13 September 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 3 Why Me  – Kris Kristofferson
2 2 8 Sugar Baby Love  – Rubettes
3 3 5 Touch too Much  – Arrows
4 4 5 The Night Chicago Died  – Paper Lace
5 5 7 Let Me Roll It  – Wings
6 8 4 Rock Your Baby  – George McCrae
7 6 10 Sundown  – Gordon Lightfoot
8 7 9 Band on the Run  – Wings
9 11 4 A Rose Has to Die  – Dennis East
10 9 3 Just an Ever Lovin’ Woman  – Tommy Oliver
11 10 9 Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black  – Mungo Jerry
12 13 6 Over and Over  – George Baker Selection
13 12 5 Apple of My Eye  – Badfinger
14 16 2 If You Love Me (Let Me Know)  – Olivia Newton-John
15 19 2 One Man Band  – Leo Sayer
16 15 9 Shlick Shlack Boom Boom  – Lee Reed
17 20 2 Jack o’ Diamond  – Walkers
18 18 3 Hazy Hazy (Crazy Crazy)  – Geli & Billy
19 New 1 Rock the Boat  – Hues Corporation
20 New 1 Don’t Break This Heart  – Gerry Grayson

Having rushed to get the top spot, Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Why Me’ stayed put there to bring its weeks at 1 total to 2. Last week’s number 2, The Rubettes’ ‘Sugar baby Love’ was unmoved as were the songs in positions 3 to 5.

Leo Sayer’s first hit, ‘The Show Must Go On’ never managed a biggest climber, but his second hit, ‘One Man Band’, was the climber of the week this week with a 4 place jump from 19 to 15. This would also be the only star rater climb we saw.

We would only see 2 weeks where a 1 place fall would get you a faller of the week award. The previous time was 20 October 1972 where 5 songs picked up the award. This week we went 1 better with 6 songs dropping 1 place to be regarded as the faller of the week. The 6 fallers were Lee Reed’s ‘Shlick Shlack Boom Boom’ (down to 16), Badfinger’s ‘Apple Of My Eye’ (down to 13), Mungo Jerry’s ‘Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black’ (down to 11), Tommy Oliver’s ‘Just An Everlovin’ Woman’ (down to 10), Wings’ ‘Band On The Run’ (down to 8) and Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Sundown’ (down to 7). For Tommy Oliver, Mungo Jerry and Badfinger it was a 3rd biggest faller while for the other 3 it was a first.

Lena Zavaroni’s ‘Ma! (He’s Making Eyes at Me)’ was the first of 2 songs to drop off the top 20 this week. It lasted 11 weeks in the charts and peaked at 3. This would be her only SA chart hit.

Also going was Abba’s ‘Waterloo’. It had seen a run of 15 weeks, 2 of which had been spent at the top of the charts. In its last week on the charts it was the oldest in the top 20. That title now went to Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Sundown’ which was on 10 weeks and was the 38th song to take the title on 10 or less weeks. It had been 197 weeks since we had last seen a song on 10 weeks or less as the oldest and that was when The Shuffles’ ‘Cha-La-La, I Need You’ and The Mike Curb Congregation’s ‘Burning Bridges’ took over as the oldest on only 9 weeks. There would only be 2 more songs that would become the oldest on 10 or less weeks.

The first of the new entries was The Hues Corporation with ‘Rock The Boat’. The song had topped the US charts a few months earlier where it knocked Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Sundown’ from number 1. Unlike its dramatic fall from grace in SA, in the US, ‘Sundown’ only dropped to number 2 when ‘Rock The Boat Took Over’. The latter would top the Zimbabwean charts as well as getting to number 6 in the UK and Belgium, 4 in Holland and 7 in Germany. In 1983, an artist simply called Forrest (not our Billy) took a cover version to number 4 in the UK.

Perhaps inspired by the recent success of Peter Vee’s cover of Jack Jersey’s ‘Baby Baby Answer Me (I’m Calling)’, Gerry Greyson (born Gerry Cloete in Oudtshoorn) released ‘Don’t Break This Heart’ a cover of another Jack Jersey (real name Jack de Nijs) song. Greyson’s version was the second new entry this week. Jersey’s version made number 9 in Belgium and 18 in The Netherlands. This was Greyson’s first SA hit.

Tommy Oliver and Angelika Illman (the Geli in Billy & Geli) both reached the 20 weeks in the chart mark while Billy Forrest celebrated his 80th. Forrest moved a week ahead of Alan Garrity so the latter dropped to 20th in the overall weeks count list and 3rd on the local list.

The average number of weeks the top 20 songs had been with us dropped below the 5 mark for the first time in 180 weeks as it fell to 4.9

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