28 December 1973

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 5 Sorrow  – David Bowie
2 2 7 Angie  – Rolling Stones
3 5 10 My Daddy was a Rock ‘n Roll Man  – Johnny Gibson
4 3 13 Heaven is My Woman’s Love  – Tommy Overstreet
5 6 6 Daydreamer  – David Cassidy
6 4 13 Do You Love Me  – Geli & Billy
7 8 6 My Maria  – B.W. Stevenson
8 12 3 The Wonder of Your Love  – Jody Wayne
9 7 10 The Ballroom Blitz  – Sweet
10 20 2 The Peacemaker  – Albert Hammond
11 13 8 Universal Feeling  – Four Jacks & a Jill
12 11 12 Going Down Jordan  – Rising Sons
13 15 8 Waikiki Man  – Jessica Jones
14 17 4 Turn Back the Clock  – Lorne Shields
15 9 17 I Wanna Live  – Tommy Oliver
16 New 1 Ring, Ring  – Abba
17 18 4 What’s Your Mama’s Name Child  – Lance James
18 19 2 One More Night  – Ken J. Larkin
19 New 1 Photograph  – Ringo Starr
20 New 1 Good-bye Mama  – Alan Garrity

The year ended with David Bowie’s ‘Sorrow’ holding on to the top spot to make it 2 weeks in a row at number 1 and this meant that the total number of years where the song at 1 in the first week of December was there at the end of the month remained at 3 as it had been Tommy Overstreet’s ‘Heaven In My Woman’s Love’ at number 1 at the start of the month. These 3 times had occurred in 9 Decembers so far and that gave us a 33.33% ratio for this happening. By comparison, the UK charts so far have seen it happen just 11 times in the 65 Decembers those charts have seen, a ratio of just under 17%.

It was a 10 place climb for Albert Hammond’s ‘The Peacemaker’ this week which saw the song take the climber of the week award and it was the 51st time we had seen a climb of double figures. 48 of the 51 songs so far that had climbed 10 or more in a week had been the biggest climber in that week.

The only other star rater this week was Jody Wayne’s ‘The Wonder Of Your Love’ which moved up 4 from 12 to 8. This was Wayne’s 10th time with a star rater and her was the 24th act overall and the 2nd local act after The Staccatos to reach this total.

Tommy Oliver’s ‘I Wanna Live’ was the faller of the week as it dropped 6 from 9 to 15. It had been 4 weeks since the song had last been the biggest faller. The good news for the song was that it was now the oldest on the charts on 17 weeks. This came about by the departure of the previous oldest, The George Baker Selection’s ‘Baby Blue’ which left the top 20 after a run of 17 weeks, 3 of which were spent in the number 1 spot. This was not the end of the road for The George Baker Selection.

Also leaving the charts was Lionel Petersen’s ‘Come Back Liza’ which lasted 7 weeks in the charts and peaked at 12. This was the lowest peak to date for a song spending 7 weeks on the chart.

Last of the leavers was Barbara Ray’s ‘Funny Face’. It spent 12 weeks on the charts and peaked at 3, Ray’s second best peak of her 5 hits to date, but only her 3rd best weeks count.

The first of the new entries was actually listed as being by Bjorn & Benny, Anna & Frida, but they became better known as Abba and I will treat all stats around this song as an Abba song. South Africa was one of the first countries outside of Europe to take to this new pop sensation who would gain a huge following in 1974 when their song ‘Waterloo’ would win the Eurovision song competition. Their first UK hit (‘Waterloo’) only charted on 20 April 1974, nearly 4 months after ‘Ring Ring’ entered our charts. The Swedish version of ‘Ring Ring’ topped the chart in their native Sweden and the English version managed a number 2 peak there. The song also topped the Belgium charts and made number 2 in Austria and Norway. It finally made the UK charts in July 1974 and got to number 32. Abba were the first Swedish act to chart in SA.

The three other ex-Beatles had all had 2 hits on the charts so far, but until this week, Ringo had only managed 1. His second hit, ‘Photograph’ was our second new entry this week. It had been 122 weeks since he was last on the charts and this was the second time an ex-Beatle had seen a gap of 100 or more weeks between hits in a post-Beatles world. The previous one to see this was Paul McCartney and with his gap between hits being 110 weeks, Ringo now held the record for gaps between hits by an ex-Beatle. Ringo had had 4 hits in the UK before ‘Photograph’ charted there, but only ‘It Don’t Come Easy’ had made it onto our top 20. Ringo shared songwriting credits with fellow ex-Beatle George Harrison on ‘Photograph’ and the song went to number 1 in Australia, Canada and the US. In Australia, it knocked Suzi Quatro’s ‘48 Crash’ off the top spot there while in the UK it only made it to number 8.

Last of the new entries was Alan Garrity’s 4th hit to date. ‘Good-bye Mama’ was an English translation of a German song which had the same English title, but the bulk of the lyrics were in German. An English born singer, Ireen Sheer took the German version of the song to number 5 in Germany and 2 in Switzerland. (Sheer hailed from Basildon in Essex, England, the home town of Depeche Mode). Judging by the writing credits, it was Garrity himself who translated the lyrics into English.

Johnny Gibson (3), David Cassidy (5) and B.W. Stevenson (7) all improved on their highest position to date which they had set last week. This week they were joined by Albert Hammond as his 10th place placing beat his peak of 11 that he had with his previous and only other hit to date, ‘The Free Electric Band’.

This week also saw the 12th consecutive week with SA acts having the most number of the songs in the top 20 as their 11 this week was the best for any nation. This was the tied best sequence that we had seen to date with the last time this happened being the run which ended on 6 August 1971.

Acts from the UK narrowed the gap between themselves and those from the US for number of hits as this figure fell to just 1 with US acts having brought us 352 hits to the British’s 351. One had to go back to June earlier in 1973 to see the gap this low. The US acts led the way then too.

There were 3 acts reaching weeks milestones this week. B.W. Stevenson became the 130th to reach 20, Billy Forrest became the 26th overall and the 4th local act to reach 70 and The Rolling Stones became the 8th act so far to reach a century of weeks in the charts.

Alan Garrity moved into tied 6th place on the local weeks count list, joining John Edmond on 63 while Jessica Jones caught up with The Bats on 45 weeks and the 2 of them shared 11th place.

Billy Forrest saw his points total ease past the 700 mark as he moved on to 707. He was the 28th act overall and the 6th local act to reach this milestone.

After 1971 and 1972 had been the first 2 years where none of the acts who featured on the first chart of the year also featured in the last one, it was back to business as usual as Alan Garrity, Jessica Jones and The Sweet were all on this week’s chart and they had all been on the chart at the beginning of the year. And thus endeth 1973.

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