3 May 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 4 Seasons in the Sun  – Terry Jacks
2 1 8 Hello Girl  – Dr. Marigold’s
3 5 6 Jolene  – Dolly Parton
4 3 7 Loving Arms  – Dobie Gray
5 6 4 Seasons in the Sun  – Bobby Wright
6 4 12 Love’s Theme  – Love Unlimited
7 11 4 Solitaire  – Andy Williams
8 12 5 The Entertainer  – Marvin Hamlisch
9 7 9 You’re Sixteen  – Ringo Starr
10 8 6 Hurry on Home  – Maria
11 9 14 If You Need Me  – After All
12 10 11 Miss Eva Goodnight  – Crocodile Harris
13 18 2 Everything I Want to Do  – Albert Hammond
14 14 4 Dreams are Good Friends  – Vicky Leandros
15 16 3 I Need a Little Love  – Lionel Petersen
16 13 10 Give Me Back My Woman  – Alan Garrity
17 New 1 Jet  – Wings
18 19 3 Behind Closed Doors  – Diana Ross
19 RE 2 Take Good Care of Her  – Elvis Presley
20 New 1 Dark Lady  – Cher

While being the first Canadian to top our charts, Terry Jacks also became the first act not from the US or UK that would give us a number 1 hit that had also topped the charts in both the UK and the US as ‘Seasons In The Sun’ took over the top spot from Dr. Marigold’s ‘Hello Girl’. The latter had been at number 1 for 2 weeks. ‘Seasons In The Sun’ was the 13th song so far that had topped the UK, US and SA charts. Of the previous 12, there had been 9 by American acts and only 3 by UK acts (1 by The Beatles and 2 by The Rolling Stones). Terry Jacks’ hit was the first of only 3 non US or UK acts who would see a song top the charts in all 3 nations.

The climber of the week award went to Albert Hammond’s ‘Everything I Want To Do’ which moved up 5 from 18 to 13. This was his 3rd time with the award.

Andy Williams’ Solitaire’ and Marvin Hamlisch’s ‘The Entertainer’ were the only other songs managing a star rater climb of 4 or more places with both of them moving up 4 to land at 7 and 8 respectively. This was the highest placing Williams had managed so far in our charts and this was his 4th hit to date. His previous best had been the peak of 9 that ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ had managed.

Alan Garrity extended his lead at the top of the list for number of biggest fallers by a local act as he experienced his 9th time with the award this week. It only took a mere 3 place fall for him to get the award with ‘Give Me Back My Woman’ which fell from 13 to 16. He was now 2 ahead of second placed Barbara Ray who was on 7.

Albert Hammond on the other hand had now accumulated 30 weeks in the charts without seeing a single biggest faller. He was the 13th act to manage this. Hammond had also spent 29 consecutive weeks in the charts, 1 of which was with 2 hits in the top 20 which gave him his 30 weeks without a biggest faller. That 1 week with 2 in the charts was the previous week when ‘The Peacemaker’ shared the top 20 with ‘Everything I Want To Do’. However, he was back to 1 in the chart this week as ‘The Peacemaker’ ended its run in the top 20 after 19 weeks and a run of 6 weeks at 1. The song had been the oldest on the chart last week and we had to look to After All’s ‘If You Need Me’ on 14 weeks for our new oldest on the charts.

We also bid farewell to 2 local songs, the first of which was Sean Rennie’s ‘Charly’ which lasted 13 weeks in the charts and peaked at 4. This ended his involvement in the top 20 after seeing 2 hits chart (the other was ‘I’ll Walk With You’). He spent a total of 18 weeks in the charts and his peak of 4 with ‘Charly’ was the best he managed.

Gwynneth Ashley-Robin’s ‘Little Jimmy’ was the other song to leave the charts this week. It had lasted 14 weeks and spent 1 of those at number 1. She would grace our charts again at a later date.

The first of the new entries was the only group to chart that featured an ex-Beatle. Paul McCartney’s post Beatle band, Wings, were at 17 this week with ‘Jet’. Taken from their ‘Band On The Run’ album, it was written by Paul and Linda McCartney and made it to number 7 in both the UK and US. It also made number 6 in Germany, 9 in Norway, 10 in Holland and 26 in Belgium and spent 3 weeks at the top of the LM Radio charts.

Possibly embarrassed by its poor performance, especially when compared with his other hits, Elvis’ ‘Take Good Care Of Her’ returned to the charts after a week’s absence. The song had spent a single week at 20 two weeks previously. It had its work cut out to emulate the success of his previous 10 hits 9 of which went top 10 and the other made it to 13. ‘Take Good Care Of Her’ was the 41st song to re-enter the charts.

Last of the new entries was a certain Cherilyn Sarkisian who was 15 days away from her 28th birthday. Better known simply as Cher, ‘Dark Lady’, was her second solo hit to make our charts (she had seen 2 chart as part of Sonny & Cher) and her previous one was ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ which was last seen in the charts a record 411 weeks previously. This broke the record that Perry Como had set 45 weeks previously of a 384 week gap between chart appearances. Cher had already had 12 solo hits in the US and 5 in the UK as well as all her other hits alongside Sonny Bono. ‘Dark Lady’ knocked our current number 1 (‘Seasons In The Sun’) off the US number 1 spot and according to the Wikipedia page on the song, also topped the Swedish and New Zealand charts, however, the Wikipedia page listing the New Zealand number 1 singles does not list it as having topped the charts there, and the Swedish one only begins in 1975, so that claim is a bit doubtful. It did make number 36 in the UK and 9 in Zimbabwe. It also made number 5 on the LM Radio charts. The song was written by Johnny Durrill who was the keyboard player for The Ventures.

Alan Garrity moved 1 week ahead of Four Jacks & A Jill and The Archies to hold 19th place on the overall weeks count list by himself while the other 2 dropped into tied 20th place. Garrity was also in outright second place on the local list with Four Jacks & A Jill dropping into 3rd place. Also on the local list we saw Maria move 1 week ahead of The Bats with 46 weeks to her name. She stayed at 13 while The Bats dropped into 14th place.

The average number of weeks the top 20 songs had been in the charts dropped below the 6 week mark for the first time in 108 weeks as it fell to 5.8.

This week was the 61st where we saw 2 or more acts going only by their first name as we had Maria and Cher represented in the top 20. It had been 47 weeks since we last saw this when we had Maria and Lobo in the charts. The best we had seen to date was 4 when we had 2 hits by Hilary and 1 each by Donovan and Cornelia for 2 weeks.

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