9 August 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 5 Sundown  – Gordon Lightfoot
2 2 11 Waterloo  – ABBA
3 5 7 Ma! (He’s Making Eyes at Me)  – Lena Zavaroni
4 3 13 The Air That I Breathe  – Hollies
5 4 9 Tchip Tchip  – Dan Hill
6 11 4 Band on the Run  – Wings
7 7 11 There Won’t be Anymore  – Charlie Rich
8 6 18 Solitaire  – Andy Williams
9 9 4 Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black  – Mungo Jerry
10 18 3 Sugar Baby Love  – Rubettes
11 8 12 Haai Casanova  – Glenys Lynne
12 14 4 Joey  – Barbara Ray
13 10 11 Emma  – Hot Chocolate
14 16 4 Shlick Shlack Boom Boom  – Lee Reed
15 17 3 Heartbeat  – Jody Wayne
16 12 6 Baby, Baby Answer Me (I’m Calling)  – Peter Vee
17 13 9 Little Soldier Blue  – Gwynneth Ashley-Robin
18 20 2 Let Me Roll It  – Wings
19 New 1 Doctor’s Orders  – Sunny
20 New 1 Over and Over  – George Baker Selection

Having gained the top spot last week, Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Sundown’ held on to it to make it 2 weeks at 1 with the previous chart topper, Abba’s ‘Waterloo’ sitting unmoved at 2. Lena Zavaroni’s ‘Ma! (He’s Making Eyes at Me)’ moved up a couple of places to 3 to put some pressure on the top 2.

The Rubettes took the climber of the week award as their hit, ‘Sugar Baby Love’ moved up 8 places from 18 to 10. Wings’ ‘Band On The Run’ had a 3rd successive week with a star rater climb as it moved up a further 5 places from 11 to 6. This was McCartney’s 5th time with a star rater in his post-Beatle life. He had picked up 2 as a solo artist and now 3 as a member of Wings. He still had a way to go to catch Ringo, the leading ex-Beatle for star raters, who had 7 to his name.

Peter Vee and Gwynneth Ashley-Robin took the faller of the week award with the former’s ‘Baby, Baby Answer Me (I’m Calling)’ falling 4 from 12 to 16, while fellow local act, Gwynneth’s ‘Little Soldier Blue’ fell 4 from 13 to 17. For both acts it was their 3rd time with the faller of the week award.

MFSB’s ‘TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)’ left the charts after 7 weeks and a peak of 13. This would be the band’s only SA chart hit. Also going from the top 20 was the song that was the oldest on last week’s chart and that was Dobie Gray’s ‘Loving Arms’. It had been with us for 20 weeks and spent 1 of those 20 at the top spot. There was more to come from Dobie.

With ‘Loving Arms’ gone from the top 20 we had to look to Andy Williams’ ‘Solitaire’ for the oldest on the chart. It was sitting on 18 weeks.

The first of the newcomers was ‘Doctor’s Orders’ by Sunny. Sunny’s real name was Heather Wheatman and she was part of a duo called Sue And Sunny. She was born in Madras in India. As Sue and Sunny, they got a lot of work as backing singers for the likes of David Bowie, Joe Cocker and Tom Jones to name a few, but it was her solo effort that finally got Sunny into the UK charts. ‘Doctor’s Orders’ went to number 7 there and also made number 4 in Ireland. In the US it was a version of the song by Carol Douglas that made the charts, getting to number 11 there. The song was written by Roger Greenaway, Roger Cook and Geoff Stephens who were all near the top of the list of hits by songwriters in SA. Stephens was tied 3rd with 16 hits to date while Cook and Greenway moved into tied 5th place 15 hits. Terry Dempsy still led the way with 24. Sunny was now the second name we had seen that had charted as an act as well as a song title as we had seen Bobby Hebb chart with a song called ‘Sunny’ back in 1966. The other name to manage this so far was Waterloo with Abba’s song of that title sitting at number 2 this week and the local band Waterloo who had charted back in 1972.

The other new entry was The George Baker Selection’s 3rd SA hit, ‘Over And Over’. As with their previous 2 hits, the song was written by Hans Bouwens (George Baker’s real name) and it gave him a number 7 hit in both Holland and Belgium, but did not bother the UK or US charts. We had now seen 8 hits on the chart from acts from Holland and this was the 9th highest we had seen from a nation. Holland had shared 9th place with France, but as the French had only given us 7 hits so far, they fell into 10th place.

Barbara Ray celebrated her 70th week in the chart. She was the 2nd woman to manage this after Petula Clark who sat on 73. Ray was 6th on the SA weeks count list, 3 weeks behind 5th placed Dave Mills.

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