31 January 1975

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 9 She’s a Woman  – Neil Herbert
2 3 7 You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet  – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
3 1 9 Longfellow Serenade  – Neil Diamond
4 4 17 Kung Fu Fighting  – Carl Douglas
5 5 18 When Will I See You Again  – Three Degrees
6 7 9 Help Me My Love  – After All
7 9 9 To the Door of the Sun  – Gigliola Cinquetti
8 6 13 Hasta Mañana  – ABBA
9 10 4 Junior’s Farm  – Paul McCartney
10 8 12 The Way I Am  – Lovelace Watkins
11 17 3 You Ask Me To  – Bobby Angel
12 18 2 Beach Baby  – First Class
13 12 15 Mama Tembu’s Wedding  – Margaret Singana
14 16 3 I Can’t Leave You Alone  – George McCrae
15 14 11 Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe  – Barry White
16 15 7 Whatever Gets You Thru the Night  – John Lennon
17 11 10 I Honestly Love You  – Olivia Newton-John
18 19 2 Back Home Again  – John Denver
19 13 6 Another Saturday Night  – Cat Stevens
20 New 1 You’re the First, the Last, My Everything  – Barry White

It was the 9th week in the chart for Neil Herbert’s ‘She’s A Woman’ and it took over the top spot from Neil Diamond’s ‘Longfellow Serenade’ which dropped to 3. So far 12 songs had been on 9 or more weeks when they first captured the top spot with 3 of those 12 being on a record to date 10 weeks. None of those on 10 weeks had been local acts, but 2 of the previous ones on 9 weeks were and they were Tidal Waves’ ‘Spider Spider’ and Gwynneth Ashley-Robin’s ‘Little Jimmy’.

Bobby Angel’s ‘You Ask Me To’ shared the climber of the week award with First Class’ ‘Beach Baby’ with both song climbing 6 places to land at 11 and 12 respectively. They would be the only songs that would make a 4 place or more star rater climb this week.

The fallers were Olivia Newton-John’s ‘I Honestly Love You’ and Cat Stevens’ ‘Another Saturday Night’ which both dropped 6 places to land at 17 and 19 respectively. It was a 4th time with the faller for Newton-John and a 5th time for Stevens.

After 23 weeks with us, George McCrae’s ‘Rock Your Baby’ finally left the charts. It had peaked at 2, spending 1 week there and being kept off the top spot by Carl Douglas’ ‘Kung Fu Fighting’. This had been the oldest on the charts last week and the new oldest on the charts was The Three Degrees’ ‘When Will I See You Again’ which sat on 18 weeks.

The artist for our new entry this week, however, did already have a song in the charts as Barry White’s ‘You’re The First The Last, My Everything’ joined ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe’ in the top 20. Barry White was the 51st act to manage 2 or more in the charts in the same week and he also now had the highest average number of characters (excluding spaces and punctuation marks) for song titles for any act having had 2 or more songs on the charts. His two averaged 29.5 characters, 1 better than the previous best which was Cilla Black who had averaged 28.5. Ultimately Barry would only end up second on this list. ‘You’re The First The Last, My Everything’ topped the UK charts and made it to number 2 in the US. It also topped the US Hot Soul charts, knocking Carl Douglas’ ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ from the top spot on that chart.

Neil Diamond consolidated his 13th place on the top 20 of the overall weeks count list. His 85 put him 1 ahead of Engelbert Humperdinck.

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