9 January 1976

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 4 Lady in Blue  – Joe Dolan
2 2 11 Milky Ways  – Colombus
3 3 9 If You Think You Know How to Love Me  – Smokie
4 11 5 Fattie Bum-Bum  – Carl Malcolm
5 7 6 Feelings  – Morris Albert
6 5 8 I Love How You Love Me  – Jonathan Butler
7 4 10 Sailing  – Rod Stewart
8 8 8 It’s Been so Long  – George McCrae
9 9 7 Bouncy Bouncy Bounce  – Lionel Petersen
10 12 4 Somewhere Between  – Tumbleweeds
11 6 9 Say Forever You’ll be Mine  – Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
12 10 7 The Last One to Touch Me  – Barbara Ray
13 14 3 You and Me – Me and You  – Main Ingredient
14 15 3 I’m on Fire  – 5000 Volts
15 16 2 Sha La La La  – Buttercup
16 13 12 Three Steps to Heaven  – Showaddywaddy
17 New 1 Hold Me Close  – David Essex
18 17 7 Blanket on the Ground  – Billie Jo Spears
19 New 1 This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)  – Natalie Cole
20 New 1 I Only Have Eyes for You  – Art Garfunkel

This week saw the 1st time we had 4 acts that were not from the UK, the US or SA in the top 5. At number 1 for a second week running we had Irishman, Joe Dolan’s ‘Lady In Blue’, Colombus whose ‘Milky Ways’ was at 2 was from France while Jamaican, Carl Malcolm was at 4 and Brazilian, Morris Albert was at 5 with ‘Fattie Bum-Bum’ and ‘Feelings’ respectively. Smokie’s ‘If You Think You Know How to Love Me’ at 3 was the only one from an act from the big 3 nations in the top 5.

One of those 4 in the top 5, Carl Malcolm’s ‘Fattie Bum-Bum’, was the climber of the week, moving up 7 from 11 to 4. This was the second time the song had taken the award and the 7th time a Jamaican had managed it. Of the 7 times a Jamaican had been the biggest climber, Desmond Dekker, Boris Gardiner and now Carl Malcolm had all managed it twice while James Lloyd was the only to managed it once. There were no other star raters this week.

Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner respectively picked up their 3rd and 2nd faller of the weeks as their duet, ‘Say Forever You’ll be Mine’ fell 5 from 6 to 11 to take the award this week.

The oldest song on last week’s chart, Typically Tropical’s ‘Barbados’ was 1 of 3 songs that left the chart this week. It had been with us for 14 weeks and spent 4 of those at number 1. This would be their only SA chart entry. The new oldest on the chart was Showaddywaddy’s ‘Three Steps To Heaven’ which was on 12 weeks.

Not too surprisingly, Bobby Angel & Barbara Ray’s ‘The Greatest Christmas Gift’ also left the charts as it was now 3 weeks since Christmas and we probably weren’t feeling as festive as we had been. The song lasted just 2 weeks in the charts and peaked at 19. Both Bobby and Barbra would return to the charts at a later date.

John Denver’s ‘I’m Sorry’ became the 38th song to have an equal weeks and peak figure as it left the chart after peaking at 8 and spending 8 weeks with us. 7,8 and 9 were now the most popular figure for an equal weeks and peak as they had each happened 9 times. Denver would also return to the chart at a later date.

David Essex had been having hits in the UK since 1973 and before ‘Hold Me Close’ reached the charts there, he already had 6 UK hits under his belt, all but 1 made the top 10 and ‘Gonna Make You A Star’ had made number 1. In South Africa, ‘Hold Me Close’ was his first to chart. He was not unknown to local music fans as he had had at least 5 songs make the LM Radio charts by then. ‘Hold Me Close’ knocked Rod Stewart’s ‘Sailing’ off the top spot in the UK and then spent 3 weeks at number 1. It would be Essex’s last number 1 there. The song was produced by Jeff Wayne who rose to fame a couple of years later with his musical adaptation of H.G. Wells’ ‘War of The Worlds’.

Not all the offspring of famous rock/pop stars who try following in their parent’s footsteps succeed. One of those who had a fair career of her own was the daughter of Nat ‘King’ Cole, Natalie Cole, who gave us our second new entry this week with her song ‘This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)’. The song made number 6 on the main US charts and topped the Hot Soul Singles charts there. Natalie went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for this song, ending Aretha Franklin’s 8 year domination of the award. To date Cole has had 18 songs reach the Billboard Hot 100, 8 of which made the top 20. ‘This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)’ made number 32 in the UK where she has managed 12 hits to date. Sadly Natalie died on 31 December 2015.

Art Garfunkel caught up with his ex-partner Paul Simon in terms of number of solo hits as ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ became Garfunkel’s 2nd to chart in SA. (Simon’s 2 hits to date, ‘Mother And Child Reunion’ and ‘Take Me To The Mardi Gras’ had both topped our charts). The song was written in 1934 for a film called ‘Dames’ and had already gone to number 11 in the US when The Flamingos covered it in 1959. Garfunkel’s version topped the UK charts (knocking our other UK chart topping new entry this week – David Essex’s ‘Hold Me Close’ – off the top spot there) and going to number 18 in the US. The song also topped the Norwegian charts. Art came close to joining those who had seen a gap of 100 weeks between hits, but should have waited another 9 weeks to release his new song if he wanted to manage that.

Jamaica and France pulled ahead of Sweden for weeks in the chart by acts from those nations as they moved on to 82 with the latter still on 81. They now sat tied 9th on the list of weeks by acts from a nation. Brazil moved into tied 19th place on that list, their 6 weeks to date putting them level with Norway.

We saw 3 acts reach milestones in terms of weeks this week. Joe Dolan hit the 20 week mark, George McRae reached 40 weeks and Barbara Ray hit 80. So far 168 acts had reach 20 weeks, 67 had made it to 40 and 22 had managed 80. Ray was the 4th local act (after The Staccatos, Alan Garrity and Billy Forrest) to reach this total. She was also the first woman to do so and now sat 7 weeks clear at the top of the list for weeks in the chart by a woman with Petula Clark on 73 in second place.

Lionel Petersen joined The Rising Sons in tied 16th place on the local weeks count list. Both acts were on 42 weeks.

Silly fact of the week: David Essex was the second act to chart with a surname the same as a UK county, the previous one having been Keith Hampshire.

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