24 April 1975

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 Love Hurts  – Nazareth
2 4 8 Ms Grace  – Tymes
3 3 11 I Can Help  – Billy Swan
4 5 6 Shame, Shame, Shame  – Shirley & Company
5 2 12 Please Mr. Postman  – Carpenters
6 6 15 You Ask Me To  – Bobby Angel
7 7 19 You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet  – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
8 12 5 In the Summernight  – Teach In
9 14 3 Never Can Say Goodbye  – Gloria Gaynor
10 8 13 You’re the First, the Last, My Everything  – Barry White
11 13 5 I’ll Take You There  – Staple Singers
12 10 21 She’s a Woman  – Neil Herbert
13 9 12 You Make Me Feel Brand New  – Stylistics
14 19 2 Private Number  – Lionel Petersen
15 15 3 Mandy  – Barry Manilow
16 11 6 Magic  – Pilot
17 20 2 You Can Have Her  – Sam Neely
18 18 10 Costafine Town  – Splinter
19 New 1 Lady  – Styx
20 New 1 Down Down  – Status Quo

‘Love Hurts’ by Nazareth enjoyed a 3rd week at number 1 but after having had the previous 2 weeks with the former number 1, The Carpenters’ ‘Please Mr Postman’, sitting at 2, there was a new challenger in the form of The Tymes’ ‘Ms Grace’ which moved up 2 from 4 to 2. ‘Love Hurts’ clocked up the 192nd week at 1 by a British act. For the past 14 weeks, the Brits had been sitting behind the Americans for number of weeks at 1, but they now drew level. The Brits still led the way for number of chart toppers having 68 compared to the 61 of the Americans.

For the 4th week in a row, the biggest climb was 5 places and this was a new record sequence. It was Gloria Gaynor’s ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ which took the award for a second week running as it moved up from 14 to 9. Gloria shared the honours with Lionel Petersen’s ‘Private Number’ which moved up from 19 to 14. It was Petersen’s 3rd time with the honours.

Teach In’s ‘In The Summernight’ was the only other star rater this week. It moved up 4 from 12 to 8. It was the song’s second time having a star rater climb as it managed this 2 weeks previously.

Pilot were the faller of the week (would hate to be on that flight) as their hit ‘Magic’ dropped 5 from 11 to 16.

Neil Herbert’s ‘She’s A Woman’ was still the oldest on the charts as it ticked over to 21 weeks and enjoyed its 9th week as the oldest.

Sweet Sensation’s ‘Sad Sweet Dreamer’ was the first of 2 songs to depart the chart. It lasted 10 weeks in the charts and peaked at 8. This would be their only SA chart hit although they did manage 1 other chart hit in the UK in the form of ‘Purely By Coincidence’ which peaked at 11 there on 2 February 1975.

Leo Sayer’s ‘Long Tall Glasses’ managed                 8 weeks and peaked 9. Of his 3 hits to date, this was the best he had managed. There was still plenty to come from him.

Our first new entry was ‘Lady’ which was the first song to chart in SA for Styx. The song was actually recorded in late 1972 and first released in 1973, but did nothing until an American DJ who loved it, decided to play it every evening at 8pm until it eventually became a hit, climbing to number 6 on the Hot 100. It also made it to number 17 in New Zealand. In 1995, the band re-recorded the song for inclusion on its Greatest Hits compilation for A&M records as A&M couldn’t get permission from Wooden Nickel Records (the label on which it had originally been released) to use it.

Status Quo’s ‘Down Down’ arrived in the charts 239 weeks after their previous hit, ‘Down The Dustpipe’ departed and this was the 12th biggest gap between hits that we had seen to date and the 3rd biggest gap for a song by a British act. So far we had seen 16 occasions where an acts had seen a gap of 200 weeks or more between hits. ‘Down Down’ made number 1 in the UK for 1 week and has so far been their only chart topper there despite them having had 67 hits. It also managed to top the charts in Holland and Belgium and got to number 2 in Switzerland.

‘She’s A Woman’ by Neil Herbert became the 26th song to ease past the 300 points mark as it ticked over to 301. It was the 9th song by a local act to manage this.

‘Please Mr Postman’ moved into tied 27th place for weeks in the chart by a song charting in more than 1 version. It had clocked up 12 weeks with the Carpenters’ version and 1 by the Pat Boone Family. It shared 27th place with ‘I’ll Step Aside’ (Tony Wells and Ronnie Wilson) and ‘Green Tambourine (Sun Dragon and Lemon Pipers) with both of these other 2 having 1 song spend 7 weeks in the chart and the other version 6.

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