5 October 1973


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 9 Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet  – Maria
2 2 6 Baby Blue  – George Baker Selection
3 3 9 Take Me to the Mardi Gras  – Paul Simon
4 5 8 One & One is One  – Medicine Head
5 4 12 Ashes of Love  – Dickey Lee
6 10 5 I Wanna Live  – Tommy Oliver
7 7 8 When Bouzoukis Played  – Vicky Leandros
8 8 10 Shambala  – B.W. Stevenson
9 6 17 Maori Love Song  – Double Vision
10 18 4 Born to be with You  – Dave Edmunds
11 12 6 Long Train Runnin’  – Doobie Brothers
12 19 3 Smoke on the Water  – Deep Purple
13 9 19 Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree  – Dawn & Tony Orlando
14 11 15 Time  – Dealians
15 13 10 Shambala  – Three Dog Night
16 14 16 And I Love You So  – Perry Como
17 New 1 Heaven is My Woman’s Love  – Tommy Overstreet
18 New 1 Funny Face  – Barbara Ray
19 New 1 She (Didn’t Remember My Name)  – Osmosis
20 New 1 Do You Love Me  – Geli & Billy

Having regained the top spot last week, Maria’s ‘Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet’ held on to it this week while The George Baker Selection’s ‘Baby Blue’ spent a second week at 2. Maria’s hit had now spent a total of 4 weeks at 1 and it clocked up the 80th week at 1 for a local act.

Dave Edmunds’ ‘Born To Be With You’ was the climber of the week as it moved up 8 from 18 to 10. Edmunds’ previous hit, ‘I Hear You Knockin’ also managed a biggest climber during its chart run, and that was with a 7 place climb.

Apart from Edmund’s 8 place climb we also saw Tommy Oliver’s ‘I Wanna Live’ make a star rater climb of 4 from 10 to 6 and Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke On the Water’ also making a star rater climb. It moved up 7 from 19 to 12.

Dawn picked up their 4th biggest faller award as ‘Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree’ fell 4 from 9 to 13. Of Dawn’s 4 hits so far, only ‘Candida’ made it through its chart career without a biggest fall while ‘Knock Three Times’ was the only one to see this award twice. The good news for Dawn was that their song was the oldest on the charts. It was on 19 weeks and replaced Shirley Bassey’s ‘Never, Never, Never’ as the oldest as the latter fell off the top 20 this week. Bassey hit had managed 22 weeks in the charts, 4 of which were spent at the number 1 spot. This would be Bassey’s only SA chart hit.

The other 3 songs to go were all by local acts and this was the 7th time we had lost 3 local songs in a single week. The first of the local leavers was Peter Lotis’ ‘Sunday Girl’ which lasted 15 weeks in the charts and peaked at 7. This was his best performing of his 3 hits to date.

Lauren Copley’s ‘Kentucky Blues’ had been the song which knocked the abovementioned ‘Never, Never, Never’ by Shirley Bassey off the top spot, but it left the charts in the same week. ‘Kentucky Blues’ lasted 19 weeks in the top 20 and like, ‘Never, Never, Never’ also spent 4 weeks at 1.

Last to go was Richard Jon Smith’s ‘That’s Why I Love You’ which had spent 17 weeks in the charts and peaked at 2. This was a far better performance that his only other hit to date, ‘Candlelight’ which peaked at 11 during a 9 week run.

Having recently turned 36 (he was born on 10 September 1936) Tommy Overstreet was the first of our new entrants this week with his first SA hit, ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’. He had taken the song to number 3 on the Billboard Country Music charts and 102 on the main Billboard charts. Billy Forrest would record an Afrikaans version of the song in 1974.

Barbara Ray’s 5th hit was ‘Funny Face’ which entered the charts at 18 this week. It was a cover of the song written and recorded by US country singer Donna Fargo. Fargo’s version made it to the top of the Billboard Country charts and reached 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Ray was the 11th local act to reach 5 hits in the charts and she was now just 1 behind Virginia Lee who held the record to date for local women. Assuming the highest new entry entered the charts first, the second highest second etc, then ‘Funny Face’ qualifies as the 200th local song to make the charts.

Osmosis struck gold with ‘She (Couldn’t Remember My Name)’ as it made it to number 2 on the Australian charts. This week they were a new entry on our charts. The song was an English version of an Italian song called ‘Vado Via’ which was recorded by Drupi and reached number 3 in France, 17 in the UK and 88 in the US. Abba’s Frida recorded a Swedish version called ‘Aldrig Mej’ and Tony Christie reached number 29 in New Zealand with an English version entitled ‘Words’. There are some questions over exactly where Osmosis came from, but no information about the band itself. The single notes that it was recorded in South Africa and it is arranged by a guy called Werner Krupski whose name may not sound South African, but he worked with a number of SA acts, including Maria (this week’s chart topping artist), Mimi Coertse and Gert Potgieter. He also has arranger credits on John & Philipa Copper’s ‘The Copperville Times’ and Eddie Calvert’s ‘A Rambler On Safari’ which the international star recorded in South Africa. Given the note about where the song was recorded and the fact that the arranger was South African based, I have treated Osmosis as local.

The last new entry was Geli & Bill (Angelika Illman and Billy Forrest) with ‘Do You Love Me’. This was Billy’s 9th appearance on the chart, but his first as part of a duet with Geli. The song was written by Kurt Hertha (who had also had a hand in Freddy Breck’s ‘We Believe In Tomorrow’) and Sharif Dean, the latter recording a version of ‘Do You Love Me’. An American singer called Ken Bee also recorded a version.

Despite 3 of the leavers being local the 3 new local hits kept the tally for South Africa acts in the charts at 6. The Americans provided 8, the Brits 3, while Greece, The Netherlands and New Zealand brought us the other 3.

The Dealians became the 42nd act and 9th local one to reach the 50 weeks in the chart mark while Maria and Paul Simon celebrated reaching 30 weeks. The George Baker Selection saw their weeks count move on to 16 and they joined The Shuffles and Tee Set at the top of the list for weeks on the chart by an act from The Netherlands.

Barbara Ray and Lauren Copley had shared the top spot for weeks by a local woman, but with Copley leaving the top 20 and Ray having a new hit, Ray moved onto 55 weeks and now had position 7 on the local weeks count list to herself while Copley dropped to 8th. Maria’s 30 weeks put her tied 20th with Dickie Loader on the that same list.

Last week we saw Shirley Bassey’s ‘Never, Never, Never’ reach the 300 points mark and this week it was ‘Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree’s  turn as it moved on to 301 points.

Both versions of ‘Shamabala’ had been on the charts for 10 weeks each, bringing the song’s total weeks on to 20. So far 15 of the 32 songs that had charted with more than 1 version had reached a combined total of 20 weeks.

The average number of weeks that the top 20 songs had been with us dropped from 10.7 last week to 8.05 this week and this would be the all-time record biggest fall in this figure, a drop of 2.65.

With Maria at number 1 and Geli & Billy at 20, this was the 20th time we had seen a local act at the top and bottom places of the chart.

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