16 January 1976

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 5 Lady in Blue  – Joe Dolan
2 4 6 Fattie Bum-Bum  – Carl Malcolm
3 2 12 Milky Ways  – Colombus
4 3 10 If You Think You Know How to Love Me  – Smokie
5 5 7 Feelings  – Morris Albert
6 8 9 It’s Been so Long  – George McCrae
7 10 5 Somewhere Between  – Tumbleweeds
8 11 10 Say Forever You’ll be Mine  – Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
9 13 4 You and Me – Me and You  – Main Ingredient
10 6 9 I Love How You Love Me  – Jonathan Butler
11 7 11 Sailing  – Rod Stewart
12 14 4 I’m on Fire  – 5000 Volts
13 9 8 Bouncy Bouncy Bounce  – Lionel Petersen
14 12 8 The Last One to Touch Me  – Barbara Ray
15 17 2 Hold Me Close  – David Essex
16 15 3 Sha La La La  – Buttercup
17 20 2 I Only Have Eyes for You  – Art Garfunkel
18 19 2 This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)  – Natalie Cole
19 New 1 Darlin’  – David Cassidy
20 New 1 Shoes  – Reparata

‘Lady In Blue’ by Joe Dolan enjoyed a 3rd week at 1 and its biggest challenge came from Carl Malcolm’s ‘Fattie Bum-Bum’ which moved up 2 from 4 to 2 while the previous chart topper, Colombus’ ‘Milky Ways’ dropped to 4 from 2.

Main Ingredients’ ‘You and Me – Me and You’ was the climber of the week. It moved up 4 from 17 to 13 and this was also the only star rater this week.

There were 3 songs that shared the faller of the week award and they were Lionel Petersen’s ‘Bouncy Bouncy Bounce’, Rod Stewart’s ‘Sailing’ and Jonathan Butler’s ‘I Love How You Love Me’ all of which fell 4 places to land at 13, 11 and 10 respectively. It was Rod Stewart’s first time and Jonathan Butler’s second time with the award, but a 6th time for Petersen. Petersen became the 5th local act to see this many fallers and there would only be 2 more who would see at least 6. Alan Garrity on 8 and Barbara Ray on 7 were the only 2 who had seen more than 6 while The Staccatos and Jody Wayne shared 3rd place with Petersen.

Two songs left the charts this week, the first of which was Billie Jo Spears’ ‘Blanket On The Ground’ which had enjoyed a run of 7 weeks and peaked at 15. This equalled the lowest peak for a song spending 7 weeks on the charts with 4 other songs also managing this. The other 4 were Tom Jones’ ‘A Minute Of Your Time’, Robert John’s ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)’, Alan Garrity’s ‘Good-Bye Mama’ and The Troggs’ ‘Little Girl’. ‘Blanket On The Ground’ would be Spears’ only SA chart hit.

We also bid farewell to Showaddywaddy’s ‘Three Steps To Heaven’ which had been with us for 12 weeks and peaked at 6. This was the first of 2 songs by them that would chart in SA. ‘Three Steps To Heaven’ had been the oldest song on last week’s chart and that mantel now fell on Colombus’ ‘Milky Ways’ which sat on 12 weeks.

David Cassidy followed up the success of last year’s ‘Get It Up For Love’ with his 4th hit in SA to date, ‘Darlin’. The song was a Beach Boys track from 1967 which made it to number 19 in the US and 11 in the UK. Cassidy’s version did not do quite as well, not charting in the US and only getting to 16 in the UK. Further comparisons in chart performances between versions was that the Beach Boys made 17 in Holland where Cassidy didn’t chart while Germany and Sweden saw the opposite in that the Beach Boys’ version didn’t chart but Cassidy’s made it to 38 and 17 respectively.

Joining Cassidy as newcomer to the chart was ‘Shoes’ by Reparata. The song was a cover of a 1973 song by Felix Harp. That version was called ‘She Didn’t Forget Her Shoes (Johnny And Louise). Reparata’s version uses the original Felix Harp backing track (remixed) and was simply called ‘Shoes’. The Felix Harp version didn’t really do anything, but Reparata’s made number 43 in the UK and 92 in the US. The song is sometimes attributed to Reparata & The Delrons and featured Mary ‘Reparata’ O’Leary on lead vocals. However, the recording of Shoes, does not include the members of The Delrons. Morrissey and Johnny Marr of The Smiths have said that this song was influential on their work. Reparata had last been seen on our charts 395 weeks previously when their hit ‘Captain Of Your Ship’ was in the top 20. This was the second biggest gap we had seen to date with Gene Rockwell and Cher, who had both seen a gap of 411 weeks between hits, leading the way.

With both the new entries being by American acts we saw the gap between the top 2 nations for number of hits move to a new record high with the US acts on 427 and sitting 24 ahead of the Brits who were on 403.

Brazil continued to climb up the list of weeks by acts from a nation as their 7 moved them into 18th place, pulling 1 ahead of Norway and sitting 2 behind Kenya which was on 9.

Dolly Parton became the 100th act to reach the 30 weeks in the charts mark. She was the 13th woman to manage this.

Another woman who was going places was Barbara Ray whose 81 weeks moved her into tied 18th on the overall weeks count list. She shared the spot with Billy Forrest, Cliff Richard, Manfred Mann and Middle Of The Road and was tied 3rd with Billy Forrest on the local list. Barbara also celebrated passing the 900 points mark. She was the 22nd act and 3rd local one to reach this milestone. She led the way overall for points for female artists.

Lionel Petersen climbed into tied 15th place with Gene Rockwell on the local weeks count list. Both acts were on 43 weeks.

Reparata’s ‘Shoes’ was the 3rd song to chart that had an item of clothing in the title. The previous 2 were Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Were made For Walking’ (also footwear) and Mungo Jerry’s ‘Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black’. In total we would see 9 songs chart where clothing appears in the title.

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