11 January 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 Sorrow  – David Bowie
2 2 9 Angie  – Rolling Stones
3 7 4 The Peacemaker  – Albert Hammond
4 10 3 Photograph  – Ringo Starr
5 4 15 Heaven is My Woman’s Love  – Tommy Overstreet
6 5 12 My Daddy was a Rock ‘n Roll Man  – Johnny Gibson
7 3 8 Daydreamer  – David Cassidy
8 6 5 The Wonder of Your Love  – Jody Wayne
9 8 8 My Maria  – B.W. Stevenson
10 12 3 Ring, Ring  – Abba
11 11 12 The Ballroom Blitz  – Sweet
12 9 15 Do You Love Me  – Geli & Billy
13 19 2 Sweet Mama  – Richard Jon Smith
14 14 10 Waikiki Man  – Jessica Jones
15 15 14 Going Down Jordan  – Rising Sons
16 20 4 One More Night  – Ken J. Larkin
17 13 10 Universal Feeling  – Four Jacks & a Jill
18 New 1 The Tips of My Fingers  – Peter Vee
19 16 3 Good-bye Mama  – Alan Garrity
20 18 6 Turn Back the Clock  – Lorne Shields

‘Sorrow’ by David Bowie ticked over to 4 weeks at number 1 and The Rolling Stones’ ‘Angie’ had spent all of those 4 weeks at number 2.

Ringo Starr followed up last week’s biggest climber award with another one as his ‘Photograph’ moved up a further 6 places from 10 to 4. It shared the climber of the week award with Richard Jon Smith’s ‘Sweet Mama’ which moved up 6 from 19 to 13 to give Smith his 4th such award. This was the 50th time a local male artist had taken the biggest climber award if you include the one time Jody Wayne managed it with a duet with Glenys Lynn (49th time if you exclude it in case you were wondering).

Albert Hammond’s ‘The Peacemaker’ and Ken J. Larkin’s ‘One More Night’ both picked up star raters with the former climbing 4 from 7 to 3 and the latter moved up 4 from 20 to 16. For those interested Smith and Larkin’s efforts were the 75th and 76th star raters from local males including the 2 occasions when the local males managed it as one half of a duet.

On the falling front, it was David Cassidy’s ‘Daydreamer’ and Four Jacks & A Jill’s ‘Universal Feeling’ that took the honours with 4 place falls, landing at 7 and 17 respectively. This was the 29th time we had seen local acts take climber and faller in the same week.

The 2 songs that were the oldest on last week’s chart were still with us. These were Geli & Billy’s ‘Do You Love Me’ and Tommy Overstreet’s ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ which were both on 15 weeks.

As with last week there was only 1 song leaving and 1 arriving on the chart and, as with last week both the leaver and new entry were by local acts. The one departing the chart was Lance James’ ‘What’s Your Mama’s Name Child’ which had only lasted 5 weeks and peaked at 17, the worst performance of his 3 hits to date and given that his previous 2 hits were Afrikaans ones and this was his first English one, maybe he should have stuck to singing in Die Taal. He would, however have another shot at redressing the balance.

The reason for keeping the lekker local level at ‘leven hits (apart from getting some groovy ‘lliteration going) was that the new entry to replace ‘What’s You Mama’s name Child’ was local act Peter Vee with his hit ‘The Tips Of My Fingers’.  This was Vee’s 3rd solo hit (he had had 2 other hits as a member of The Outlet) and it followed up his hit from July/August 1973, ‘He (Can Build A Mountain’. ‘The Tips Of My Fingers’ was a cover of a 1960 song written and performed by Bill Anderson. Anderson’s version went to number 7 on the Country Singles charts in the US. 3 years later, Roy Clark took a cover to number 10 on the Country Singles and number 45 on the main Billboard Hot 100 there. Bill Anderson would chart in South Africa in 1975 as part of a duet with Jan Howard.

Local acts continued their run with the most hits in the top 20 and had now seen 14 consecutive weeks as the top nation.

The Rising Sons became the 46th act to reach 40 weeks in the charts. They were the 14th local act to manage this milestone and they joined Maria in tied 14th place on the local weeks count list. The second highest placed local act, Four Jacks & A Jill were moving up the top 20 of the overall weeks count list as their 78 weeks to date put them tied 19th with The Archies. The only other local act in the overall top 20 weeks list were The Staccatos on 83 weeks and they sat 14th. Other movement on the local weeks list was that Jody Wayne moved 1 ahead of The Bats with 46 weeks causing The Bats to fall to 13th while Wayne remained in 12th place. The Rolling Stones saw their weeks count of 102 equal that Elvis Presley and the 2 acts sat tied 7th on the overall weeks count list.

Four Jacks & A Jill were also celebrating a points milestone as their total moved past the 900 mark. They were the 18th act so far to manage this and the first local act to do so. In total only 4 locals would pass the 900 point milestone by the time the charts finished in 1989.

One other thing to note was that this was the 14th time the top 4 songs were all by acts from the same country (the UK in this case). We had seen 2 weeks where this had been a record to date top 5 (both times being UK acts). Of the 14 times the top 4 had been from the same nation, 9 had been by UK acts and 5 had been by acts from the US. The previous 4 times had been with acts from the US, so the UK acts put that run to an end.

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