1 April 1977

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 4 Smile  – Pussycat
2 4 6 Don’t Leave Me This Way  – Thelma Houston
3 3 5 Love Me  – Yvonne Elliman
4 7 4 Living Next Door to Alice  – Smokie
5 2 9 Lost in France  – Bonnie Tyler
6 5 11 If You Leave Me Now  – Chicago
7 6 9 Livin’ Thing  – Electric Light Orchestra
8 8 6 Just Another Poor Boy  – Chris de Burgh
9 10 7 Moody Blue  – Elvis Presley
10 12 7 Keep on Smilin’  – John Paul Young
11 16 3 Rock ‘n Me  – Steve Miller Band
12 13 4 When a Child is Born  – Johnny Mathis
13 11 13 Howzat  – Sherbet
14 9 8 What Have I Done  – Mike Eager
15 15 3 Couldn’t Get it Right  – Climax Blues Band
16 19 2 I Recall a Gypsy Woman  – Don Williams
17 18 2 The Blue Danube Hustle  – Rice & Beans Orchestra
18 New 1 Who’s Gonna Tie My Shoes  – Barbara Ray
19 New 1 Chanson D’Amour  – Manhattan Transfer
20 14 13 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing  – Leo Sayer

Pussycat were smiling for a second week as their song, ‘Smile’ held on to the top spot while Bonnie Tyler’s bid for a number 1 hit looked like it was fading for the moment as her ‘Lost In France’ dropped from 2 to 5. Thelma Houston’s ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ moved up 2 from 4 to become the new threat to Pussycat’s dominance. Pussycat had now clocked up 10 weeks at 1 in total (8 with ‘Mississippi’ and 2 with ‘Smile’) and this put them tied 8th with Daniel Boone, Dawn, Elvis Presley, The Tremeloes and The Troggs for weeks at 1.

The Steve Miller Band’s ‘Rock ‘n Me’ was the climber of the week with a 5 place jump from 16 to 11. It was their first time with the award. This was also the only star rater of the week.

Leo Sayer picked up his first faller of the week award as ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’ experienced a 6 place drop from 14 to 20. Sayer had clocked up 37 weeks in the charts before this week and this was the 4th highest run to date before seeing a first biggest faller. The Tremeloes and Abba had managed 44 weeks before their first one while The Seekers’ run of 58 was the record to date. Overall this would be the tied 15th best run.

Two songs left the charts this week and they were Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love’ and Boney M’s ‘Daddy Cool’. ‘Somebody To Love’ managed to get to 7 during a 10 week run which was not as good as their only other chart hit to date, Bohemian Rhapsody, which made it to 2 in a 15 week run. There was still plenty to come from Queen.

‘Daddy Cool’ fared far better, peaking at number 2 and falling just short of the 20 week mark as it managed 19 weeks. But like Queen, we would see plenty more of them on our charts. ‘Daddy Cool’ had been the oldest on the top 20 last week and the honour now fell to Sherbet’s ‘Howzat’ and Leo Sayer’s ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’ which were both on 13 weeks.

Barbara Ray clocked up her 9th hit to date. Her new hit was ‘Who’s Gonna Tie My Shoes’ which was a cover of a song from 1973 by Wild Bill Emerson. The only chart action other than Barbara’s I can find for the song was when a cover by a guy called Ray Pillow made 97 on the US Country Singles charts in 1978, the year following Barbara’s success. Barbara was tied 15th for number of hits and was only beaten by Jody Wayne on 10 and Billy Forrest on 12 on the local front. She was, obviously, the highest local woman and was second overall for female artists, 2 hits behind Petula Clark who sat on 11.

The other new entry was ‘Chanson D’Amour’ by Manhattan Transfer. The song had its first success in 1958 when Art & Dotty Todd and The Fontane Sister both took it to number 6 in the US. The Manhattan Transfer’s version would not trouble the US charts, but did spend 3 weeks on top of the UK charts. The title, ‘Chanson D’Amour’ translates as ‘love song’ and the group took their name from a novel by a guy called John Dos Passos.

We had seen 18 weeks with groups dominating the charts and having 10 or more of the top 20, however, this week, they dropped to 9 but still led the way with the men on 7 and the women on 4. It had been 83 weeks since the solo women had this many in the charts.

The US acts had clocked up exactly 4,200 week so far and they led the way with the British acts trailing on 3,990. Local acts had managed 2,680 so far.

Smokie became the 76th act to reach 40 weeks in the charts. They were the 28th UK act to make this milestone.

Chris Andrews dropped out of the top 20 for week in the charts. He had seen 82 and had shared 20th place with Barbara Ray last week, but with her new entry, Barbara moved into tied 19th place alongside The Staccatos on 83. The 2 acts sat tied 3rd on the local list behind Alan Garrity on 84 and Billy Forrest on 92.

Obscure observation of the week, there were 5 songs on the chart that had the word ‘me’ in the title and a further 3 that had ‘I’ or ‘my’, making 40% of the chart inward looking.

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