2 June 1967


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 8 Release Me  – Engelbert Humperdinck
2 3 5 Dedicated to the One I Love  – Mamas and The Papas
3 2 7 I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman  – Whistling Jack Smith
4 4 10 Give it to Me  – Troggs
5 5 15 Single Girl  – Sandy Posey
6 12 3 Puppet on a String  – Sandie Shaw
7 10 3 Ha Ha Said the Clown  – Manfred Mann
8 6 7 Happy Together  – Turtles
9 8 14 The French Song  – Lucille Starr
10 11 5 Oliekolonie  – Boet van Wyk Orkes
11 9 12 This is My Song  – Petula Clark
12 13 6 A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You  – Monkees
13 7 9 Something Stupid  – Nancy and Frank Sinatra
14 14 13 Die Ou Kraalliedjie  – Groep Twee
15 17 2 This is My Song  – Harry Secombe
16 15 6 When a Man Loves a Woman  – Percy Sledge
17 New 1 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings  – Tom Jones
18 16 3 Just Like a Man  – June Muscat
19 New 1 Georgy Girl  – Seekers
20 New 1 The House With The White Washed Gables  – Four Jacks & A Jill

Engelbert Humperdinck enjoyed a 2nd week at the top of the charts with ‘Release Me’ while The Mamas And The Papas moved into second place with ‘Dedicated to the One I Love’. Previous number 1, Whistling Jack Smith’s ‘I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman’ dropped 1 place to 3.

Sandie Shaw clocked up her second biggest climber award and accounted for the 12th by a solo female as ‘Puppet On A String’ moved up 6 from 12 to 6. This was the only song this week to have a climb of 4 or more places.

The father and daughter duet from Frank & Nancy Sinatra, ‘Somethin’ Stupid’ was the faller of the week as it dropped 6 from 7 to 13. For both father and daughter it was their second time with a biggest faller, Frank having previously had this with ‘Strangers In The Night’ and Nancy with ‘How Does That Grab You Darlin’. So far we had had 6 songs by duets chart and this was only the second of these to have a biggest fall, the only other one to do so was Steve Karliski & Mimi Roman’s ‘Yes Mr. Peters’ which managed it twice.

Sandy Posey’s ‘Single Girl’ remained our oldest song on the chart as it moved on to 15 weeks. The 2nd and 4th oldest were also by solo females with Lucille Starr’s ‘The French Song’ 2nd on 14 weeks and Petula Clark’s ‘This Is My Song’ 4th on 12 weeks (Groep Twee’s ‘Die Ou Kraalliedjie’ was 3rd on 13 weeks). Of these top 4 oldest, Posey’s hit sat highest in the chart, unmoved at 5 this week.

Cliff Richard & The Shadows’ ‘In The Country’ became the 3rd song to have a chart career of 2 weeks spent at number 20 as it fell off our charts this week. Cliff had had 1 other song spend just 2 weeks on the chart (his previous hit, ‘Blue Turns To Grey’) but that managed to reach 19. He had also had a song spend just a single week on the chart, ‘Just Another Guy’ which spent that week at 18. That was on the very first chart published.

We also bid farewell to The New Vaudeville Band’s’ There’s a Kind of Hush’ which had enjoyed a run of 13 weeks and a peak of 2, a better performance than the 9 weeks and peak of 9 that Herman’s Hermits version had managed. The song had spent a total of 22 weeks on the charts, the 4th highest count for a song charting in more than 1 version.

Last to go was Bob Crewe Generation’s ‘Music to Watch Girls By’ which had been with us for 6 weeks and peaked at 14. This would be their only SA Chart hit, although we would see Bob Crewe’s name in the song writing credits of a few songs yet to chart. The departure of ‘Music To Watch Girls By’ left us with just 2 instrumentals in the top 20 (‘I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman’ and ‘Oliekolonie’).

Our first new entry was ‘Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings’ and it pushed Tom Jones onto 6 hits where he joined Manfred Mann, The Seekers, Cliff Richard and Herman’s Hermits 1 behind The Rolling Stones who led the way with 7. Jones had had his first hit, ‘It’s Not Unusual’ top the UK charts, but then went through a patch of 6 hits without one going top 10. This was rectified with ‘Green Green Grass Of Home’ which sent him to the top of the UK charts again. ‘Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings’ was the third (including ‘Green Green Grass’) to go top 10 where it made it to number 7 and was part of a string of 7 consecutive top 10 hits there. In the US the song went to 49. It was written by Mickey Newbury and would also be recorded by Don Gibson whose version would go to number 8 on the US Country Singles Charts.

The Seekers’ ‘Georgy Girl’ became the 5th song to re-enter the charts after falling out. We had last seen the song in our charts 5 weeks previously and this equalled The Spencer Davis Groups’ ‘Gimme Some Lovin’ for the longest period out of the charts before re-entering.

Our final new entry was the 3rd for local act Four Jacks & A Jill. ‘The House with the White Washed Gables’ was a song written by Neil Levinson and was originally recorded in 1966 by an Irish Band called Paul & The Deep Set. A month after they recorded it, Joe Dolan released a version. Four Jacks & A Jill joined Murray Campbell in tied 3rd place for number of hits for a local act. They sat behind Gene Rockwell and Virginia Lee who were both on 4.

Frank Sinatra celebrated his 20th week in our charts while daughter Nancy and Petula Clark overtook Virginia Lee for weeks in the chart to be the tied top females for weeks count. They had 33 apiece and sat tied 13th on the overall list alongside Murray Campbell and Donovan. Groep Twee moved on to 13 weeks and were tied 12th with Dickie Loader on the local weeks count list. June Muscat was 1 week behind with 12 to her name. She sat tied 14th with Jody Wayne.

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5 thoughts on “2 June 1967

  1. 1 – Release me
    2 – Dedicated to the one I love
    3 – I was Kaiser Bill’s batman
    4 – Give it to me
    5 – The single girl
    6 – Puppet on a string
    7 – Ha ha said the clown
    8 – Happy together
    9 – The French song
    10 – Olie Kolonie
    11 – This is my song (Pet Clark)
    12 – A little bit me a little bit you
    13 – Something stupid
    14 – Die ou kraalliedjie
    15 – This is my song (Harry Secombe)
    16 – When a man loves a woman
    17 – Funny familiar forgotten feelings
    18 – George girl
    19 – Just like a man
    20 – The house with the white-washed gables

  2. Four Jacks and a Jill – The house with the white washed gables. So sad that it was in the charts for only this week, Such a beautiful song! Herewith the link to my upload of the song on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUKylUbfcIQ

    Thanks again for all the info… it is a highlight for me to read it with every week’s charts!


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