12 January 1979

Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 4 Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord  – Boney M
2 1 12 Kiss You All Over  – Exile
3 6 9 Cindy  – Peter, Sue & Marc
4 3 7 Y.M.C.A.  – Village People
5 7 13 Place in Your Heart  – Nazareth
6 10 8 Hello I Love You  – Crystal Gayle
7 5 9 Three Times a Lady  – Commodores
8 4 10 One for You, One for Me  – La Bionda
9 9 10 Break it to Them Gently  – Burton Cummings
10 13 3 New York Groove  – Ace Frehley
11 8 5 Double Vision  – Foreigner
12 11 23 Dancing in the City  – Marshall, Hain
13 12 7 Back in the U.S.A.  – Linda Ronstadt
14 14 4 The Little Girl in Me  – Judy Cheeks
15 16 4 You’re the Greatest Lover  – Luv
16 15 11 Wheel in the Sky  – Journey
17 18 2 Part Time Love  – Elton John
18 20 5 Right Down the Line  – Gerry Rafferty
19 17 6 Automatic Lover  – Dee D. Jackson
20 New 1 Stumblin’ In  – Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman

Although 3 weeks too late to be a Christmas number 1, Boney M’s ‘Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord’ managed to capture the top spot this week, dislodging Exile’s ‘Kiss You All Over’ which had been the nation’s favourite for 7 weeks. This was probably the closest we every got to having a Christmas song at 1 at Christmas time. It was Boney M’s second chart topper, their previous being ‘Rivers Of Babylon’ and they became the 30th act to see a second chart topper. Boney M moved into tied 7th place for weeks at 1 joining Charisma there. ‘Kiss You All Over’ dropped to 2.

Crystal Gayle picked up the climber of the week award with her ‘Hello, I Love You’ which moved up 4 from 10 to 6. This was the song and Gayle’s second time with the award, having picked it up 4 weeks earlier. There were no other star raters this week.

On the falling front it was La Bionda’s ‘One For You One For Me’ which took the honours with a 4 place drop from 4 to 8. This was the 3rd time a song by an Italian act had been the faller with songs by Cyan and Giorgio Moroder being the others. The Italians had spent a total of 71 weeks in the charts, giving them a biggest faller nearly every 24 weeks. This was the second highest weeks per biggest faller ratio of any nation that had charted so far with New Zealand having the highest, seeing only 1 biggest faller while clocking up a total of 29 weeks.

Marshall Hain’s ‘Dancing In The City’ was still the oldest on the charts and had now clocked up 23 weeks in the top 20. There had only been 18 songs so far to reach this many weeks.

Tommy Dell’s ‘Teddy Bear’ was the only song to depart the chart this week. It had seen a run of 13 weeks and a peak of 2, the highest peak of his 4 songs to chart so far. His weeks count for his 4 hits had an interesting pattern as it was 14-13-14-13. There was still more to come form him. Would his next song manage to keep the sequence going and last 14 weeks? Well, I’ll give you a little clue, we would know before we get to the end of June.

Suzi Quatro teamed up the Smokie’s lead singer, Chris Norman, to bring us the new entry this week. It was Suzi’s 3rd SA chart hit and Norman’s first in his own capacity, but he had seen 7 as a member of Smokie. Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn who had been responsible for all of Suzi’s hits to date and all bar one of Smokie’s, once again took the credit for this duet’s song. They now had 20 song writing credits on the song that had charted so far, however, they were still stuck tied 3rd on the list of hits by a song writer with Barry Gibb just 1 above them on 21 and Terry Dempsey still in the lead with 25. ‘Stumblin’ In’ would give Quatro & Norman a number 4 hit in the US and a number 41 hit in the UK. It would be Quatro’s only top 40 hit in the US where she would see 6 other songs chart but the best any of those would manage would be a peak of 41 which ‘She’s In Love With You’ would manage. Local artists Nianell and Dozi would record a cover of the song in 2009.

As Tommy Dell’s ‘Teddy Bear’ had been the only SA song on last week’s chart and the new entry was not by a local act, we saw the first occasion for 520 weeks stretching back to 24 January 1969 where we had no local songs in the top 20. This fell short of a decade by 12 days. The previous best consecutive week run that the locals had managed was a mere 108 weeks in comparison. 520 weeks would be the all time best run they would have.

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