31 May 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 8 Seasons in the Sun  – Terry Jacks
2 3 8 Solitaire  – Andy Williams
3 2 11 Loving Arms  – Dobie Gray
4 6 5 Dark Lady  – Cher
5 8 7 I Need a Little Love  – Lionel Petersen
6 4 9 The Entertainer  – Marvin Hamlisch
7 5 12 Hello Girl  – Dr. Marigold’s
8 9 5 Jet  – Wings
9 7 10 Jolene  – Dolly Parton
10 10 6 Everything I Want to Do  – Albert Hammond
11 11 4 Hooked on a Feeling  – Blue Swede
12 13 3 The Air That I Breathe  – Hollies
13 15 4 Mockingbird  – Carly Simon & James Taylor
14 18 2 Haai Casanova  – Glenys Lynne
15 12 16 Love’s Theme  – Love Unlimited
16 14 7 Behind Closed Doors  – Diana Ross
17 New 1 Emma  – Hot Chocolate
18 New 1 The Show Must Go On  – Leo Sayer
19 New 1 Waterloo  – ABBA
20 New 1 There Won’t be Anymore  – Charlie Rich

‘Seasons In The Sun’ by Terry Jacks had now spent as many weeks at 1 in this, it’s second run at the top of the charts, as it managed in its first as it entered its second week at 1 in the run and brought its total weeks at the top to 4. Andy Williams’ ‘Solitaire’ crept closer to pole position as it moved up 1 to 2.

Glenys Lynne’s ‘Haai Casanova’ was the climber of the week as it moved up 4 from 18 to 14. This was the 7th of the 18 Afrikaans songs we had seen on the charts so far to take the biggest climber award with 2 of those 7 managing it twice.

On the falling front it was Love Unlimited’s ‘Love’s Theme’ which took the honours for biggest fall as it dropped 3 from 12 to 15. It was the oldest on the charts so I guess it was entitled to be the biggest faller. It had been with us for 16 weeks and 4 of those had been as the oldest.

We had 4 songs leave the chart this week and the first of these was Elvis Presley’s ‘Take Good Care Of Her’. It had lasted a total of 5 weeks in the charts during its 2 runs in the top 20 and managed to peak at 18, by far his lowest peak to date. His previous lowest peak of 13 was by ‘Just Call Me Lonesome’ back in 1968. That song had his lowest weeks to date as it only spent 4 in the charts. His previous song to spend just 5 weeks in the charts, ‘If I Can Dream’, managed to get to 7.

The second song to go had also seen 2 runs in the charts and that was Vicky Leandros’ ‘Dreams Are Good Friends’. It spent 7 weeks in the charts and peaked at 12. This brought to an end her SA chart career and ‘Dreams Are Good Friends’ was the only one of her 4 hits not to make at least 10 weeks and get into the top 10. Her weeks count in total was 62 and her best peak was the 4 weeks spent at 1 by ‘Come What May’. So far Leandros was only 1 of 2 acts who had seen 2 songs spend 20 or more weeks in the charts as she managed this with ‘Come What May’ (23 weeks) and ‘The Love In Your Eyes (20 weeks). The only other act to manage this so far was Four Jacks & A Jill.

Maria’s ‘Hurry On Home’ had seen a run of 9 weeks and a peak of 8. She had come very close to being the 3rd act on the list of those who had seen 2 hits manage 20 weeks or more as her first hit, ‘I’m On Fire’ lasted 21 but her second (‘Clap Your Hands And Stamp your Feet’) fell agonisingly close, lasting 19 weeks. There was still one more hit to come from her.

Last to go was the version of ‘Seasons In The Sun’ which was not at number 1 (well duh! I hear you say and you are right). Bobby Wright’s version lasted 7 weeks in the top 20 and peaked at 5. This would be the only SA chart action he would see.

Hot Chocolate returned to the charts after just over a year’s absence. ‘Emma’ was their 3rd SA hit. As with their previous 2 hits, the song was written by band members Errol Brown and Tony Wilson. Production was by Mickie Most who had lived in South Africa for a good while. The song made it to number 3 in the UK and 8 in the US as well as getting to number 2 in both Holland and Belgium. One of the more bizarre covers of this was by Goth band The Sisters Of Mercy who would often perform it live.

A newcomer to the charts was Leo Sayer. ‘The Show Must Go On’ was his first hit to chart in SA as well as in the UK where it went to number 2. The song was written by Sayer and David Courtney and the latter shared production credits with 60’s singer Adam Faith. Three Dog Night took a cover of the song to number 4 in the US.

Abba’s second SA hit, ‘Waterloo’ was the 4th winner of the Eurovision Song Competition to chart in SA (following on from Sandie Shaw’s ‘Puppet On A String’, Dana’s ‘All Kinds Of Everything’ and Vicky Leandros’ ‘Come What May’). It was the first single release to be credited to Abba with previous hits listing Benny & Bjorn + Anna & Frieda (sic) as the artist. This was the song that launched their illustrious career, as it flew to the top of the chart in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Norway as well as making number 2 in Austria and 6 in the US. Bizarrely the single only managed to get to number 2 in their native Sweden because at that stage Sweden had a combined singles/album chart and their album ‘Waterloo’ kept the single off the top spot.

The arrival of ‘Waterloo’ meant we saw the highest concentration of Swedish acts on the charts in a week as it teamed up with Blue Swede’s ‘Hooked On A Feeling’. There would be a good number of weeks with 2 Swedish acts on the chart, but we would never see 3, and this run with Abba and Blue Swede would be the only time the 2 Swedish hits would not both be by Abba. A further thing about ‘Waterloo’ was it was the first time we had seen a song chart that was also the name of an act that had previously charted or vice versa. Waterloo, the band had charted in 1972 with ‘Rock & Roll Lullaby’. There would ultimately be 16 songs to chart that shared the name of a group with 3 of those being where the song was sung by a band with the same name as the song.

Last of the new entries was Charlie Rich’s ‘There Won’t Be Anymore’. We had missed out on his hit ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ which had given him a number 1 in the US and 2 in the UK charting a few months earlier in those countries. ‘There Won’t Be Anymore’ didn’t make the UK charts, but topped the US Country Singles charts and made number 18 on the main charts there and just about mirrored this success in Canada where it topped the Country singles charts there and managed to go 1 better, peaking at 17 on the main Canadian Charts. The song was produced by country guitarist Chet Atkins.

Diana Ross clocked up her 20th week in the chart having spent 10 weeks in the top 20 as part of Diana Ross & The Supremes, a further 3 with her duet with Marvin Gaye and now 7 with her solo hit, ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

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