30 January 1976

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 Lady in Blue  – Joe Dolan
2 2 8 Fattie Bum-Bum  – Carl Malcolm
3 7 7 Somewhere Between  – Tumbleweeds
4 8 6 You and Me – Me and You  – Main Ingredient
5 4 12 If You Think You Know How to Love Me  – Smokie
6 5 11 It’s Been so Long  – George McCrae
7 6 9 Feelings  – Morris Albert
8 3 14 Milky Ways  – Colombus
9 16 3 Darlin’  – David Cassidy
10 14 4 Hold Me Close  – David Essex
11 12 6 I’m on Fire  – 5000 Volts
12 17 4 I Only Have Eyes for You  – Art Garfunkel
13 20 2 That’s the Way (I Like It)  – KC & The Sunshine Band
14 18 3 Shoes  – Reparata
15 11 12 Say Forever You’ll be Mine  – Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
16 9 11 I Love How You Love Me  – Jonathan Butler
17 13 13 Sailing  – Rod Stewart
18 10 10 Bouncy Bouncy Bounce  – Lionel Petersen
19 New 1 I’ll Return  – Michael Holm
20 New 1 Rocky  – Austin Roberts

Joe Dolan’s ‘Lady In Blue’ became the 39th song to manage at least 5 weeks at number 1 as it held on to the top spot this week while Carl Malcolm’s ‘Fattie Bum-Bum’ spent a 3rd straight week in second place. Ireland pulled ahead of Italy and Greece for weeks at 1 as Joe Dolan’s effort pushed the Irish total on to 5 while Italy and Greece were on 4.

David Cassidy’ ‘Darlin’ picked up the climber of the week for a second week running. It climbed 7 from 16 to 9 and shared the award with KC & The Sunshine Band’s ‘That’s the Way (I Like It)’ which moved up from 20 to 13.

There were a total of 7 star rater climbs this week and this was the record we had seen to date and would be the all time record in the top 20 era, only beaten when the chart expanded to a top 30. The songs that moved up 4 or more places, apart from the 2 biggest climbers mentioned above, were The Tumbleweeds’ ‘Somewhere Between’ (up 4 to 3), Main Ingredient’s ‘You And Me – Me And You’ (up 4 to 4), David Essex’s ‘Hold Me Close’ (up 4 to 10), Art Garfunkel’s ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ (up 5 to 12) and Reparata’s ‘Shoes’ (up 4 to 14). Despite the record number of star raters, this week was only tied 20th if one added up the total number of places up that songs moved in the week. This week it totalled 36 and was 10 shy of the record to date 46 which we saw on 4 October 1968.

The faller of the week was Lionel Petersen’s ‘Bouncy Bouncy Bounce’ which dropped 8 from 10 to 18. It had been the faller 2 weeks previously and the climber last week, so it was certainly living up to its title as it bounced around the chart. Petersen was the 14th act to reach 7 biggest fallers and the 3rd local one after Alan Garrity and Barbara Ray. Only Garrity had so far seen more as he was sitting on 10. This was the 6th time we had seen a song alternate between climber and faller in 3 consecutive week and Petersen, who had also managed this with ‘Come Back Liza’, would be the only one to manage this twice.

Colombus’ ‘Milky Ways’ moved on to 14 weeks in the charts and was enjoying its 3rd week as the oldest on the top 20.

We lost 2 songs this week, the first of which was Natalie Cole’s ‘This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)’ which lasted just 3 weeks and peaked at 18. This would be the only SA chart hit for Nat King Cole’s daughter.

Barbara Ray’s ‘The Last One to Touch Me’ was the other song to go. It had seen a run of 9 weeks and had peaked at 9. This was the 39th song to manage to have an equal weeks and peak figure and the 8th by a local act to do so. 9 had now been seen 10 times as an equal weeks and peak and this moved it out into the lead moved 1 ahead of 7 and 8.

The departure of Natalie and Barbara from the chart meant that we were once again with no hits by solo female artists in the top 20 and this ended a run of 42 weeks with a woman in the charts. This was the 3rd best run we had seen to date having previous had runs of 74 weeks and best to date 144 weeks. Dolly Parton did carry the flag for the women in the charts, but her effort was as part of a duet.

In 1972 Michael Holm had a hit with ‘I Will Return’ and he did, this time with ‘I’ll Return’, a similarly titled, but different song. This was Holm’s 5th song to chart in SA. In 1982, we would see the song resurface when Irish singer Geraldine would take an altered version on the song entitled ‘Take Me Back’ into our charts. It had been 195 weeks since Holm was in the charts and this was the tied 27th biggest gap we had seen to date, equalling a gap George Harrison had seen. It was the 6th biggest gap for an act from a nation that wasn’t the UK, the US or SA and the biggest we had seen so far for a German act. There would be only 1 German act who would beat this. In total only 22 non big 3 acts would see a gap of 100 weeks or more between hits, with only 1 of them doing it twice. Holm was the 51st act to reach 5 hits

Last of the new entries was Austin Robert’s ‘Rocky’. The song was written by Jay Stevens and would get Roberts a number 9 hit in the US and would be his only hit there. The song was also recorded by Frank Farian who took it to the top of the German charts and Don Mercedes recorded a Dutch version which topped the charts in Holland and Belgium. Farian was the driving force behind Boney M.

The gap between number of hits by US acts versus those from UK acts continued to grow to new highs with the Americans now having given us 429 and the Brits 403, a gap of 26. Brazil, meanwhile was still moving up the weeks in the charts by acts from a nation list. It had accumulated 9 weeks so far and moved into tied 17th place alongside Kenya. They were 5 behind Argentina who were immediately above them on the list.

On the local weeks count list we saw Lionel Petersen move into tied 14th place alongside The Bats with their weeks count on 45.

George McCrae became the 57th act to pass the 500 points mark as his total ticked over to 510. He jumped ahead of The Marmalade who were on exactly 500 to sit 56th overall.

For the first time in 39 weeks, the average weeks that the top 20 songs had been with us crept over the 7 mark. It now sat at 7.2. We also saw a record equalling 8 different nations represented on the top 20 with the Americans supplying 9 hits, the Brits 4, locals 2 and Brazil, France, Ireland, The Netherlands and Jamaica each giving us 1.

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