16 May 1975

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 3 As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone  – Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty
2 1 10 Love Hurts  – Nazareth
3 3 6 Mandy  – Barry Manilow
4 4 9 Shame, Shame, Shame  – Shirley & Company
5 6 5 Private Number  – Lionel Petersen
6 5 11 Ms Grace  – Tymes
7 8 8 In the Summernight  – Teach In
8 13 2 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  – ABBA
9 7 8 I’ll Take You There  – Staple Singers
10 15 4 Lady  – Styx
11 14 3 If  – Telly Savalas
12 9 5 You Can Have Her  – Sam Neely
13 19 2 Jou Hart is Weer Myne  – Heintje
14 11 6 Never Can Say Goodbye  – Gloria Gaynor
15 10 14 I Can Help  – Billy Swan
16 20 2 Viva Espana (Forever A Song In My Heart)  – Boones
17 New 1 Bye Bye Baby  – Bay City Rollers
18 16 3 Storybook Children  – Sammy Brown
19 18 4 Down Down  – Status Quo
20 12 15 Please Mr. Postman  – Carpenters

Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty’s ‘As Soon As I Hang up The Phone’ became the 14th song to reach the top spot in just 3 weeks. This was the second fastest as we had also seen 3 songs get there in their second week. The duet ousted Nazareth’s ‘Love Hurts’ from number 1 after the later had spent 5 weeks there. ‘Love Hurts’ dropped to number 2.

Heintje’s new one, ‘Jou Hart Is Weer Myne’ was at 19 last week and if it had dropped off the charts it would have equalled his previous hit, ‘Leise Rieselt Der Schnee’, but instead of dropping off, it decided to be the climber of the week, moving up 6 from 19 to 13. This was the 11th time that we had seen our biggest climber be by an act from The Netherlands although he was only the 6th act from there to have a biggest climber with just 2 of the previous ones only having 1 biggest climber to their name.

Two songs managed 5 place climbs and they were Abba’s ‘I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do’ which moved from 13 to 8 and Styx’s ‘Lady’ which climbed up from 15 to 10. The only other star rater this week was The Boones’ ‘Viva Espana (Forever A Song In My Heart)’ which climbed 4 from 20 to 16.

The faller of the week was The Carpenters’ version of ‘Please Mr Postman’ which dropped 8 from 12 to 20. This was the 10th time we had seen a previous chart topper drop 8 places in a week. We had seen 1 occasion when a chart topper dropped 9 places as well as 2 times when one had dropped 10 places, although the record to date for a fall by an ex-chart topper was 11 places which 2 songs had managed.

‘Please Mr Postman’ could, however, take comfort from the fact that it was the oldest in the charts, sitting on 15 weeks. The oldest on last week’s chart, Bobby Angel’s ‘You Ask Me To’ was the only song to leave the top 20 this week. It had lasted 17 weeks and spent 2 of those weeks at number 1. There was still a number of hits to come from Bobby.

In Bobby Angel’s place we saw the first song by The Bay City Rollers to make it onto our charts in the form of ‘Bye Bye Baby’. They had already had 5 songs make the UK charts (all of them going top 10) before ‘Bye Bye Baby’ made it there. It would be their first of 2 UK chart toppers. The song was a cover of a Four Seasons hit from 1965. The latter version made it to number 12 in the US, while the Bay City Roller’s version would oust Telly Savalas’ ‘If’ (sitting at number 11 on our charts this week) from the top spot in the UK. For songwriter Bob Crewe, this was his 4th hit as he had had a hand in writing the Four Season’s ‘Let’s Hang On’, The Tremeloes’ ‘Silence Is Golden’ and Drummond’s 1972 hit ‘Daddy Cool’. Bob Gaudio who shared song writing credits with Crewe on ‘Bye Bye Baby’ was a member of the Four Seasons and this would be his second SA hit as songwriter. He had co-written The Tremeloes’ ‘Silence Is Golden’ with Crewe.

The Carpenters celebrated reaching the 20 weeks in the chart milestone as ‘Please Mr Postman’ had now added 15 weeks to the 5 that ‘Hurting Each Other’, their only other hit to date, had managed.

The arrival of The Bay City Rollers’ ‘Bye Bye Baby’ on the charts meant that we now had 8 songs in the top 20 that had topped the charts in UK, the US or in both countries. This was just 1 off the record to date 9 that we had seen on 6 previous occasions.

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