11 April 1975

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 5 Love Hurts  – Nazareth
2 1 10 Please Mr. Postman  – Carpenters
3 3 9 I Can Help  – Billy Swan
4 6 6 Ms Grace  – Tymes
5 4 17 You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet  – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
6 5 13 You Ask Me To  – Bobby Angel
7 8 11 You’re the First, the Last, My Everything  – Barry White
8 11 4 Shame, Shame, Shame  – Shirley & Company
9 7 10 You Make Me Feel Brand New  – Stylistics
10 9 19 She’s a Woman  – Neil Herbert
11 10 8 Costafine Town  – Splinter
12 17 3 In the Summernight  – Teach In
13 14 4 Magic  – Pilot
14 13 7 Long Tall Glasses  – Leo Sayer
15 12 9 Sad Sweet Dreamer  – Sweet Sensation
16 15 3 I’ll Take You There  – Staple Singers
17 New 1 Mandy  – Barry Manilow
18 18 12 Back Home Again  – John Denver
19 New 1 Never Can Say Goodbye  – Gloria Gaynor
20 19 19 Help Me My Love  – After All

Nazareth’s ‘Love Hurts’ became the 68th song by a UK act to top the chart and in doing so clocked up the 190th week that we had seen a British act at number 1. ‘Love Hurts’ took over from ‘Please Mr Postman’ which fell to number 2 after enjoying 2 weeks at the top of the charts.

The climber of the week award went to Teach In’s ‘In The Summernight’ which moved up 5 from 17 to 12. This was the 10th time an act from The Netherlands had taken the award. ‘In The Summernight’ was the only song to have a star rater climb of 4 or more places this week.

Sweet Sensation’s ‘Sad Sweet Dreamer’ was the faller of the week. It dropped 3 from 12 to 15 to take the award.

Neither ‘Help Me My Love’ by After All’ nor ‘She’s A Woman’ by Neil Herbert fell out of the charts so they were still the oldest in the top 20 with both of them having picked up 19 weeks each.

This week saw the second of only 2 occasions where we would see 2 tracks by ex-Beatles leave the charts in the same week as Ringo Starr’s ‘Only You (And You Alone)’ and Paul McCartney’s ‘Junior’s Farm’ both left the charts this week. Ringo’s hit had lasted 7 weeks and peaked at 14, his first (of 4 hits so far) not to make the top 10 and not to manage at least 10 weeks. He would return to our charts at a much later date.

‘Junior’s Farm’ lasted 13 weeks and peaked at 6. This was his 3rd best peak of the 6 hits McCartney (either solo or as part of Wings) had had to date as well as the 3rd best weeks. As with Ringo, there was still more to come from him.

Barry Manilow had his first SA hit as ‘Mandy’ arrived at number 17. ‘Mandy’ began life as ‘Brandy’ and gave British songwriter Scott English a number 12 hit in the UK and a number 91 hit in the US in 1971. When Barry decided to cover it, they didn’t want it to be confused with Looking Glass’ ‘Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)’ which was a hit in 1972, so changed the name of the girl who came and gave without taking from Brandy to Mandy. The song topped the Canadian charts and gave Manilow the first of 3 chart toppers in the US. In 2003 Westlife took ‘Mandy’ out for another date and they got to number 1 in the UK and Ireland.

Our second new entry this week was also a song from 1971. ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ by The Jackson 5 made it to number 2 in the US. The version which made it onto our charts was Gloria Gaynor’s which had topped the US Disco Singles charts in 1974. In 1975 it went to number 9 on the main US charts and number 2 in the UK. As with Manilow’s ‘Mandy’, this was Gaynor’s first SA hit. This version of the song was produced by the Disco Corporation of America which was a production company set up by Meco Monardo (who would later have a hit with a disco version of the ‘Star Wars’ Theme) and Tony Bongiovi, cousin of Jon Bon Jovi. With Gloria in the chart, we once more had a solo female artist in the top 20. We had been without one for 6 weeks.

After 4 weeks of only having 8 in the top 20, the Americans were back to having 10 in the charts. This was the 87th time they had accounted for at least half the chart. The Brits had only managed this 62 times. The Americans were now 10 ahead of the Brits for overall hits count with the former on 396 and the latter of 386. This was the first time the gap between the 2 nations had been in double figures for 42 weeks. The Americans had been leading at that stage too.

We also had the 4th time where the song at the top of the charts and that at the bottom both contained the word ‘Love’ in the title. The previous 2 times had been on 10 September 1965 and 29 July 1966 so we had not seen this for 454 weeks.

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