5 July 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 8 The Air That I Breathe  – Hollies
2 1 13 Solitaire  – Andy Williams
3 3 6 Waterloo  – ABBA
4 6 6 Emma  – Hot Chocolate
5 8 6 There Won’t be Anymore  – Charlie Rich
6 4 13 Seasons in the Sun  – Terry Jacks
7 13 4 Tchip Tchip  – Dan Hill
8 7 16 Loving Arms  – Dobie Gray
9 5 10 Dark Lady  – Cher
10 9 7 Haai Casanova  – Glenys Lynne
11 10 9 Hooked on a Feeling  – Blue Swede
12 12 12 I Need a Little Love  – Lionel Petersen
13 11 6 The Show Must Go On  – Leo Sayer
14 14 14 The Entertainer  – Marvin Hamlisch
15 16 4 Little Soldier Blue  – Gwynneth Ashley-Robin
16 19 2 Ma! (He’s Making Eyes at Me)  – Lena Zavaroni
17 15 3 TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)  – MFSB
18 17 11 Everything I Want to Do  – Albert Hammond
19 New 1 Baby, Baby Answer Me (I’m Calling)  – Peter Vee
20 New 1 Give a Little Love  – Little Ronnie Joyce

The Hollies’ saw ‘The Air That I Breathe’ take over the top spot from Andy Williams’ ‘Solitaire’ this week. This was their 5th number 1 and they were only the second act to have this many so far with Tom Jones being 1 ahead of them on 6. The Hollies moved 1 clear of Chris Andrews who was on 4. ‘Solitaire’ had spent 4 weeks at number 1.

Dan Hill’s ‘Tchip Tchip’ was the climber of the week as it moved up 6 from 13 to 7. This was the 23rd time an instrumental hit had taken the climber award and it followed up last’s week’s climber by an instrumental which MFSB’s ‘’TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia’) had managed. This was the 5th time we had seen instrumental hits take climber of the week in consecutive weeks, but only the second time that it had been 2 different songs managing this. The only other occasion when 2 different instrumentals took the climber award in consecutive weeks was when The Pipes and Drums And The Military Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards’ ‘Amazing Grace’ was followed by The Moms & Dads’ ‘The Rangers Waltz’ back in the May of 1972. ‘Tchip Tchip’ was the only star rater this week.

Falling honours went to Cher’s ‘Dark Lady’ as it dropped 4 from 5 to 9. This was her first time with the award. Even the 2 hits she had had as part of Sonny & Cher had not seen a biggest faller.

The oldest song on last week’s chart, Dr Marigold’s ‘Hello Girl’ was the first of 2 songs to leave the chart this week. It had spent 16 weeks in the top 20, 2 of which were at the top spot. This would be their only SA chart hit. The new oldest on the charts was Dobie Gray’s ‘Loving Arms’ which was on 16 weeks.

We also bid farewell to ‘Mockingbird’ by Carly Simon and James Taylor. It had spent 8 weeks in the chart and peaked at 13. This would be James Taylor’s only contribution to our charts, but we would see Carly again in the top 20.

Both new entries this week were by South African artists which brought the local content of the chart up to 6. The first of these was Peter Vee’s 4th solo hit, ‘Baby Baby Answer Me (I’m Calling)’. The song was a cover of a Jack Jersey song called ‘I’m Calling’. Jersey, who composed the song, was a Dutch singer/songwriter whose real name was Jack de Nijs. He took his version to number 13 in the Dutch charts and number 9 in Belgium.

The second new entry was by Little Ronnie Joyce and was called ‘Give A Little Love’. The song was written by Richard Jon Smith (the first of 2 that he had a hand in writing that he did not chart with himself) and Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange (his second hit with a songwriting credit). Joyce would go on to join LaStique who had a hit in 1981 with ‘Hold On’ and sadly passed away on 8 January 2013.

After 7 weeks of being below 10, the number of hits by solo male artists moved back into double figures with the 2 new entries moving this total on to 11. It had also been 15 weeks since the local acts share the top spot for number of songs in the top 20 as their 6 equalled those of the acts from the US with the Brits on 5. Two Swedish acts and a Canadian act made up the rest of the numbers.

The Swedish acts caught up with those from New Zealand for weeks in the charts as they had clocked up a total of 29. Sweden and New Zealand sat tied 13th overall for weeks by a nation.

Albert Hammond continued his run in the charts and had now seen at least 1 hit in the top 20 for 38 straight weeks now. He was the 4th act to manage this after Creedence Clearwater Revival, Middle Of The Road and Alan Garrity.

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