8 February 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 8 The Peacemaker  – Albert Hammond
2 2 7 Photograph  – Ringo Starr
3 3 11 Sorrow  – David Bowie
4 4 9 The Wonder of Your Love  – Jody Wayne
5 6 7 Ring, Ring  – Abba
6 5 13 Angie  – Rolling Stones
7 7 4 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road  – Elton John
8 10 5 The Tips of My Fingers  – Peter Vee
9 13 3 Little Jimmy  – Gwynneth Ashley-Robin
10 12 4 Nutbush City Limits  – Ike and Tina Turner
11 8 16 My Daddy was a Rock ‘n Roll Man  – Johnny Gibson
12 9 12 Daydreamer  – David Cassidy
13 11 19 Heaven is My Woman’s Love  – Tommy Overstreet
14 19 2 Charly  – Sean Rennie
15 18 2 If You Need Me  – After All
16 16 12 My Maria  – B.W. Stevenson
17 New 1 I Shall Sing  – Art Garfunkel
18 New 1 Dyna-mite  – Mud
19 15 7 Good-bye Mama  – Alan Garrity
20 New 1 Liefde is My Nooi se Naam  – Billy Forrest

‘The Peacemaker’ by Albert Hammond enjoyed a 3rd week at number 1 while Ringo Starr’s ‘Photograph’ was unmoved at 2 and was experiencing its 3rd consecutive week at that position. Previous chart topper, David Bowie’s ‘Sorrow’ was also unmoved at 3 giving us 3 straight weeks with the top 3 unchanged.

Sean Rennie’s ‘Charly’ was the climber of the week moving up 5 from 19 to 14 while the only other star rater, Gwynneth Ashley-Robin’s ‘Little Jimmy’ moved up 4 from 13 to 9. The latter had been the climber of the week the previous week.

Alan Garrity picked up his 8th biggest faller award as his ‘Good-bye Mama’ dropped 8 from 11 to 19. Garrity was the 6th act to reach 8 biggest fallers and was in good company there with the others having seen at least this many being Tom Jones, Bee Gees, Percy Sledge, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Sweet. Of those, only Percy Sledge had not gone on to have more than 8 fallers.

Tommy Overstreet’s ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ ticked over to 19 weeks in the charts and enjoyed its 6th week as the oldest in the charts. It also celebrated reaching 300 points, the 23rd song so far to manage this.

There were 3 songs that left the charts this week and the first of those was Richard Jon Smith’s ‘Sweet Mama’ which had enjoyed a run of 5 weeks and peaked at 13, the worst weeks and peak figures of his 3 hits to date.

We also bid farewell to Ken J. Larkin’s ‘One More Night’. It lasted 7 weeks and peaked at 14 and its exit from the top 20 heralded the end of Larkin’s SA Chart career. He had seen 4 songs make the top 20, enjoyed a total run of 32 weeks and his first hit, ‘Turn Around’ gave him his best peak of 5. He sat 20th on the local weeks count list and had managed to climb as high as 10th on that list.

Last of the leavers was the first song by a non-South African act to leave the chart this year and that was The Sweet’s ‘Ballroom Blitz’. Leaving the chart from position 14 last week was the highest last week position that any song by The Sweet would see. ‘Ballroom Blitz’ had lasted 15 weeks in the charts and peaked at 3.

We had already seen 2 hits by Paul Simon since his divorce from Art Garfunkel, but this week we saw the first of Garfunkel’s solo efforts. ‘I Shall Sing’, which entered the charts at 17, was a Van Morrison composition which he recorded, but never released at the time. Eventually a version by him appeared on the expanded deluxe 2013 release of ‘Moondance’. SA’s own Miriam Makeba had already released a version of this back in 1970. Garfunkel’s version would bag him a 38 peak on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

One would think that calling your band Mud would probably not attract many fans (except maybe some pigs or hippos), but Les Grey, Rob Davis, Ray Stiles and Dave Mount thought it was a good idea and it was as they scored 15 UK hits, 3 of which went to number 1. In South Africa our charts were first muddied by their sounds this week when ‘Dyna-mite’ entered at 18. The song gave songwriters Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn their 9th top 20 hit in SA, placing them tied 18th on the list of number of hits by a songwriter. ‘Dyna-mite’ entered the UK charts on 27 October 1973 and reached number 4 during a 12 week run there.

Last of the new entries was the third instance we had of an Afrikaans version of a song that had already charted in English in SA also reaching the top 20. In this case, the English version, ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ sat at number 13 this week while Billy Forrest’s Afrikaans cover, ‘Liefde Is My Nooi Se Naam’, was a new entry at 20. The previous 2 songs that were Afrikaans covers of an English hit were Al Debbo’s ‘Baas Jack’ and ‘Sonbrilletjies’ both mixed language covers of ‘Master Jack’ by Four Jacks & A Jill and Trini Lopz, and Hilary’s ‘Sunglasses’.  As the previous 2 actually had mix English/Afrikaans lyrics, this was the first fully Afrikaans cover. This was the 17th Afrikaans song to chart and the 13th pure Afrikaans one to do so. It was also the first hit by Billy Forrest to chart under the name Billy Forrest and was his 10th hit overall (including his recent duet with Angelika Illman as Geli & Billy and hits under the name Quentin E. Klopjaeger, William E. and Dennis). He was the 12th act to reach double figures for hits and was now 2 clear at the top of the local hits count list with Jody Wayne and Four Jacks & A Jill on 8 sharing second place.

This was the second week running with a record to date 14 solo male artists in the top 20.

The nation’s weeks count for Sweden moved on to 7 (all courtesy of Abba) and this moved them 1 ahead of Norway and they sat 17th overall out of the 19 nations to chart to date.

Jody Wayne became the 43rd act overall and the 10th local one to see their weeks count reach half a century. He joined The Dealians who were also on 50 weeks in position 9 on the local weeks count list. Peter Vee celebrated reaching 20 weeks.

The Rolling Stones moved 1 week ahead of Percy Sledge. Their 106 to date meant that they were in 6th place on the overall weeks count list on their own while Sledge dropped into 7th place.

‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ was the 33rd song to chart in more than 1 version and Tommy Overstreet’s English version on 19 weeks and Billy Forrest’s Afrikaans one being on 1 week, its total weeks count of 20 meant it ranked 16th for weeks in the chart by songs charting in more than one version.

Using artist’s first names, this week saw a new record with acts names starting with ‘A’ as there were 5 of them – Albert Hammond, Abba, After All, Art Garfunkel and Alan Garrity.

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