song’ had been absent from the charts for 3 weeks, but returned this week to become the 38th song to re-enter the charts. Of these, ‘Maori Love Song’ was the 12th to return after at least a 3 week absence.

Perry Como set a new record for gaps between hits this week as his ‘And I Love You So’ entered the charts 384 weeks after his previous hit, ‘Stand Beside Me’ had exited. This smashed the previous record of 278 weeks, which Hedgehoppers Anonymous had managed, by 106 weeks and this was the biggest increase in the record to date. Como had already clocked up 45 US Hot 100 hits with a chart career there going back to January 1955. ‘And I Love You So’ was the 45th hit for Perry Como in the US and reached number 29 there. Of the acts whose birthdates are readily available, Como would be the second oldest person to chart in SA, being 61 years, 1 month and 4 days old. Louis Armstrong was 66 years, 8 months and 30 days old when ‘What A Wonderful World’ had charted.  When I was at school English teachers taught us not to start a sentence with the word ‘and’. Songwriter in this instance, Don McLean, was either not taught this lesson, or chose to ignore it and this gave him and Perry the  only song to chart in SA that started with an ‘and’. In the UK the song was Como’s 23rd hit and it made a respectable number 3 position.

And (oops, sorry to all my English teachers) while Como was setting a new record for gaps between hits, Peter Lotis set a new record for gaps between hits by a local artist. ‘Sunday Girl’ arrived in the charts 258 weeks after his previous hit, ‘Honey’ left. This was the 4th biggest gap to date overall. ‘Sunday Girl’ appears to be an English translation of a German song called ‘Ich Fange Nie Mehr Was An Einem Sonntag An’ which was recorded by Monica Morell and topped the Swiss charts and went to 14 in Germany.  Writing credits went to Gerd Gudera and Pepe Edera, but also lists Terry Dempsey in the credits (presumably for the English words). This would give Dempsey his 22nd top 20 song with a writing credit. He was now 4 ahead of nearest rival Les Reed who was on 18.

The local acts took the lead for number of hits in the top 20 as they had 6 compared to 5 from the US acts, 4 from UK acts with 2 being German, and 1 each coming from Greece, Ireland and New Zealand.

The US acts did have some good news as they were outright leaders for total hits to date as they went 1 ahead of the Brits with 342 to their name. It had been 27 weeks since they were last the outright leaders.

There were 2 acts that celebrated 20 weeks in the charts and 3 saw their total move on to 40. The 20 weekers were Freddie Breck and Maria while Lauren Copley, Dawn and Vicky Leandros were all hitting 40. There had been 52 acts who had seen at least 40 weeks on the charts so far. Copley’s 40 weeks put her 1 ahead of Gene Rockwell and she took 11th place on the local weeks count list for herself while Rockwell dropped to 12th.

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