18 August 1978

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 11 Rivers of Babylon  – Boney M
2 3 7 Love is in the Air  – John Paul Young
3 4 5 Baker Street  – Gerry Rafferty
4 2 11 So You Win Again  – Copperfield
5 6 5 You’re the One That I Want  – John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John
6 8 9 Follow Me  – Amanda Lear
7 5 6 Wuthering Heights  – Kate Bush
8 7 10 Heidi  – Peter Lotis
9 11 7 Fantasy  – Earth, Wind & Fire
10 9 4 Just the Way You Are  – Billy Joel
11 13 3 You’re My Best Friend  – Don Williams
12 12 4 My Life’s in Good Hands (Jesus, Sweet Jesus)  – Gene Rockwell
13 10 6 What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number  – Andrea True Connection
14 18 2 Thank You for the Music  – ABBA
15 14 10 Lay Love on You  – Luisa Fernandez
16 16 13 If You Can’t Give Me Love  – Suzi Quatro
17 17 9 Heidi  – Herbie & Spence
18 20 2 Dancing in the City  – Marshall, Hain
19 19 3 Scotch Machine  – Voyage
20 15 8 Little Boy Big Man  – Joe Dolan

Boney M’s ‘Rivers Of Babylon’ became the 4th song to manage a run of at least 9 weeks at 1. The only other 3 to manage this were Johnny Nash’s ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ (13 weeks), Charisma’s ‘Mammy Blue’ (12 weeks) and Daniel Boone’s ‘Beautiful Sunday’ (10 weeks), although of the 4 songs, Daniel Boone’s was the only one that did not manage it in a consecutive week run.

After a record to date 7 weeks with a local song at 2, we saw this run end as John Paul Young’s ‘Love Is In The Air’ became the new second favourite of the nation displacing Copperfield’s ‘So You Win Again’ which dropped to 4.

Abba became the 5th act to reach 10 biggest climber awards with ‘Thank You For The Music’ climbing 4 from 18 to 14 this week. There would only be 4 more acts who would get to this total and Abba would be the only one from a non-big 3 nation who would manage this. As the biggest climb this week was only 4 places, it meant that ‘Thank You For The Music’ was the only star rater.

Joe Dolan’s ‘Little Boy Big Man’ was the faller of the week with a 5 place drop from 15 to 20 to give him his 7th time with the award. 21 acts had managed 7 biggest fallers so far and Dolan, who was from Ireland, was the 3rd non-big 3 act to manage 7 with Sweden’s Abba and The Netherland’s Pussycat being the other 2.

Suzi Quatro’s ‘If You Can’t Give Me Love’ enjoyed a second week as the oldest on the charts. It was sitting on 13 weeks.

This week was the 18th time that there was no movement on or off the charts. This was the first time this year it had happened. We had seen 4 previous years where we had not had this occur and that was 1965, 1967, 1968 and 1971 although 1965 was the half year in which the charts began. It did mean that we extended our run to 7 years in a row in which we had seen at least 1 week with no movement on or off the charts.

Abba saw their weeks count total hit the 150 mark. They still sat 3rd overall with The Bee Gees on 178 and Tom Jones on 185 above them. Meanwhile, over on the local weeks count list, Peter Lotis re-entered the top 20 after a 238 week absence. His 41 weeks to date put him tied 20th with Lance James and Tommy Dell.

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