22 February 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 10 The Peacemaker  – Albert Hammond
2 2 9 Photograph  – Ringo Starr
3 5 9 Ring, Ring  – Abba
4 7 5 Little Jimmy  – Gwynneth Ashley-Robin
5 4 11 The Wonder of Your Love  – Jody Wayne
6 3 13 Sorrow  – David Bowie
7 6 4 If You Need Me  – After All
8 11 4 Charly  – Sean Rennie
9 8 7 The Tips of My Fingers  – Peter Vee
10 13 6 Nutbush City Limits  – Ike and Tina Turner
11 15 3 Dyna-mite  – Mud
12 10 18 My Daddy was a Rock ‘n Roll Man  – Johnny Gibson
13 17 3 I Shall Sing  – Art Garfunkel
14 9 15 Angie  – Rolling Stones
15 12 6 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road  – Elton John
16 19 2 Love’s Theme  – Love Unlimited
17 14 14 Daydreamer  – David Cassidy
18 18 2 Paper Roses  – Marie Osmond
19 20 3 Liefde is My Nooi se Naam  – Billy Forrest
20 New 1 Miss Eva Goodnight  – Crocodile Harris

The top 2 songs were unchanged for the 5th straight week with Albert Hammond’s ‘The Peacemaker’ enjoying its 5th week at 1 and Ringo Starr’s ‘Photograph’ sitting at 2. This equalled the record to date number of consecutive weeks with an unchanged top 2. For 4 of the 5 weeks, the number 3 song had also not moved and that was David Bowie’s ‘Sorrow’, but this week it dropped to 6 and Abba’s ‘Ring, Ring’ moved up to take its place at 3.

Mud’s -Dyna-mite’ was the explosive hit of the week as it climbed 4 places from 15 to 11 to share the biggest climber award with Art Garfunkel’s ‘I Shall Sing’ which moved up 4 from 17 to 13. Garfunkel had enjoyed 2 biggest climbers as one half of Simon & Garfunkel and he had seen his former partner enjoy 2 as a solo artist. Mud and Garfunkel produced the only 2 star raters this week.

The Rolling Stones became the 7th act to clock up 8 biggest faller awards as their ‘Angie’ took the award with a 5 place fall from 9 to 14. In total only 24 acts would see 8 or more biggest fallers.

Tommy Overstreet’s ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ was the only song to fall off the top 20 this week. It had been with us for 20 weeks, 7 of which had been at the top spot. This would be Overstreet’s only contribution to our charts. The departure of ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ meant that we had a new oldest song on the chart and that was Johnny Gibson’s ‘My Daddy Was A Rock ‘n’ Roll Man’ which sat on 18 weeks. We did however still have a version of ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ on the charts as Billy Forrest’s Afrikaans cover, ‘Liefde Is My Nooi Se Naam’ was at number 19.

The new entry this week came in the shape of Crocodile Harris’ ‘Miss Eva Goodnight’. Had the song been released in more recent times the artist would probably have been noted as ‘Crocodile Harris featuring McCully Workshop’ as that notable band played on the single which was written by Mike and Tully McCully with Tully also producing the song. This would be the first of only 3 songs where Tully was listed as producer.  Interestingly I cannot find any versions of the McCully Workshop singles that had charted or would do so, that listed the producer. Crocodile Harris’ real name was Robin Graham and he hailed from Somerset West. Sadly Robin passed away on 7 July 2015.

After seeing the acts from the US and UK catch up with them last week to end their record to date 18 weeks with the outright most in the charts, the local acts were once again leaders for number of hits in the top 20 as they accounted for 7. The UK acts were still on 6 while the Americans dropped to 5.

The Netherlands pulled ahead of Ireland for weeks in the charts as their acts had now amassed 74 weeks as opposed to Ireland’s 73. The Netherlands were the 7th highest nation in terms of weeks spent on the charts. They had a fair way to go to catch the 6th placed Australian artists who were on 99.

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