17 June 1977

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 4 5 Knowing Me, Knowing You  – ABBA
2 1 11 Don’t Cry for Me Argentina  – Julie Covington
3 2 8 Yesterday’s Hero  – John Paul Young
4 3 7 Slow Down  – Shabby Tiger
5 10 3 My Broken Souvenirs  – Pussycat
6 5 9 When I Need You  – Leo Sayer
7 7 6 Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon  – Biddu Orchestra
8 8 4 Make Her an Angel  – Roy Bulkin
9 6 6 Torn Between Two Lovers  – Mary MacGregor
10 11 4 Fever of Love  – Sweet
11 9 17 Don’t Leave Me This Way  – Thelma Houston
12 13 3 Stone Walls  – Dennis East
13 19 2 Spring Rain (Part 1) (Lluvia De Primavera)  – Bebu Silvetti
14 14 3 Tanya  – Leigh Ashton
15 20 2 Hush Hush Maria  – Joe Dolan
16 16 2 Stop, Stop, Stop  – Paul Jones
17 New 1 They Shoot Horses Don’t They?  – Racing Cars
18 New 1 I Like Dreamin’  – Kenny Nolan
19 12 9 Every Face Tells a Story  – Olivia Newton-John
20 15 5 Silverbird  – Wright Brothers

Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson along with their fellow co-writer Stig Anderson, increased their lead for number of chart toppers by song writers as Abba’ ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ became the 6th hit they had written to take the number 1 spot. There were 7 song writers sitting in tied second place with 4. Abba themselves joined Tom Jones at the top of the list for number 1’s by an act with the 2 of them having 6 apiece. ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ took over the number 1 spot from Julie Covington’s ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ this week. The latter had managed a run of 7 weeks in pole position and dropped to 2. Sweden were now just 1 chart topper behind The Netherlands who were the leaders for the non-big 3 nations and in terms of weeks at 1, Abba were on 17 and now sat tied 1 behind second placed Tom Jones who in turn was 1 behind The Sweet who led the way on 19.

Bebu Silvetti’s ‘Spring Rain (Part 1) (Lluvia De Primavera)’ took the climber of the week award with a 6 place jump from 19 to 13. His fellow countryman and only other Argentinian to chart, Waldo de los Rios also managed to get a biggest climber award. Pussycat’s ‘My broken Souvenirs’ and Joe Dolan’s ‘Hush Hush Maria’ were the other star raters this week with the former moving up 5 from 10 to 5 and the latter up 5 from 20 to 15.

Falling honours went to Olivia Newton-John as her ‘Every Face Tells A Story’ dropped 7 from 12 to 19. This was her 5th time with the award and she was the 34th act and 4th female act to reach this many.

Thelma Houston’s ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ was still the oldest on the chart having been with us for 17 weeks, 5 of them now were as the oldest.

We lost 2 songs by solo males from the chart in the form of Al Stewart’s ‘Sand In Your Shoes’ and Burton Cummings’ ‘Stand Tall’. The former had been with us for 8 weeks and peaked at 6 while the latter managed 6 weeks and a peak of 10. Burton Cummings would return to our charts at latter date, but for Stewart, ‘Sand In Your Shoes’ would be his only SA chart hit. ‘Stand Tall’s weeks and peak figure matched exactly those of The Guess Who’s first hit, ‘These Eyes’. Burton Cummings had been the lead vocalist of that band. The next 2 Guess Who hits did not fare as well on either front so Burton would have been hoping that his solo career did not continue to match the pattern of his former band.

The first new entry was by a band from Wales, Racing Cars, with their hit, ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’. The song was inspired by the 1969 film of the same name directed by Sydney Pollack which was based on a 1935 book by Horace McCoy. The song made it to number 14 in the UK, 32 in Australia, 21 in Holland and 6 in New Zealand. The album from which the song was taken, ‘Downtown Tonight’ made it to number 198 on the US album charts.

Our other new entry was Kenny Nolan’s ‘I Like Dreamin’. Nolan had already had a song writer credit on our charts with Jim Gilstrap’s ‘Swing Your Daddy’ which made number 14 in 1975. Kenny was the 22nd person so far to have charted first as a songwriter then as an artist in their own right. Of those 22 there had been 6 who had their initial song writing credit as a member of the group that was charting. The other writer given credit for ‘I Like Dreamin’ was Bob Crewe for whom this was his 6th hit as song writer. ‘I Like Dreamin’ gave Nolan a number 3 hit in the US.

Abba moved ahead of The Troggs for weeks in the chart. Their 116 gave them 7th place on the weeks count list while The Troggs dropped to 8th. More importantly though, on the points front, they overtook The Hollies to take second place on the overall points list. They had accumulated 1,651 points while The Hollies had managed 1,648. Tom Jones was the only act ahead of Abba and he sat on 2,170.

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