24 November 1978

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 4 5 Kiss You All Over  – Exile
2 1 16 Dancing in the City  – Marshall, Hain
3 11 3 Break it to Them Gently  – Burton Cummings
4 3 14 No Hollywood Movie  – Lesley Hamilton
5 9 3 One for You, One for Me  – La Bionda
6 2 7 Teddy Bear  – Tommy Dell
7 18 2 Three Times a Lady  – Commodores
8 5 19 Baker Street  – Gerry Rafferty
9 10 5 Summer Nights  – John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John
10 7 7 Give a Little Love  – Pacific Express
11 8 8 The Race is On  – Suzi Quatro
12 13 4 You’re Living Inside My Head  – John Ireland
13 12 4 Wheel in the Sky  – Journey
14 6 13 Shadow Dancing  – Andy Gibb
15 17 6 Place in Your Heart  – Nazareth
16 20 2 Cindy  – Peter, Sue & Marc
17 16 18 Just the Way You Are  – Billy Joel
18 15 6 Grease  – Frankie Valli
19 New 1 Airport  – Motors
20 New 1 Hello I Love You  – Crystal Gayle

Those South Africans who didn’t stay up till nearly midnight on Friday the 24th of November 1978 would have woken up on the Saturday morning to the news that we had a new number 1 hit and that was Exile’s ‘Kiss You All Over’ which moved up from 4 to knock Marshall Hain’s ‘Dancing In The City’ off the top spot after the latter had been there for 3 weeks. This of course assumes that a new number 1 single would actually make the news although I don’t remember it actually doing so.

This week saw the second time when we had 2 weeks in a row with a biggest climber moving up 11 places as The Commodores’ ‘Three Times A Lady’ jumped 11 from 18 to 7 to follow up La Bionda’s 11 place climb the previous week with ‘One For You, One For Me’. We had seen two weeks running where the climb of the week was 12 places.

There were 3 other star raters and they were Burton Cumming’s ‘Break It To Me Gently’ which moved up 8 from 11 to 3, last weeks climber, La Bionda’s ‘One For You, One For Me’ which climbed 4 from 9 to 5 and Peter, Sue & Marc’s ‘Cindy’ which moved up 4 from 20 to 16. Burton Cummings was seeing his highest placing in the chart as either a solo artist or as a member of The Guess Who. His previous best had been 10 which his previous solo hit, ‘Stand Tall’ managed as did The Guess Who’s ’These Eyes’. This was the 5th time we had seen 3 acts from the non-big 3 nations have star rater climbs in the same week. (Cumming  being Canadian, La Bionda being Italian and Peter, Sue & Marc being Swiss).

Andy Gibb’s ‘Shadow Dancing’ took the faller of the week award with an 8 place drop from 6 to 14. This was his first time with the award and he equalled his brother Robin for number of times with the faller as solo acts, but had a long way to go to catch up to his collective brothers as The Bee Gees had seen 15 to date which was more than any other act had managed so far.

In total we would see 17 songs chart where the first word of the song title was ‘You’re’ of which we had seen 9 chart so far. This week we would see the only occasion when at least 2 of those would leave the top 20 in the same week. The first of the 2 was Don William’s ‘You’re My Best Friend’ which had been in the chart for 16 weeks and peaked at 4, his best weeks and peak of his 3 hits to date, going 1 place higher and 5 weeks better than his first hit, ‘I Recall A Gypsy Woman’. He still had another hit to come.

We also bid farewell to the John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John duet, ‘You’re The One That I Want’ which had managed 18 weeks in the charts and peaked at 2. Clout fans would have taken some satisfaction from the fact that the song which had prevented Clout’s ‘Substitute’ from topping the charts in the UK had been denied a chart topping opportunity in SA. The duet were still enjoying chart action with ‘Summer Nights’ being at 10. ‘You’re The One That I Want’ had shared the oldest on the chart title with Gerry Rafferty’s ‘Baker Street’ last week, but now ‘Baker Street’ was the oldest on its own, sitting on 19 week and enjoying it’s 4th week as the oldest. The departure of ‘You’re The One That I Want’ from the charts meant that Olivia’s run of 4 weeks with 2 in the chart came to an end. She had seen an overall total of 12 weeks with 2 or more in the chart and this was the record to date for a female act.

The Motors’ ‘Airport’ had the honour of being the 1,500th song to make the charts as it landed at 19 this week. They had already had 1 UK chart hit in the form of ‘Dancing The Night Away’ which managed to get to 42. ‘Airport’ was by far their most successful, going up to 4 there. They would have 2 further UK chart hits: ‘Forget About You’ and ‘Love And Loneliness’. ‘Airport’ would also manage a peak of 4 in Belgium, but in the rest of Europe it only managed to get into the lower reaches of the charts going to 24 in The Netherlands, 26 in Austria and 36 in Germany. It also managed to get to 37 in New Zealand.

Crystal Gayle made her SA chart debut with ‘Hello I Love You’. This was not a cover of The Doors song, but rather one written by Charles Cochran and Roger Cook. It was Cochran’s first time in the charts as a song writer, but it was Cook’s 17th hit as composer. He sat tied 9th with Geoff Stephens and Barry Mason for hits by a song writer. In the US ‘Hello I Love You’ would be released as the B-side of the single ‘When I Dream’ which made it to 3 on the US country singles and went to 84 on the main Hot 100. It appears that it was released as the A-Side of the single on the New Zealand released, but does not seem to have made the charts there. In what was then Rhodesia, ‘Hello I Love You’ made it to number 2.

Germany caught up with Australia for weeks in the charts by artists form those nations. Both countries stood on 186 weeks and were tied 6th overall. South Africa meanwhile were celebrating reaching the 3,000 week mark (double the number of hits we had had in total). Counting the weeks from the top spot down, it would have been Pacific Express’ ‘Give A Little Love’ which had the honour of clocking up the 3,000th week for the locals.

Nazareth picked up their 30th week in the chart and they were the 125th act to reach this milestone.

Tommy Dell saw his total move on to 48 and he moved into tied 15th place on the local weeks count list alongside The Peanut Butter Conspiracy and Jessica Jones.

This week we had an American act at 1 (Exile) and one at number 20 (Crystal Gayle). It had been 48 weeks since the Americans last held the top and bottom position on the charts in the same week and that was on 13 January 1978 when Heart’s ‘Barracuda’ was at 1 and Bruce Foster’s ‘Born To Break My Heart’ was at 20.

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