22 August 1975

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 6 Stand by Me  – John Lennon
2 3 6 Hey You  – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
3 4 7 Hurt so Good  – Susan Cadogan
4 5 4 Please Stay  – Jonathan Butler
5 2 12 Fox on the Run  – Sweet
6 13 4 Love will Keep Us Together  – Captain & Tennille
7 8 8 Baby Love Affair  – Buttercup
8 6 5 Ek Verlang Na Jou  – Sonja Herholdt
9 10 4 The Look in Your Eyes  – Johnny Nash
10 18 2 Paloma Blanca  – George Baker Selection
11 9 8 Another Love to Come  – Cornelia
12 7 13 Don’t You Know  – Della Reese
13 14 2 El Bimbo  – Bimbo Jet
14 16 3 A Picture of Patches  – Jody Wayne
15 11 5 Only You Can  – Fox
16 New 1 Swing Your Daddy  – Jim Gilstrap
17 20 2 Don’t be Cruel  – Billy Swan
18 12 11 Before the Next Teardrop Falls  – Bobby Angel
19 New 1 She’s My Woman  – Alan Garrity
20 17 5 Net Soos Ek die Telefoon Neersit  – Caroline du Preez

‘Stand By Me’ by John Lennon enjoyed a 3rd week at the top of the charts while Bachman -Turner Overdrive’s ‘Hey You’ moved up 1 into second place.

The George Baker Selection picked up their 4th biggest climber as ‘Paloma Blanca’ moved up 8 from 18 to 10. This equalled their second biggest jump in a week which ‘Little Green Bag’ had also managed. The record for a Dutch act was 10 places which The George Baker Selection had managed with ‘Baby Blue’. The only other Dutch act to manage a climb of 8 or more places was After All whose ‘If You Need Me’ managed to climb 9 in a week. ‘Paloma Blanca’s 8 place climb would be the last time we would see an 8 or more place climb in a week for an act from The Netherlands.

Captain & Tennille’s ‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ picked up a second star rater as it moved up 7 from 13 to 6.

Bobby Angel’s ‘Before The Next Teardrop Falls’ was the faller of the week for a second week running. It dropped a further 6 places as it fell from 12 to 18.

Copperfield’s ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer’ lasted just 2 weeks in the charts, reaching number 19 in the process. There was one more hit to come from this local band.

Also going was the oldest song on last week’s chart, ‘As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone’ by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. It had managed 16 weeks in the charts and spent 5 of those at the number 1 spot. For Loretta Lynn, this would be her only SA chart action but Conway Twitty would have further SA hits.

The new oldest on the chart was Della Reese’s ‘Don’t You Know’ which was on 13 weeks.

Our first new entry was by Texas born and one time Stevie Wonder backing vocalist, Jim Gilstrap. His song ‘Swing Your Daddy’ gave Kenny Nolan his first SA hit as songwriter. Nolan would eventually chart as artist. Gilstrap also sang backing vocals on Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ and more recently can be heard helping out Kelis on her 2006 album ‘Kelis Was Here’. ‘Swing Your Daddy’ went to number 4 in the UK, but only made number 44 in Gilstrap’s native America. Elsewhere it topped the charts in Holland and Belgium as well as getting to 9 in New Zealand and 37 in Germany.

The second new entry was the 6th hit for Alan Garrity. Not to be confused with Neil Herbert’s similarly titled ‘She’s A Woman’, ‘She’s My Woman’ was Garrity’s 4th self-penned song to chart. Garrity would go on to win Best Male Vocalist at the 1975 Sarie Awards, presumably helped by the success of this song. Garrity was the 11th local act to reach 6 hits. Only 16 local acts in total would have 6 or more hits.

The UK acts clocked up their 3,600th week in the charts while Alan Garrity saw his weeks total reach the 80 milestone. He was the 21st act overall and 3rd local act to reach this total. Only Billy Forrest on 81 and The Staccatos on 83 were above him on the local weeks count list.

The Sweet moved 1 ahead of Percy Sledge and took 8th place on the overall weeks count list to themselves. They were on 106 weeks while Sledge on 105 dropped into 9th place.

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