23 November 1973


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 8 Heaven is My Woman’s Love  – Tommy Overstreet
2 2 8 Do You Love Me  – Geli & Billy
3 5 8 Funny Face  – Barbara Ray
4 4 13 Baby Blue  – George Baker Selection
5 3 12 I Wanna Live  – Tommy Oliver
6 6 16 Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet  – Maria
7 7 5 The Ballroom Blitz  – Sweet
8 8 7 Going Down Jordan  – Rising Sons
9 20 2 Angie  – Rolling Stones
10 9 16 Take Me to the Mardi Gras  – Paul Simon
11 12 5 My Daddy was a Rock ‘n Roll Man  – Johnny Gibson
12 10 10 Smoke on the Water  – Deep Purple
13 11 15 One & One is One  – Medicine Head
14 18 3 Universal Feeling  – Four Jacks & a Jill
15 16 7 Delta Dawn  – Helen Reddy
16 New 1 Daydreamer  – David Cassidy
17 15 6 The Free Electric Band  – Albert Hammond
18 19 3 Waikiki Man  – Jessica Jones
19 13 3 Come Back Liza  – Lionel Petersen
20 New 1 My Maria  – B.W. Stevenson

Tommy Overstreet’s ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ ticked over to 4 weeks at 1, but was still under local pressure as Geli & Billy’s ‘Do You Love Me’ was unmoved at 2 and Barbara Ray’s ‘Funny Face’ climbed back up to 3 after dropping from there to 5 last week.

It had been 276 weeks since we last saw a song by The Stones take the biggest climber award and that was back in the August of 1968 when ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ took the award. Only Perry Como had a bigger gap between biggest climber awards as he saw 399 weeks between the times when he saw the award. The Rolling Stones’ broke their drought in style with an 11 place climb by ‘Angie’ from 20 to 9. This would be the biggest climb they would ever see. They would manage it once more, but never beat it. To date we had only seen 22 occasions where a song climbed 11 or more places in a week.

And while The Rolling Stones were setting the second highest gap to date between biggest climbers, Four Jacks & A Jill were doing so with star raters. ‘Universal Feelings’ 4 place climb from 18 to 14 came 304 weeks after ‘Master Jack’ had made a climb of 4 or more places (that time it was 5 places) back in January 1968. The 304 weeks between star raters was second only to Perry Como’s 398 weeks (he had managed a star rater the week before he took biggest climber).

Last week’s biggest climber was this week’s faller as Lionel Petersen’s ‘Come Back Liza’ fell back down the 6 places that it had climbed last week, dropping from 13 to 19.

The oldest song on last week’s charts, Dickey Lee’s ‘Ashes Of Love’ left the chart after an 18 week run and a peak of 4. This would not be his last appearance on the top 20. The mantle of oldest on the chart fell onto the shoulders of 2 songs, Maria’s ‘Clap Your Hand And Stamp your Feet’ and Paul Simon’s ‘Take Me To The Mardi Gras’ with both songs sitting on 16 weeks.

We also bid farewell to Dave Edmunds’ ‘Born To Be With You’ which became the 29th song to have an equal weeks and peak figure as it spent 10 weeks in the charts and peaked at 10. It was the 4th time we had seen a song have a weeks and peak figure of 10 with 7 still being the most popular to do this with as we had seen 8 songs to date peak at 7 during a 7 week run. The departure of ‘Born To be Free’ heralded the end of Edmunds’ SA chart career. He had seen 2 songs chart, spent 25 weeks in the top 20 and enjoyed 1 week at number 1 with ‘I Hear You Knockin’.

First of the new entries was David Cassidy with his 2nd solo hit ‘Daydreamer’ (he had charted twice as a member of the Partridge Family). The song was written by Terry Dempsey, giving him his 24th hit as a songwriter and putting him 6 ahead of Les Reed who was second on the list of number of hits by a songwriter. The big thing for Terry was that this was his first SA hit as songwriter where the artist was not local. Further good news for him came when the song knocked The Simon Park Orchestra’s ‘Eye Level’ (remember that, it was the theme music to the TV series ‘Van Der Valk’) off the number 1 spot in the UK. ‘Daydreamer’ was released in Britain as a double A-sided song with ‘The Puppy Song’ (written by Harry Nilsson) taking up the other side. The song also made it to number 27 in Germany. Just to confuse matters, Cassidy also released a cover of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s ‘Daydream’ in 1973, but at least that didn’t chart.

B.W. Stevenson also enjoyed a second hit on the charts as his ‘My Maria’ entered at number 20. The song reached number 9 in the US and 7 in Canada. In 1996 country duo Brooks & Dunn took a cover of the song to number 79 in the US. The guitar on Stevenson’s version was played by Larry Carlton who, amongst other things, had worked with Mike Post on the music for the TV shows ‘Magnum, P.I.’ and ‘Hill Street Blues’.

Johnny Gibson reached new highs in the charts as his ‘My Daddy was a Rock ‘n Roll Man’ moved into 11th place. This was 1 place higher than his previous (and only other to date) hit, ‘Silver And Blue’, had managed.

With the current number 1 being unchanged and 2 former number 1’s (The George Baker Selection’s ‘Baby Blue’ and Maria’s ‘Clap Your Hand And Stamp your Feet’) being unmoved, this was the 15th time we had seen 3 current or former chart toppers not move in the week. 3 of the 15 previous occasions had seen 4 current or previous chart toppers not move in the week.

With both new entries being by US acts, the Americans doubled their lead over the UK acts from 2 last week to 4 this week. The Yanks had supplied 352 hits so far and the Brits 348.

Jessica Jones became the 56th act to reach 40 weeks in the charts. She was the 13th local act the 3rd local woman to manage this. This caused Gene Rockwell to drop into 14th place on the local weeks count list as he only had 39. Barbara Ray moved into tied 6th place with Alan Garrity on that list, both acts were on 62. Maria shrugged off Virginia Lee to make 15th place her own with 37 weeks while Lee on 36 dropped into 16th spot. And just below her The Rising Sons joined Murray Campbell in 18th place with 33 weeks.

On the overall weeks count list we saw The Rolling Stones move back up to 9th, sharing the spot with Herman’s Hermits on 95 weeks. The Sweet’s total moved on to 84 and they joined Engelbert Humperdinck in 12th place.

On the points front we saw 2 local acts reach milestones. Maria’ moved just past the 500 mark as her total ticked over to 501 while Billy Forrest passed 600 as he moved on to 618. To put this into perspective, 48 acts had reached at least 500 points while 37 had gone past 600.

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