24 June 1977

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 6 Knowing Me, Knowing You  – ABBA
2 5 4 My Broken Souvenirs  – Pussycat
3 3 9 Yesterday’s Hero  – John Paul Young
4 2 12 Don’t Cry for Me Argentina  – Julie Covington
5 4 8 Slow Down  – Shabby Tiger
6 8 5 Make Her an Angel  – Roy Bulkin
7 6 10 When I Need You  – Leo Sayer
8 7 7 Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon  – Biddu Orchestra
9 13 3 Spring Rain (Part 1) (Lluvia De Primavera)  – Bebu Silvetti
10 10 5 Fever of Love  – Sweet
11 9 7 Torn Between Two Lovers  – Mary MacGregor
12 14 4 Tanya  – Leigh Ashton
13 15 3 Hush Hush Maria  – Joe Dolan
14 12 4 Stone Walls  – Dennis East
15 16 3 Stop, Stop, Stop  – Paul Jones
16 18 2 I Like Dreamin’  – Kenny Nolan
17 17 2 They Shoot Horses Don’t They?  – Racing Cars
18 11 18 Don’t Leave Me This Way  – Thelma Houston
19 New 1 (Walkin’ on a) Love Cloud  – 5000 Volts
20 New 1 Crossfire  – Bellamy Brothers

Abba moved into tied 2nd place for weeks at 1 as ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ spent a second week at the top of the charts, giving them their 18th one at the top spot, the same number as Tom Jones. They were both 1 behind The Sweet who led the way. Pussycat were hoping that their latest one, ‘My Broken Souvenirs’ would not form a pattern as their first hit, ‘Mississippi’, went to 1, then their second, ‘Georgie’ faltered at 2. Their 3rd, ‘Smile’ then topped the charts and now ‘My Broken Souvenir’ was at 2 and would give them a run of 1-2-1-2 peaks unless it managed to make that crucial 1 place climb.

Bebu Silvetti’s ‘Spring Rain (Part 1) (Lluvia De Primavera)’ did something the only other hit by an Argentinian act (Waldo de los Rios’ ‘Mozart: Symphony No. 40’) could not manage and that was to pick up a second biggest climber award. ‘Spring Rain’ moved up a further 4 places from 13 to 9. It was the only star rater this week.

Thelma Houston’s ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ was the oldest in the chart for a 6th week as its weeks count ticked over to 18. It was, unfortunately, the faller of the week, dropping 7 from 11 to 18 and its future as the oldest in the top 20 was looking under threat.

Two songs that wouldn’t threated to take over as the oldest were The Wright Brothers’ ‘Silverbird’ and Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Every Face Tells A Story’ which both fell off the chart this week. The former had been with us for 5 weeks and peaked at 15. This would be the only hit from this band, but both band members would be seen in the charts again, Crocodile Harris in his solo capacity and Richard Wilson as a member of McCully Workshop.

Olivia’s hit managed 9 weeks and a peak of 5. She had now seen 2 hits make number 1 and 2 hits make number 5 with her other one managing to get to 9. In terms of weeks, she also saw 2 pairs and a single as 2 had managed 10 weeks, 2 had now managed 9 while the odd one out on this front was ‘If You Love Me (Let Me Know)’ which managed 20.

It wasn’t too much of a shock that 5000 Volts returned to our chart this week (they had already had 2 top 10 hits to date), but they were back with their 3rd hit, ‘(Walkin’ On A) Love Cloud’. The song was written by Tony Eyers who had also penned their previous hit, Doctor Kiss-Kiss’. The song failed to garner chart attention in the UK, US and Europe but did manage to climb to number 2 in Rhodesia.

The Bellamy Brothers looked to emulate the success of their previous and only hit to date in SA, ‘Let Your Love Flow’ which topped our charts for 1 week in July 1976., This week their second hit ‘Crossfire’ entered the charts, 1 week and 1 day short of exactly a year since topping the charts. The signs were not good though as, although ‘Let Your Love Flow’ topped the US charts, ‘Crossfire’ did not make either the main charts or the Country Singles Charts there. Nor did it chart in UK where they had made number 7 with their previous hit. The only chart action I can find for the song was a number 6 peak in Rhodesia, 14 in New Zealand and 17 in Germany.

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