22 July 1977

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 Hush Hush Maria  – Joe Dolan
2 2 8 My Broken Souvenirs  – Pussycat
3 3 5 (Walkin’ on a) Love Cloud  – 5000 Volts
4 6 4 Magic Flight (Aka Magic Fly)  – Space
5 4 13 Yesterday’s Hero  – John Paul Young
6 7 3 Red Light Spells Danger  – Billy Ocean
7 8 5 Crossfire  – Bellamy Brothers
8 5 10 Knowing Me, Knowing You  – ABBA
9 14 3 More Than a Lover  – Bonnie Tyler
10 10 6 They Shoot Horses Don’t They?  – Racing Cars
11 9 7 Spring Rain (Part 1) (Lluvia De Primavera)  – Bebu Silvetti
12 13 3 Lucille  – Kenny Rogers
13 20 2 Yes Sir, I Can Boogie  – Baccara
14 11 12 Slow Down  – Shabby Tiger
15 15 8 Stone Walls  – Dennis East
16 12 6 I Like Dreamin’  – Kenny Nolan
17 18 2 Gimme Dat Banana  – Strobe
18 New 1 Superman  – Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch
19 New 1 Seabird  – Pendulum
20 17 14 When I Need You  – Leo Sayer

Having gained the top spot last week, Joe Dolan’s ‘Hush Hush Maria’ held on to it to make it 2 weeks in a row at 1. Adding the 6 weeks that his ‘Lady In Blue’ managed, he now had 8 weeks at 1 to his name and sat tied 15th with Kris Kristofferson and Tommy Roe for this stat. Pussycat were desperately trying to break their peak sequence of 1-2-1-2 as ‘My Broken Souvenirs’, which had moved back to number 2 after dropping to 3 last week, clung on to second spot, hoping to dislodge the number 1 hit to make the sequence 1-2-1-1.

Baccara took the climber of the week award with a 7 place climb by ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’ from 20 to 13. Both the previous 2 hits by Spanish acts that had charted so far – Los Bravos’ ‘Black Is Black’ and Miguel Rios’ ‘A Song Of Joy’ – had managed biggest climbers and with the latter getting the award twice. This gave us the 4th time a Spanish act had taken the award. Bonnie Tyler’s ‘More Than A Lover’ was the only other star rater this week. It moved up 5 from 14 to 9 and it was Tyler’s 3rd star rater.

The faller of the week award went to Kenny Nolan’s ‘I Like Dreamin’ which fell 4 from 12 to 16.

Roy Bulkin’s ‘Make Her An Angel’ was the first of 2 songs to depart the chart this week. It had managed a run of 8 weeks and a peak of 6. This equalled his best peak to date which ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ had managed.

We also bid farewell to Julie Covington’s ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ which had spent 15 weeks in the chart, 7 of which had been at number 1. This was the first of 2 hits by Covington that would make our charts. ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ had been the oldest on last week’s chart and that honour now fell to Leo Sayer’s ‘When I Need You’ which was sitting on 14 weeks but was also sitting at 20 so it was not looking likely that it would have a long run as the oldest. The last time Sayer had seen the oldest in the chart it was with ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’ which only lasted 1 week as the oldest.

Three months prior to this week we had seen the departure of The Rice And Beans Orchestra’s ‘The Blue Danube Hustle’ from the charts and I mentioned then that the wife of Pepe Luis Soto, the band leader of this ‘orchestra’ would see chart action. This week Celida Ines Camacho, Pepe’s wife, had one of the new entries going under the name of Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch. Her song, which was written by Pepe, was called ‘Superman’ and it went to number 41 on the US Hot 100 charts as well as making number 3 on the Dance Music/Club Play charts there. It would be her only charting song in the US. In the UK, ‘Superman’ failed to chart, but Celi managed to get to 72 with a song called ‘Hold Your Horses Baby’.

Local group Pendulum clocked up their second hit as ‘Seabird’ entered the charts at number 19. The song was a cover of one written and recorded by The Alessi Brothers (sometimes just known as Alessi) Billy and Bobby. Interestingly another band called The Pendulum (possible from the US) recorded a cover of a Billy Alessi composition called ‘Now I’ll Cry’.

With both new entries being by groups, the total number of hits in the top 20 by such acts jumped from 9 to 11. It had been 17 weeks since at least half of the top 20 hits were by groups.

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