25 January 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 6 The Peacemaker  – Albert Hammond
2 4 5 Photograph  – Ringo Starr
3 1 9 Sorrow  – David Bowie
4 3 11 Angie  – Rolling Stones
5 5 7 The Wonder of Your Love  – Jody Wayne
6 7 14 My Daddy was a Rock ‘n Roll Man  – Johnny Gibson
7 9 5 Ring, Ring  – Abba
8 6 10 Daydreamer  – David Cassidy
9 8 17 Heaven is My Woman’s Love  – Tommy Overstreet
10 17 2 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road  – Elton John
11 12 3 The Tips of My Fingers  – Peter Vee
12 10 10 My Maria  – B.W. Stevenson
13 11 14 The Ballroom Blitz  – Sweet
14 14 6 One More Night  – Ken J. Larkin
15 18 2 Nutbush City Limits  – Ike and Tina Turner
16 15 5 Good-bye Mama  – Alan Garrity
17 13 17 Do You Love Me  – Geli & Billy
18 16 16 Going Down Jordan  – Rising Sons
19 19 4 Sweet Mama  – Richard Jon Smith
20 New 1 Little Jimmy  – Gwynneth Ashley-Robin

Albert Hammond’s supplied the first new number 1 of the year as it ended David Bowie’s ‘Sorrow’s run at the top this week. ‘Sorrow’ had lasted 5 weeks at 1 and it dropped to number 3. This was just the 3rd time in the last 17 changes in chart toppers where the song vacating the number 1 spot had fallen to 3. In all other cases in those 17 occasions, the song had dropped to 2. Ringo Starr’s ‘Photograph’ moved into second place. This was the highest placing a song by an ex-Beatle had seen since John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ was at number 1 on 4 February 1972, nearly 2 years previously and the best chart placing Ringo had managed so far.

Elton John picked up his second biggest climber award with a 7 place climb from 17 to 10 with ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’. ‘Daniel’ had managed his other biggest climber. This was the only climb of star rater proportions (i.e. 4 places or more) that we saw this week.

The faller of the week was Geli & Billy’s ‘Do You Love Me’ which dropped 4 places from 13 to 17. This gave us an all-time record 10 consecutive weeks with a local act having the faller of the week. ‘Do You Love Me’ could take comfort from the fact that it shared the oldest on the chart title with Tommy Overstreet’s ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ both of which were enjoying their 17th week in the chart and their 4th as the oldest.

1974 continued seeing only local songs leave the chart as Jessica’s ‘Waikiki Man’ was the only song to depart the chart this week. It managed 11 weeks and peaked at 13, the tied lowest weeks count and lowest peak position of her 3 hits that she had managed. This would be the last of her SA chart action with the 3 weeks ‘Sunday, Monday, Tuesday’ spent at 1 being her best performance. Her total weeks count was 48 and she sat tied 10th on the local weeks count list. Her overall placing for weeks was 45th at this point.

Jessica Jones’ place on the charts was taken by another local solo female artist, Gwynneth Ashley-Robin (born Gwynneth Joubert) who was only 13 years old when her song ‘Little Jimmy’ reached our charts. From what I have been able to establish, Gwynneth would be the youngest ever local act to chart and the second youngest overall with only the subject of her song, Little Jimmy Osmond being younger at the time of charting. Osmond was only 10 when he charted. ‘Little Jimmy’ the song was the 3rd one to chart that was written by Jody Wayne where he was not the artist performing it. Wayne (who’s ‘The Wonder Of Your Love’ was at number 5 this week) also produced the song. Ashley-Robin was tragically killed in a light aircraft accident in 1976 when she was just 15.

Sweden moved ahead of Israel for weeks on the charts by acts from those nations. Sweden were now on 5 weeks and were second bottom of the list with Israel now last on its own.

Johnny Gibson became the 131st act to reach 20 weeks in the charts while Richard John Smith became the 81st to reach 30 weeks. They were the 35th and 24th local acts to reach their respective milestones.

The Sweet moved ahead of Tommy Roe in terms of weeks. They now had 93 to their name and sat unmoved at 11th with Roe, whom they had shared 11th place with last week, falling to 12th. On the local list Billy Forrest took 3rd place for himself as his 74 weeks put him 1 ahead of Dave Mills and Mills dropped into 4th place. Similarly Alan Garrity shook off Barbara Ray to have 5th place to himself. He was on 67 weeks. Jody Wayne joined Jessica Jones and The Peanut Butter Conspiracy in tied 10th place with 48 weeks while Ken J. Larkin re-entered the top 20 of the local list after an absence of 61 weeks. His 31 weeks put him tied 20th with Des Lindberg and Peter Lotis.

Silly observation of the week, Gwynneth Ashley-Robin was the second of only 2 acts who would chart who had hyphenated surnames. The other was Olivia Newton-John.

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2 thoughts on “25 January 1974

  1. Gwyneth Ashley-Robin recorded her first and only Afrikaans seven single prior to her aircraft accident. The A-side was called “Tesame” and the B-side was called “As ek ‘n lied kon skryf”. In the early 90’s I had the privilege of compiling a cd with Malcolm Lombaard containing all the songs she ever recorded. It includes the two Afrikaans songs.

    • To add to the above. The s/s was released in 1976 after her death and enjoyed some popularity on the Edwill van Aarde competition “AFRIKAANSE TREFFERS” where it reached number one.

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