24 May 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 7 Seasons in the Sun  – Terry Jacks
2 1 10 Loving Arms  – Dobie Gray
3 3 7 Solitaire  – Andy Williams
4 5 8 The Entertainer  – Marvin Hamlisch
5 4 11 Hello Girl  – Dr. Marigold’s
6 9 4 Dark Lady  – Cher
7 6 9 Jolene  – Dolly Parton
8 10 6 I Need a Little Love  – Lionel Petersen
9 8 4 Jet  – Wings
10 7 5 Everything I Want to Do  – Albert Hammond
11 17 3 Hooked on a Feeling  – Blue Swede
12 11 15 Love’s Theme  – Love Unlimited
13 19 2 The Air That I Breathe  – Hollies
14 15 6 Behind Closed Doors  – Diana Ross
15 20 3 Mockingbird  – Carly Simon & James Taylor
16 12 7 Seasons in the Sun  – Bobby Wright
17 13 9 Hurry on Home  – Maria
18 New 1 Haai Casanova  – Glenys Lynne
19 14 7 Dreams are Good Friends  – Vicky Leandros
20 18 5 Take Good Care of Her  – Elvis Presley

Terry Jacks’ ‘Seasons In The Sun’ became the 17th song to regain the top spot after dropping from there. Of the 17, 3 had managed to get back to number 1 twice. Dobie Gray’s ‘Loving Arm’ which had only spent a single week at 1 dropped to 2.

Two songs took the climber of the week award and they were Blue Swede’s ‘Hooked On A Feeling’ which moved up 6 from 17 to 11 and The Hollies’ ‘The Air That I Breathe’ which climbed 6 from 19 to 13. This was The Hollies’ 9th time with the climber of the week award and they were the 6th act so far to reach this many. In total only 12 acts would see 9 or more biggest climbers.

The only other star rater this week was Carly Simon & James Taylor’s ‘Mockingbird’ which moved up 5 from 20 to 15.

Vicky Leandros took faller of the week as her ‘Dreams Are Good Friends’ fell 5 from 14 to 19. This was her 5th time with the award and she was the 3rd female artist after Petula Clark and Barbara Ray to reach this total. Both Clark and Ray had moved past 5 biggest fallers already.

Love Unlimited’s ‘Love’s Theme’ was still the oldest in the charts, sitting on 15 weeks and enjoying its 3rd as the oldest.

Ringo Starr’s 21 week run with at least 1 hit in the chart came to an end as his ‘You’re Sixteen’ was the only song to leave the top 20 this week. It had spent 11 weeks with us and peaked at 3. Starr had now seen peaks of 2, 3 and 4 with his 3 hits to date although they weren’t in that order.

Glenys Lynne set a new record for gaps between hits for a local act as she was last seen on the charts 358 weeks back as one half of a duet with Jody Wayne. This was the 3rd biggest gap between hits overall that we had seen with Perry Como’s 384 weeks and Cher’s 411 being the 2 bigger ones. Lynne’s voice had, of course, been heard on the charts in the interim as lead singer of Four Jacks & A Jill. ‘Haai Casanova’ was the 18th Afrikaans song to chart (14 were pure Afrikaans, 3 a mix of English and Afrikaans and 1 was an instrumental with an Afrikaans title). Like the previous Afrikaans song to chart, Billy Forrest’s ‘Liefde is My Nooi Se Naam’, ‘Haai Casanova’ was also an Afrikaans translation of an International hit, but unlike ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’ (which ‘Liefde Is My Nooi Se Naam’ was a translation of), ‘Hey Joe McKenzie’ (which ‘Haai Casanova’ was a cover of) by Vicky Leandros did not chart in SA. Leandros appears to have recorded an English, German, Greek and French version of the song. Leandros, incidentally was sitting 1 place below ‘Haai Casanova’ this week with her hit ‘Dreams Are Good Friends’. Four Jacks & A Jill did record a version of ‘Hey Joe McKenzie’.

Working on the assumption that weeks are earned from number 1 downwards, then ‘Haai Casanova’ also had the honour of clocking up the 2,000th week in the charts for local acts. And talking of weeks by a nation, we saw act from the US overtake those from the UK for total weeks in the charts with the former on 3,239 and the latter on 3,235. This was the 3rd time that the Yanks had taken the lead for this stat.

Andy Williams became the 136th act to reach 20 weeks in the charts.

We saw Maria take 11th place on the local weeks count list for herself as her 49 weeks put her 1 ahead of The Peanut Butter Conspiracy and Jessica Jones and the latter 2 fell to 12th. Maria was also celebrating going past the 600 points mark. She was the 39th act and 10th local act to manage this.

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