20 September 1974

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 4 Why Me  – Kris Kristofferson
2 3 6 Touch too Much  – Arrows
3 4 6 The Night Chicago Died  – Paper Lace
4 5 8 Let Me Roll It  – Wings
5 2 9 Sugar Baby Love  – Rubettes
6 6 5 Rock Your Baby  – George McCrae
7 10 4 Just an Ever Lovin’ Woman  – Tommy Oliver
8 9 5 A Rose Has to Die  – Dennis East
9 8 10 Band on the Run  – Wings
10 7 11 Sundown  – Gordon Lightfoot
11 14 3 If You Love Me (Let Me Know)  – Olivia Newton-John
12 17 3 Jack o’ Diamond  – Walkers
13 12 7 Over and Over  – George Baker Selection
14 13 6 Apple of My Eye  – Badfinger
15 15 3 One Man Band  – Leo Sayer
16 11 10 Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black  – Mungo Jerry
17 20 2 Don’t Break This Heart  – Gerry Grayson
18 19 2 Rock the Boat  – Hues Corporation
19 New 1 My Hart Het ‘n Kleine Venster  – Glenys Lynne
20 18 4 Hazy Hazy (Crazy Crazy)  – Geli & Billy

‘Why Me’ by Kris Kristofferson enjoyed a 3rd week at the top of the charts while The Arrows’ ‘Touch Too Much’ moved up into 2nd place, dislodging last week’s number 2, The Rubettes’ ‘Sugar Baby Love’ which fell to 5.

The Walkers’ ‘Jack O Diamond’ became the 5th song by a Dutch act to be the climber of the week as it moved up 5 places from 17 to 12. Of the previous 4 songs by Dutch acts to be the biggest climber, 2 had managed to be so twice making The Walkers effort the 7th time overall that a Dutch song had taken the award. This would be the only star rater we would see this week.

Falling honours went to Mungo Jerry’s ‘Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black’ which dropped 5 from 11 to 16. It was the band’s 4th time with the biggest faller.

Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Sundown’ continued as the oldest in the top 20. It was in its 11th week with us and this was its second week as the oldest.

Lee Reed’s ‘Shlick Shlack Boom Boom’ was the only song to leave the chart. It had been with us for 9 weeks and peaked at 10. This would be his only SA chart hit. So far we had seen 11 German acts chart and Reed was the 9th who would only see 1 hit chart on our charts. Only Michael Holm on 5 hits and Peter Maffay on 2 had seen more than 1 hit. By the time the charts ended in 1989 we would have seen 29 German acts chart, 19 of which (just under two thirds) would only manage 1 hit.

Glenys Lynne supplied our 19th Afrikaans top 20 hit (15 Pure Afrikaans, 3 a mix of English and Afrikaans and 1 instrumental with an Afrikaans title) as ‘My Hart Het ‘n Kleine Venster’ entered at 19. Lynne joined Lance James and The Bats with having had 2 Afrikaans songs chart with Groep Twee and Al Debbo leading the way with 3 each. Lynne’s previous hit, ‘Haai Casanova’, was the previous Afrikaans song to grace our charts and she became the first act to be the artist on consecutive Afrikaans hits. Meyer van Rensberg who had translated ‘Hey Joe McKenzie’ into ‘Haai Casanova’ also had a writing credit on ‘My Hart Het ‘n Kleine Venster’. More recently, the latter was covered by Jurie Els.

Glenys Lynne also celebrated her 20th week in the charts (excluding her time as lead singer of Four Jacks & A Jill) and she was the 25th woman and 11th local woman to manage this. Billy Forrest joined Cliff Richard, Manfred Mann and Middle Of The Road in tied 16th place on the overall weeks count list. Their total was 81. He was now only 2 behind the leader on the local list, The Staccatos who were on 83.

Wings were enjoying their 8th straight week with 2 in the charts and they were the 6th act to manage such a run.

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One thought on “20 September 1974

  1. “My hart het ‘n kleine venster” : seized on the chance to use the music from Peters & Lee’s UK hit “Don’t stay away too long” by using locally written lyrics.

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